Lithium Battery Shipping Boxes

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Nowadays, lithium batteries are commonly used in various type of devices, such as tools, handy electronics, and different other applications. However, lithium batteries can be an unsafe source of harmful heat, fire or sparks if not packaged properly prior to shipping. Hence, there are numerous safety regulations and precautions one must follow when it comes to transporting batteries. Furthermore, if people fail to follow those specific regulations, they could be putting other’s lives at risk; hence there are penalties and other fines for people who violate these regulations.

Moreover, the other types of lithium batteries, such as lithium metal and lithium ion batteries, are completely regulated as dangerous goods or hazardous materials when it comes to transportation. Therefore, besides the regular safety precautions, the batteries also require precise hazard labeling, particular type of packaging, and detailed documentation that verifies its agreement with the valid regulations.


Can You Pack Up Your Lithium Battery Before Shipping?

Since lithium batteries give out a lot of power, these batteries’ electrical energy is known to be significant, which means that these types of batteries can create a lot of heat if they are short circuited. Furthermore, the batteries’ chemical contents can potentially catch fire in case they are not properly designed, manufactured, or if they are damaged. For this reason, there are safety regulations that control these types of batteries’ shipment.

Furthermore, short-circuiting occurs when battery terminals come in contact with different batteries, conductive surfaces, or metal items. Hence, in order to avoid that risk, the batteries and cells should be separated according to a certain way so it won’t damage the terminals as well. There are different types of packaging requirements for the various types of lithium batteries. Some batteries require a strong and rigid external packaging while the ones in equipment require different kinds of packaging.

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In order to protect the batteries and the terminals from being short circuited, the following methods are used:

  1. Every battery or the equipment powered with the batteries should be completely enclosed with inner packaging that is made up of a material that is non-conductive, for instance a bag that is made of plastic.

  2. Separately packing batteries in order to avoid contact with the other batteries, other devices, and other conductive materials, for instance metal, inside the packaging.

  3. Making sure that any exposed terminal or connector is protected by using non-conductive tapes or caps, or other suitable item. The outer packaging must be impact resistant when it comes to the protection of the terminals of the batteries from short-circuiting or damaging. The batteries must be secured, cushioned, and then packed in order to avoid any shifting that can potentially lead to movement of the terminals or the loosening of a terminal cap that can result in a short circuit.

  4. The terminals of the batteries must be secured by attaching covers that have the appropriate strength that is needed for their protection.

  5. Firmly packing a battery that has recessed terminals so they will not be damaged in case someone drops the package.

Can You Ship Other Items With Lithium Battery?

In order to ship other items with a battery depends upon the type of lithium battery. A lot of precaution is needed when it comes to packing other items with a lithium battery. Firstly, the equipment itself should be protected in case it turns on. A cap must be placed that covers the device’s activation switch or a tiny cavity can be cut from the internal packaging in order to prevent the switch from being touched. Furthermore, devices that have a lower chance of getting overheated, such as temperature loggers or watches, could be active throughout the transportation. However, it is preferred that you should contact your area’s shipping carrier in order to know which devices can or cannot be active when they are being shipped.

Moreover, a handling label for lithium batteries must be placed on a package without being folded. Plus, it should include a contact number for emergencies. The need for a handling label occurs when the package contains more than three electronic devices. However, these requirements and regulations change quite often; therefore it is important to contact a shipping carrier or read the latest regulation guidelines before going ahead with the task.

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For lithium-ion batteries, the above rules must be followed. The transportation of batteries is being supervised by the IATA, which is the International Air Transport Association.


How Do You Find Lithium Battery Shipping And Package Supplies?

Shipping and transporting lithium batteries of all types is a complicated process that needs some time plus some work. Even though the regulations mention the things you must do in order to ship the batteries, but they seldom mention how you should be packaging the designed. That is when you need to figure out a correct design, which can do everything that you need and at the same time also meet each and every guideline. However, it can take a lot of tries in order to make it right. That is when the professionals should come in. There are many packaging and industrial companies that will not only provide the right type of packaging for your batteries, but also pack them up for you. They have online websites where you can view all of the information that you need or call on the provided phone number. Furthermore, the packaging done by professionals will be in accordance to the guidelines and regulations that should be followed in order to ship the lithium batteries.


Due to the advancement in technology and the newly digital world, lithium batteries are becoming more and more common in all types of devices. Plus, their need is going to be increased as time goes on and there are further advances in the technology. However, the stakes seems to be high, especially if things go wrong. It can be burdensome for a lot of people when it comes to the specific and strict regulations that govern the shipping of lithium batteries, especially when the regulations change often. However, once you understand that these regulations are placed so horrible accidents, such as a battery explosion, could be avoided; it becomes clear how crucial it is for these regulations to be out there and followed properly.

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