How Do I Know What Kind Of Battery My Laptop Needs- Specifications, Needs And Health

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Have you ever bought a laptop, and after a few months, the battery is not working? Many people often go and buy a new battery from various dealers. Sometimes you plug in your charger, but it does not charge your laptop. Another scenario is when the battery cannot hold a charge for long.

All these problems arise due to various reasons. One of the main reason is using a battery which is not specified for the given laptop. Other reasons could be overcharging and overheating, to mention a few.

Laptops also lose their ability to hold a charge due to age and regular use of the laptop. The battery design and materials used in manufacture can influence how the battery ages. Some batteries used for laptops include nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-ion.

How do I find laptop battery specifications?

Most laptop manufactures like HP, Dell, Acer and etcetera have their websites. Here you will find information on your battery, which your laptop uses. Depending on the manufacturer, the website will outline specifications like model number and the battery's serial number. Besides, the website outlines compatible battery type and also a compatible adapter.

If you intend to buy a laptop battery from the manufacturer's website, you will be required to provide a model number. This enables the manufactures to direct you to a dealer so that you purchase the correct battery for your laptop.

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How do I know what kind of battery my laptop need?

Laptop batteries often need replacement after they can no longer hold a charge. People will always want to get cheap batteries for replacing the old ones. To be safe, you should replace your battery with one from your laptop's manufacturer.

Laptop batteries come with printed information on them. If your PC has a battery that can be removed, take it out and check the details provided. The details include part number, model number, voltage, and charging current. Once you note this information down, you can go to your manufacturer's dealer shop and replace it.

However, not all laptops come with a removable battery. Others are designed with an in-built battery. In this case, accessing the battery information manually would not be possible. For these laptops, checking on the manufacture's website is recommended.

In a case where the laptop battery is not labeled, or the information is not clear, a third-party utility may help you get the information. These are software utilities that can give battery information.

You cannot just buy a different battery from that recommended by the manufacturer. It will not be compatible with your laptop. It may harm your laptop. If the original battery is rated 12 volts, do not purchase a lower or a higher voltage rated battery. Use the one provided by the manufacturer.

Following the manufacturer's specifications, one can replace a battery with a higher amp-hour or watt-hour. This will ensure the battery lasts long after a full charge.

Knowing what kind of battery your laptop needs, there is no need to purchase a used battery. Ensure you check the date of manufacture to be sure.


How do I check the health of my laptop battery?

Battery health monitoring is vital because the laptop battery tends to lose its capacity over time. You can check battery health directly from your laptop. You need to generate a battery report. Below is a simple procedure to do so:

?You open the command prompt- press windows key + X to open the Win + X menu and select the command prompt. Also, you can go to Windows PowerShell (Admin) to access the command prompt.

?Enter the power/battery report in the command prompt and run it.

A report will be created and will include system information and, in our case, the chemistry type of the battery and design capacity, full charge capacity, and cycle count.

Cycle count information enables you to know how many times the laptop battery has been drained and fully recharged. Your laptop battery is designed for a certain number of counts. Therefore you will be able to know the count cycles remaining.

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Another part of the report is the battery life estimate report. This section enables you to know how long your battery will last when fully charged. The one shortcoming is that you have to generate a new report every time.

Other software for checking battery health include battery care, battery optimizer, battery Info view, BatteryMon, BATExpert, Battery Bar, Smarter Battery, among others. These are battery health software, which is very useful.

Battery Care, for example, gives information including model, designed capacity, total capacity, current capacity, charge/discharge rate, tension, wear level, and total discharge cycles. If your battery is new, the design capacity and full charge capacity will be the same. As you continue using your laptop, the full charge capacity will lower.

Battery Info View gives details such as Battery temperature, battery wear level, chemistry, number of charge/discharge cycles, critical bias, full charge capacity, designed capacity, and current capacity.

All this information by this software helps you to understand your battery's health. It is essential to check laptop battery health so that you can make any necessary adjustments on laptop usage.

There are standard practices that can help improve your laptop's battery health and an extended lifespan:

  • Battery care- Do not use a laptop for a complete discharge.

  • Dim your screen

  • Change power settings

  • Remove an overheated battery to cool.

  • Keep battery level between 40-80%

  • Switch off WI-FI


It is vital to be conversant with your laptop battery. Once your laptop needs replacement, you should be careful not to purchase the wrong battery. Visit your laptop manufacturer's website for information concerning your laptop battery.

Note that some refurbished laptops come with different batteries from the original batteries recommended by the laptop's manufacturer. Check to ensure the laptop you are purchasing has its original battery or a battery from the manufacturer.

Lastly, it is a good practice to monitor your laptop's health occasionally. By so doing, you will be able to know when to replace your laptop battery.

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