9v Battery Dimensions- Normal Dimensions, Advantages And Choices

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To use all the 9-volt batteries might look the same but actually, they are not. There are lots of uses of the 9v battery. They are used for both industrial applications as well as for household purposes. And most importantly the thing that most of us might not know this far is that the dimensions of all 9-volt batteries are not the same.

You have to get the dimensions right to fit them into a battery controlled device. If you don't understand this you can buy different brands of 9v batteries and try fitting them into the same electronic device and you will see that some don't fit in as they have larger dimensions.

What is a 9v battery?

A 9-volt battery is a battery with 9 volts of potential difference at two ends the positive and the negative. It was originally made for the introducti9on of the transistor radios. The 9-volt battery has a rectangular shape with smooth edges. They are used in smoke detectors, clocks, industrial electrical and electronic equipment, and even in walkie-talkies.

What is the normal dimension of the 9v battery?

There are various dimensions of a 9v battery. You need to find out the right dimensions for your use and the gadget in which is to be fitted.

When we are generally talking about the 9v battery we are talking of the PP 3 batteries.

These are commonly used in all types of applications. PP stands for Power Pack and is a standard used to detect the size of batteries.

There are various types of batteries in the PP series itself. This includes the PP3 9v battery, PP4 9v battery, PP6 9v battery, PP7 9v battery, PP9 9v battery, and PP10 9volt battery.

Each of the batteries has a fixed dimension and that can be used for one specific task. It also has an mAH rating with itself which specifies the uses it can be put in without causing damage to both the device and the battery.

Before buying a 9v battery you need to measure the dimensions of the battery slot in your gadget and check the mAH specifications long with the correct load and voltage options.

Here we will give you an idea of the dimensions of each of the PP series batteries dimensions. This will help you to have an idea for reference while buying batteries for your gadget.

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Dimension For PP Series 9v Batteries

PP3 9v batteries with 4mAH have a depth of 17.5 mm, with a width of 26.5 mm, and a height of 48.5 mm.

PP4 9v batteries have a load rating of 0.9 mAH. It has a diameter of 25.8mm and a length of 49.8 mm to 41.5 mm ex contacts.

PP6 9v batteries give you a load rating of 1 AH. It is has a depth of 34.1 mm, a width having 35.7 mm, and a height of 69.9 mm.

PP7 9v batteries give you 2.5 Ah. The depth of the battery is 46 mm, a width of 46 mm, and a height of 63 mm.

PP9 9v batteries give you 5Ah. The dimensions of the battery are- depth having 51.5 mm, a width of 65 mm, and a height of 80 mm.

Pp10 9v batteries give you 15 Ah. Its dimensions are depth of 66 mm, a width of 65 mm, and a height of 267 mm.

Apart from this you also have the PP11 4 te3rminal batteries in which two physically isolated batteries are there with each one having a 4.5 v potential. It can deliver you 5 Ah. Its dimensions are- a depth of 51.5 mm, a width of 65 mm, and a height of 91 mm.

Apart from the pp3 9v batteries which are the most common, you will also see PP6, PP7, and PP 9 in a lot of industrial uses.

Types Of 9v Batteries

The 9v batteries are generally of two types the lithium-ion batteries and PP series batteries for their heavy-duty uses.

The alkaline batteries of 9v have 6 cylinders or cells connected in series to the two terminals. Sometimes welded tabs are also used to attach to the cells.

The rechargeable nickel-cadmium 9v batteries also have between 6 to 8 1.2v cells connected in series.

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Is it good for a battery to have a small dimension?

In the age-old times when the batteries were in the alkaline form and used carbon and zinc as the two positive and negative terminals, you could have said that the larger the electrode size and the more the volume of the electrolyte or alkaline material inside the more is the capacity of the battery and the longer it would run.

But this is not always true these days. The reason why the smaller AA sized or the PP 3 9v batteries have become most widely used is that they have almost the same alkaline material in them as a C or D shaped battery.

You can understand this if you lift the C and D sized batteries they are not relatively that heavier and cannot be justified due to their size.

And of course, it also costs you more to buy a C or D size battery.

The smaller ones like the PP 3 or AA batteries can be used in a series connection and add up to the voltage that you need. So why spend more on buying a heavier and bulkier c or D size battery.

And of course, on the usage front, it is much more convenient to store and replace the smaller sized batteries having smaller dimensions such as PP3 9v batteries and the AA sized batteries.

How do you choose 9v battery dimensions?

Now, as you might have understood by now that there are most important three things that you need to consider for buying the right sized 9v battery.

The first thing is to take note of the load ratings. You can check out the device specifications and find out mAH which is different for each device.

And of course, the dimensions of the battery slots also matter based on which you will be buying the right PP series batteries.

And the last thing is to note the voltage that you require. If you need 9 volts only then one will do. But in case you need more then you can buy that many batteries.

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