How To Calibrate Laptop Battery- Introduction, Methods And Tools

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Since the past few decades, the technology of laptops have incredibly evolved. There was a time when we had a laptop that was not great in terms of battery power and performance. But now we have laptops that are not only better in terms of performance, but they are also better in terms of battery life. Thanks to the better battery technology, now the laptops can continuously work for some hours.

Although the technology of battery charging has significantly evolved, there is still one problem. The problem is that the machines and their software-hardware working is not very good. Additionally, the batteries have some specific life cycle that starts decaying after some time. Due to this, the laptop gets less time on battery power.

Both of these problems collectively make the laptops shut down automatically before reaching 0%. If you are also facing this issue, you must calibrate the battery of your laptop. Although calibration will not increase the life of your laptop battery, it will still provide you with a better and more accurate idea of how much battery is left.

What is the calibration of a laptop battery?

Although it is a very handy trick to know better about the time that your battery will be able to provide on the existing amount of charge. Most of the people still do not know about it. Our computers use different software and hardware functionalities to provide an estimate of battery timing that is left. As the battery life gets lower, this calculation starts to get wrong.

This is because the bad battery is not calibrated with good hardware and software. This is why we use the battery calibration method to make the hardware and software components know better about the battery. When the battery is calibrated, you get better and more accurate time information about the battery life.

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When is the time to calibrate the battery of your laptop?

As it seems a great thing to calibrate the battery of your laptop, you must consider that it is not a quick process. Although it is a very simple process, it still takes a lot of time to conduct. It is the reason why you must not unnecessarily calibrate the battery of your laptop. So, what is the best time to do this?

The best time to do this is when the laptop unexpectedly shuts down without providing any kind of battery-low warnings. At this time, calibrating the battery will start providing you better information about the battery time remaining.


What are the benefits of calibrating the battery?

Some of the benefits of calibrating the laptop battery are listed below.

?Although manufacturers are doing this, manually doing this is a better way.

?Having an idea about battery timing will save you from unexpected shutdowns.

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How do you calibrate a laptop battery?

Most of the people do not know how simple it is to calibrate the battery of your laptop. It is a very simple process and here we will tell you how you can calibrate your laptop battery in our step by step guide.

1.Charging the battery.

The first thing that you will need to do is to charge the battery of your laptop to 100%. This is the time when you can use the laptop as usual, but you must not unplug the battery until it shows 100%. Once the battery shows 100%, you must leave the charger plugged in the laptop and leave it plugged in for about 2 hours.

2.Changing some settings in the laptop.

Before you unplug the charger, you must make sure about the following things.

?On battery power, the laptop must be set to hibernate on 5% of battery power left.

?On battery power, your laptop must not be set to sleep after any period of inactivity.

You can check and set these things in the control panel of your laptop where you will need to head to the following sections.

1.Hardware and Sound.

2.Power options.

3.Change plan settings.

4.Change advanced power settings.

Once you have checked these things, you can move on to the next step.

3.Letting the battery discharge.

Now you can unplug the charger from the laptop and let the battery drain. This will not take very long as the battery of your laptop is not in its best health. This process will only take a few hours and during these hours, you can work on your laptop as usual.

4.Charging the battery again.

Once the battery drains, leave the laptop rest for about 5 hours and then plug in the charger and charge the battery to 100%.

5.Letting the tools do their job.

Once the steps mentioned above are done, your laptop battery will be calibrated.

What tools do you need to calibrate the laptop battery?

Although the built-in systems of the laptops are already working to calibrate the battery of your laptop. But the irregular routine of charging and discharging the laptop makes it difficult for the built-in tools to provide accurate results.

This is why most of the windows and some older models of the MacBook find it difficult to provide better results about the laptop battery time.

Due to these reasons, different tools can be used for calibrating the battery on your laptop. Some of them are mentioned below.

1.Smart Battery.

2.Battery Mon.



All of these tools can provide you with better information about the battery time of your laptop.

Benefits of using the tools for calibrating the laptop battery.

There are some benefits of using these tools which are mentioned below.

You get a lot more information.

The very first benefit of using these tools is that some of them can provide you with a lot of information. This information is very useful because it can help you in many different ways. Some ways in which the information is provided are listed below.

?Graphical information.

?Charge and discharge rates about battery

?Past data.

All of this can be helpful in comparison and testing the battery for different things.

You are saved from emergencies.

When your battery is calibrated, you will know more about how much time is left and you will stay safe from many emergencies related to data and personal information.


Laptop battery calibration is a simple little hack that most people are unaware of. So, here we shared everything from the intro to ways and the tools that can be very useful for calibrating the laptop battery.

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