Are NiCad and lithium-ion batteries interchangeable

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The use of batteries is common in almost all electric devices. Some devices are required direct and heavy voltage, where electric wire fulfills the need for direct electricity supply. Even the cars required heavy-duty batteries that run the car on extreme speed. Before the invention of lithium batteries, NiCad was used in almost all electronic devices. As lithium-ion batteries replace the NiCad and using in almost all the devices including TV remote to car. Today, we are going to check are NiCad and lithium-ion batteries interchangeable? Let’s check out.

Can you use a lithium-ion battery in place of a NiCad?

The main function of any battery is to supply the electricity, according to its capacity and requirement of the machine. All you need is to put the proper size of the battery in the machine or device. The machine does not know the importance of lithium-ion and NiCad batteries so, it only works on the external command. The battery should be compatible, it does not matter what company or battery is working in it.

The main purpose is to provide the proper electricity supply to the device. So, it is possible to replace NiCad and use the lithium-ion battery in any device. Some people also do some experiences about it; the results come the same all the time. The reason is, the main function of any battery is to provide the fixed amount of electrical supply so, it is possible that some batteries last for a long time and some reached the finishing line soon. It is up to the capacity of the battery that makes it long-lasting and waste of money. Undoubtedly, lithium-ion batteries are considered as the best batteries because of extra efficiency and long-lasting ability.


Many batteries are trying to reach the level of lithium-ion batteries but it replaces many batteries. NiCad was using worldwide before the invention of lithium-ion batteries and it replaces NiCad because of multiple benefits. Let’s discuss the difference between both batteries.

The difference between lithium-ion and NiCad batteries:

The Lithium-ion batteries are small in size and the requirement of maintenance is very low. Lithium-ion batteries are environment-friendly and safe as compare to NiCad batteries. Though both batteries have similarities still they have a difference in many ways like their impact, cost, and environmental impact, etc. let’s check out the difference between the NiCad and lithium-ion battery is as follow:


NiCad is consisting of two different chemicals at the positive and negative terminal. Like:

i.cadmium for the? negative terminal

ii.nickel ox-hydroxide for the positive terminal

iii.for electrolyte using aqueous potassium hydroxide

Lithium is consisting of the following:

i.graphite on the positive terminal

ii.lithium oxide for the negative terminal

iii.for electrolyte, the lithium salt is used

During discharge, the movements of the lithium-ions are from a negative electrode towards the positive electrode. On charging, the back movement function will start.

2.Environmental Impact:

Lithium-ion batteries are considered environmental friendly batteries. There is no any nonhazardous waste use in the manufacturing of the batteries. On the other hand, the NiCad battery contains many harmful chemicals that are not good for humans.

It contains 6% of industrial batteries and 18% of consumer batteries like cadmium etc. the Cadmium is considered the harmful toxic heavy metal and this is the reason it requires a lot of care when the battery needs to disposal. So, many countries are making different strategies for its prevention and limitations.

3.Cost of the batteries:

Lithium-ion batteries are expensive because they all come with a protection circuit that controls the current and voltage as well.  NiCad is 40 percent less is price. This is the reason, lithium-ion batteries are not found easily in the market. If you need it, you can check the online availability of it.

4.Memory effect:

Lithium-ion batteries remember the charge cycle and their memory effect is better as compare to NiCad batteries. Also, tolerate extreme weather and high temperature. The protection circuit will keep the battery safe.

Nickel-cadmium batteries (NiCad) are suffering from the memory effect that is why lithium-ion batteries are considered better by all means. NiCad does not have any protection circuit.

5. the number of the cycle:

The life cycle of the batteries is the same. The difference is located in voltage and higher costs as well. Their performance is also the same. Lithium-ion is lighter in weight but NiCad is consisting of heavy material. Both batteries are giving a long-lasting effect.

In short, the performance and voltage of the batteries are almost the same but their differences also can't neglect. So, it is essential to use the accurate battery for your device. It will not only keep your device safe but also enhance its life.


Can you use a NiCad and lithium-ion battery together?

No, it is not possible because of their formation and used chemicals. Both batteries have different electrolytes and different negative, positive terminals. So, it is possible that if you put both batteries in the same device, the chemical reaction will result in the form of the blast.

The mixing batteries may rupture your device. It is not only in the case of lithium-ion batteries and NiCad batteries but does not perform any act of mixing different types of batteries. It may work but after some time, it will start working or may damage your device. So, it is better to avoid this act even it is not harmful. Use the accurate battery for each device so the battery gives an efficient performance. Lithium-ion batteries are expensive ones so, you can also use NiCad as a replacement option.

Bottom line:

Lithium-ion batteries and NiCad batteries are interchangeable because they are sharing the same features and qualities. Though, their formation is different so, it is dangerous to put both batteries at the same time. It is possible to use the battery in exchange because the machine does not recognize the type of battery and only require an electrical supply.

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