Snowmobile Battery - Introduction, Type and Usage

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There have been lots of debates about snowmobile batteries in recent times. For instance, most users don’t understand much these batteries. They lack knowledge about the various types available in the market including how such can be put to use.

Are you amongst the people who have been mentioned above? Do you know that snowmobile batteries are different from conventional/traditional batteries that other devices and appliances make use of? This post will be revealing everything you need to know about snowmobile batteries. Ensure to read the details below first before deciding to purchase one.

Can a snowmobile run without a battery?

The answer to this question is yes. Snowmobiles have been built in a way that batteries are not required for them to run. There are two ways to start the engine of such skimobiles. These could be pull starting and electric starter.

Battery is required for the electric starter to work since you only need to have the key turned. After that, the choke will then be released. Without the battery in place, the electric start won’t work in your snowmobile. This is the only time a battery is needed to get the engine started.

However, you can start the engine through pull starting as stated above. Although this is a manual process that will require some patience, it will help to ensure your snowmobile is running without the help of a battery. Just as explained above, batteries are only in these motor sleds to power their engines. There won’t be any battery without their electric start.

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What Type of Battery Does A Snowmobile Need?

This is one subject matter that most snowmobile owners have found to be very confusing over the years. They don’t understand the type of battery that can be used in these motor sleds for best results. There are lots of options you will find in the market. However, always note that very few will meet your needs. Below are some of the features you should watch out for in a snowmobile battery.

Battery Type

This is very important and should not be ignored in any way. There are different types of batteries in the market such as li-ion, lithium, polyester and others. However, it is best to stick with lithium ion batteries. This is because they have been discovered to be very reliable and efficient when it comes to powering the engine of snowmobiles. Li-ion batteries are rechargeable and can stand the test of time.

Generally speaking, you need a battery that is easy to maintain and can charge very fast. Lithium ion batteries are known for their highly sustainable features. Other batteries that you can use are lead batteries, gel batteries, absorbed glass mat batteries,

High Shell Life

Snowmobiles are not used during summer seasons. This means they will be packed for some time until the right season when they can be used. If your battery doesn’t have a good shell life, many things can go wrong. For instance, it can become corroded or even damaged. This will reduce its storage power with time.

When your battery has a very good shell life, it will last for a very long time without getting damaged. Simply put, it will be very active.

CCA Or Starting Power

You don’t need a battery with low CCA. This is because such may not start your engine very fast. CCA is an acronym for Cold Cranking Amps. It can be seen as the power which your battery delivers within 30seconds. If you really want to know more about this subject, it is recommended that you check the old battery of such snowmobile.

This will give you an idea about the best CCA requirements to go after. However, just note that the higher, the better. The reason for this is that when it is low, your engine can be affected.

Battery Size

You need the battery to have the right dimensions for it to work well. Don’t purchase a snowmobile battery until you have checked the size of the old one to know whether it is a perfect match. It has been discovered that this is one mistake that most snowmobile owners are always guilty of.

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How do you use a snowmobile battery properly?

In order to ensure your snowmobile battery is in good condition and active, proper maintenance is required on consistent basis. Below are some tips that can help you achieve such.

1 - Keeping Your Battery Clean

This is very important when it comes to making your snowmobile battery to function properly. When the terminals are kept clean, there are lots of benefits to be experienced. For instance, it will avoid the buildup of corrosion. In case you don’t know, when your battery is corroded, such can prevent the engine from having to start. When terminals begin to experience corrosion, one thing is always certain. This is the fact that they become poor electricity conductors.

2 - Temperature Is Crucial

This has to do with where you must have decided to pack your sled. In case you don’t know, extremely hot temperatures can affect batteries adversely. With time, the performance of your battery will be reducing. Therefore, ensure your sled is always packed in places that are not too hot to preserve the lifespan of its battery.

3 - Charging Your Battery Full

This is another crucial tip you must apply to keep your snowmobile battery in good condition. When your battery is not fully charged, it becomes difficult for such skimobile to start again after weeks of not being used. It is a way of avoiding a situation of dead battery. Rechargeable batteries are known to discharge even when not used. This is one of the reasons why you have to always charge the battery full. You can make use of an automatic battery charger for this purpose.


Based on the above, it is obvious that there are lots of facts about snowmobile batteries which you need to properly understand. These will definitely help to ensure your sled lasts as long as possible.

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