Solar Panel Batteries-Cost Performance, Choice And Advantages

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Are solar panel batteries worth it?

Storing energy has been around for decades. Storing solar energy in solar batteries is relatively new in the market. While storing solar energy in the batteries sounds like saving money and the environment, that is not always the case. Buying a solar system alone (without batteries) is still worth it, as it is something that will not degrade or expire over time. Solar systems definitely bring down your electricity bill’s total cost by powering the better part of your house at day time. However, when you add the cost of batteries, things become a bit complex.

The cost of batteries is one of the main factors when buying solar batteries. Add solar batteries to your system, and the cost calculated is equal to the electricity bill you have paid in that duration. You will not have much advantage of installing the batteries. However, in most cases, people who have installed the batteries along with their solar system have been pretty satisfied with the overall result. They have reported a significant amount of savings over the years with the use of batteries.

Batteries are very beneficial to use if your country’s electricity or per unit rate is high. The batteries will surely make you save tons of money. Countries that have load shedding issues can surely enjoy the constant supply of electricity by using solar batteries.

So coming back to the question, “Are solar batteries worth it?” Yes, there are tons of advantages of using batteries, among which cost saving is on top.

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What is the best battery for solar panel storage?

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to solar system batteries. Cost is the main deciding factor to consider when choosing solar batteries. Not every individual can afford the best solar batteries. They, therefore, have the liberty of going with a battery that is less expensive and will get the job done. Keeping the price factor aside, the battery considered the best for solar system storage is the Lithium battery.

The following are some of the widely used battery types for solar system storage.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

FLA or Flooded lead-acid batteries have been around for decades. The batteries are widely used in the off-grid solar systems to store energy. The reason for their wide usage is the cost. Flooded lead-acid batteries are inexpensive when compared with other batteries. Another advantage is that they are 99% recyclable.

One of the cons of flooded lead-acid batteries is that its life span is short compared to other batteries. They die relatively faster and need to be replaced every couple of years. Flooded lead-acid batteries emit chemical gases. Therefore they must be placed in an area that has good ventilation. Another con flooded lead-acid batteries is that they need regular maintenance.

Sealed Lead Acid batteries

One of the main advantages of sealed lead-acid batteries, as compared to flooded lead-acid batteries, is that they do not require regular maintenance and electrolyte to be added every once in a while. With the use of sealed lead-acid batteries, you don’t have to worry about spillage. The batteries are sealed, and the liquid electrolyte is contained. Sealed batteries do not require a constant top-up of water like the flooded ones. The last, but the most crucial advantage of sealed lead-acid batteries, is that they do not get hot. The temperature in these batteries is maintained.

lithium batteries

Lithium is one of the latest batteries technologies. It was introduced in 1970 to the market. After being excessively used in laptops and cell phones, lithium batteries have made their way into renewable energy. Some of the top advantages of lithium batteries are

  • No need for ventilation?

  • longer Lifespan

  • Increased efficiency

  • Increased capacity

  • Zero Maintenance


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What are the advantages of solar panel batteries?

Installing batteries in your solar panel system can be more beneficial than you can think.

1.Saving Excessive Energy

One of the most important advantages of solar batteries is not having to waste excessive energy made. When the sun is at its highest point at peak hours, your solar system will most probably be creating more energy than you require, and as a result, the excess energy is lost( if you don’t have a grid feed). The batteries can play a huge role in such a scenario where the excess energy can be stored and used in the evening or night when the solar system produces no electricity.

Similarly, suppose you are on vacation, the solar system would direct all the energy to the batteries, which can be used upon your arrival.

2.Uninterrupted Power Source

Multiple countries around the globe are facing power outage or load-shedding issues. Using batteries with a solar system is no less than a blessing in such areas. Solar batteries would store all the extra energy being generated into the batteries. In the day time, in case of a power outage, the solar system would take control, without utilizing the batteries. Still, at night, the batteries would provide an uninterrupted power supply to the house.

3.Reduced Electricity Bills

One of the main advantages of using batteries with your solar system storage is reduced electricity bills. Using batteries is very beneficial, especially in the areas or states where electricity per unit is significantly high. The solar system alone would reduce the electricity bills by providing energy throughout the day, but adding batteries to your system would drastically reduce the cost spent on bills. Solar batteries would make sure that your house runs 27/7 on renewable solar energy.

4.Independent Energy Source

Using the solar system with batteries would make you independent in terms of energy. There is this sense of freedom of creating something on your own and utilizing it. Without batteries, you would still be dependent on the grid to provide electricity, which is not the case with batteries. You will not be bothered with any power cuts or having to worry about an enormous electricity bill yet to be paid.

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