Protection Circuit Module Li-Ion Battery Pack

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Safety protection is essential during using any type of batteries because all the batteries are containing harmful chemicals that can harm humans. The reason behind it is, the batteries also discharge some heat as they start to work or charging, the internal atoms of each component in the battery use to start a chemical reaction, as a result, the atoms get charged and release some heat. So, at high temperatures, the batteries may stop working or Outbursts.

In recent technology, lithium-ion batteries come with a protection circuit. This protection circuit will monitor the current and voltage of the battery and keep it safe from external danger. The Li-ion battery pack also comes with a protection circuit, the function is the same with a single battery and full pack. Let’s discuss more about it.


What is a li-ion battery pack protection circuit module?

In simple words, the protection circuit is a safety provider that keeps the battery safe from external harms like heat and cold, monitors the voltage and current, and decreases the self-discharge rate of the batteries. These protection circuits are easily available in the market. So, it is recommended to buy it rather than depend on the experimental stuff. Protection Circuit Module (PCM) is containing the same arrangements that are fund in the protection circuit.

The PCM is considering as part of the battery management system. The main task of it is to manage the electronics of the battery pack that can be rechargeable, can monitor its state

ii.reporting that data

iii.balancing the cells along with protecting the battery

iv.controlling its environment

These are the main task of the PCM. The Battery security circuits for the most requesting applications are worked for the most part by Integrated Circuits (ICs) regularly utilizing MOSFETs to switch lithium cells all through the circuit. The over-current insurance is regularly given when the IC distinguishes the upper current point of confinement of the battery being come to and afterward intrudes on the circuit.

Why does a lithium-ion battery need protection circuits?

Lithium batteries have the upside of high vitality thickness. However, they require cautious dealing with it. This article talks about significant security and protection contemplations when utilizing a lithium battery, presents some regular battery assurance ICs, and quickly plots determination of significant segments in battery assurance circuits. The followings are the reasons that can describe the need for protection circuits.


Lithium batteries can be securely charged to 4.1 V or 4.2 V/cell, yet no higher. Cheating makes harm the battery and makes a security peril, including fire threat. A battery security circuit ought to be utilized to counteract this.


Lithium batteries are vacant when released to 2.5 V/cell. Releasing a lithium cell this low is upsetting to the cell and lessens cell lifetime. A decent battery insurance circuit will likewise give over-release security.

iii.Discharge too rapidly

Lithium batteries ought not to be released too rapidly. Lithium batteries have the most extreme release of current appraisals. A battery security circuit will remove the battery from the circuit if the heap current is excessively high.

How does protection circuit work?

This voltage protection circuit is intended to build up a low-voltage and high-voltage stumbling system to shield a heap from any harm. In a significant number of the homes and enterprises changes in AC mains supply happen often. The electronic gadgets get effectively harmed because of variances. To defeat this issue, we can execute a stumbling instrument or under/overvoltage insurance circuit to shield the heaps from them undue harm. Here are some safety concerns and precautions that you must follow:


Safety precautions of using Protection Circuit Module:

1.Do not charge:

At the point when the battery is charged, gas is created inside and it raises the interior weight, bringing about fire, heat age, spillage or blast.

2.Do not warm, dismantle nor discard in the fire.

Doing so harms the protection materials or the gas discharge vent, bringing about fire, heat age, spillage or blast.

3.Do not delay:

If the positive and negative terminals come into contact with metal articles, cut off bringing about warmth age or blast. When conveying or putting away the batteries, maintain a strategic distance from direct contact with metal articles, for example, wrist trinkets or key chains by placing them in a different compartment.

4.Keep batteries out of kids:

Whenever released fluid is ingested or a battery is gulped, counsel with a doctor right away.


1.If released fluid gets in the eyes, wash them with clean water and counsel with a doctor right away.

2.Do not utilize new and utilized batteries together.

3.Try not to utilize various sorts of batteries together.

4.The distinction in their qualities may cause heat age, spillage or blast.

5.Do not matter solid strain to the batteries nor handle them generally.

6.Doing so may cause heat age, spillage or blast.

7.Try not to utilize a dropped battery since it might have been harmed.

8.Do not utilize nor leave the batteries in direct daylight, in high-temperature regions or close to a warmth source.

9.Avoid contact with water.

These all the above precautions and limitations need to follow, for your safety. It is essential to buy the accurate circuit as per the battery required. Do not rely on the laboratory stuff because it may give you harm. So, do not become a part of any experimental task. Be safe and use li-ion batteries.

Bottom line:

The protection circuit is an essential thing that is used to protect the cell pack. It will control the current and voltage and also decrease the self-discharging level of the battery. The main aim to design the PCM is to protect the batteries from external and internal damage. Whenever you are going to buy the li-ion batteries, make sure you also buy the protection circuit. The protection circuit will make the battery usage more effective and proper. Moreover, it will also increase the life of the battery.

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