Solar Battery Chargers – Performance, Usage And Buying

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Renewable energy recently has been the most common form of energy. There are some sources of renewable energy, such as wind, sun, and hydroelectric power. The one that most people know is solar energy. It works best in both rural and urban sectors. The areas that do not have electricity supply in major countries are now using solar panels to collect solar energy.

The solar energy sector has been evolving. We used to have solar panels, inverters and solar batteries only. But currently, there are so many solar gadgets now available in the market. Every solar company is working tirelessly to improve the efficiency of the solar. Continuous advancement has led to the invention of a solar battery charger.

A solar battery charger is a gadget that uses sunlight to generate power. The electricity generated by the solar battery charger charges electrical devices that include cell phones, laptops, car batteries, reading lights, personal fans, etc. These chargers cannot expel electricity directly into the devices; thus, they come with an extended-life battery pack.

The electricity given out by the solar cells is stored in the battery and is available to discharge through a charging supercapacitor at a later period. The supercapacitors are much useful in charging the devices even if there is no direct sunlight at the time of use. The solar battery chargers are in different sizes ranging from small ones that can fit in the palm of your hands to large ones used for charging larger things such as an RV battery.

This article will give you additional knowledge of solar battery chargers. This includes how the chargers work and the best types of solar battery chargers. Therefore, if you need to learn more exciting things about solar battery chargers, let's travel together.

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Do solar battery chargers work?

Most people keep wondering if solar battery chargers work. But be assured that they work perfectly. Solar battery chargers do not charge batteries directly. They charge an internal rechargeable battery using the solar modules—the sunlight lands on the device's solar panel surface. The sunlight is absorbed by the solar cells of the solar panel.

The sun's photons trigger the electrons within the material, usually silicon, to give an electric field. The electric field is the mode by which electrons travel to a solar battery charger kit. The battery then stores the energy until the time of use is reached. You are then ready to use the energy with any compatible gadget.

A charge inverter is then used to change the direct current (dc) produced by the solar to alternating current (ac). It is essential to understand that some gadgets require direct current while others need alternating current. Therefore, other devices require inverters, while others do not. The electricity is then given out of the extended-life battery and poured into the desired gadget.

You can charge any electrical gadget using a solar build battery pack as long as you can wait. But there are those standard devices that can be charged by the solar battery charger. These gadgets include cell phones, laptops, reading lights, personal fans, and other small devices. You can also charge other significant devices like vehicle and RV batteries that require some days to charge. The small devices are given enough time to charge fully.

Solar battery chargers are useful, especially when going camping or those living in places with no grid power supply. A peak power supply is adequate for charging any device. The battery within the solar device is at maximum capacity. Thus, it can fully charge any gadget you wish to keep electrified. Batteries need to be regularly discharged to extend their lifespan.

Fully discharging the solar battery charger ensures that the device maintains its capacity rating. Therefore, it is essential to consider how often you need to use the devices you intend to charge with a solar battery charger. This is because small battery chargers may not be able to meet these more rigorous demands.


Can you leave a solar battery charger on all the time?

It is not efficient to leave the solar battery charger on when not charging anything. This is because the battery might drain if left on all the time. It can also lead to a short lifespan of the solar battery charger. But if the charger is in use, it will be reasonable to leave it while in use. Therefore, it is good to know when to use and when to switch off the battery charger.

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What is the best solar battery charger?

There are many solar battery chargers types. They vary depending on their sizes. The bigger the panel, the more electricity that it gives out. Each type serves a specific work and can do several things. The various solar battery chargers include:

SUNER POWER 12V solar battery charger

Suner charger has a capacity of 12 volts battery capacity. It trickle charges the battery. The device only maintains the battery and avoids a dead battery.

Nekteck 21W portable solar panel

It is a portable solar device used as a phone charger for outdoors. It can be fixed to the backpack or trees. However, they do not have a battery.

Yelomin 20000mAh Solar Charger

Yelomin solar charger has a big battery capacity of 20000mAh. It also has a small solar panel at the back. It can be charged with USB because the solar option is just a backup mechanism.

ALLPOWERS 60W Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Charger

The device comes with a 60W solar panel charger for laptops. It requires direct sunlight to charge a laptop. Also, the device is used for phones in low sunlight.

Renorgy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Renorgy has a solar panel of 100 Watt that can fully charge a 50Ah battery within 5 hours in direct sunlight energy. It is essential for camping and outdoor purposes.


Small solar energy chargers are becoming more popular than ever. Therefore, it is good to have your solar battery charger to use it in various situations. Do not let lack of power during camping to affect your enjoyment. Go for the right type of solar battery charger that satisfies your needs.

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