9.6v Battery Charger- Introduction, Working And Charging

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A 9.6 v battery charger is capable of charging various electronic gadgets as required. You can use the 9.6-volt battery charger to charge various industrial equipment and items in both hoses and industry. It is used in both household settings and industrial settings.

Various types of the 9.6v battery charger can be used. You can use both the wireless and the wired charger.

One big advantage of using the 9.6v battery charger is that you will be able to use the charger and get a capacity of a maximum of 2000 mAh which is enough to charge all electrical household equipment and also suitable for industrial uses.

What is a 9.6v battery charger?

A 9.6 battery charger is used for various purposes. It is used for charging batteries for charging the rechargeable batteries. You get a maximum of 9.6 volt potential on the positive and negative ends. The capacity that you can drive out of your 9.6v battery charger is capped at 2000mAh. The best part of using the 9.6v battery charger is that is fitted with a standard Tamiya connector and thus it can be fitted with all types of gadgets and equipment for battery charging purposes. The standard dimensions of the 9.6v battery charger are 4.1 inches in length, 2.3 inches in width, and 0.63 inches in height.

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9.6v Battery Charger Specifications

It is better to know the specifications to avoid damaging your battery charger and the battery as well. Here are some important specifications about the 9.6v battery charger that you need to be aware of while battery charging-

The maximum input voltage is 240 volts and thus it cannot be used for the industries where 440 volts are used. The output voltage from the 9.6v battery charger is 12 volts with 400 mA. The battery types that can be charged using the 9.6v battery charger are the rechargeable nickel-metal hydride type and the rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries.

The compatible battery voltage should not be more than 9.6v. The temperatures within which it can work ranges from roughly zero degrees to a maximum of 40degrees centigrade. The battery should be stored in a region where the temperature should have a range between minus 20 degrees to a maximum of 85 degrees centigrade.


How does a 9.6v battery charger work?

The time taken for 9.6v battery charger depends on the size and the type of the battery being charged.some of the industrial 9.6v battery chargers are made to work in a wider range of temperatures to work in various environments that include both extremely high and extremely low temperatures.

As you might know that a battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy. So, theoretically speaking, a battery will stop performing when the electrolyte in them has got fully exhausted.

But the battery will start working once again as the condition inside the battery is reversed. And this is exactly what the 9.6v battery charger does. It recharges the electrolyte in the battery and this helps to recharge the battery so that it is fully functional once again.

A 9.6v battery charger uses the electrical energy to restore the electrolyte in the alkaline electrolyte type of batteries.

Types Of Chargers Available

There are various types of 9.6v battery chargers available in the market. You can use simple chargers which are commonly seen everywhere.

There is a new trend observed these days with the 9.6v battery fast battery charger. It can be used to recharge your batteries at a faster rate. The time taken to recharge using a fast charger is significantly less than in a normal charger.

Apart from this you also get the three-stage chargers, induction powered chargers, motion powered chargers, pulse chargers, and even the 9.6v battery charger running on solar power.

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How long do you charge a 9.6v battery?

The time taken to fully recharge a 9.6-volt battery will depend on the capacity of your charger. The better and higher ratings it has the lower time it will take to recharge your 9.6 volts battery.

Generally, the 9.6v battery charger is equipped with delivering a maximum of 2000 mA. And thus it will take anywhere between 2-2.5 hours to fully recharge a 9.6 volts battery.

Safe Practices To Be Maintained While Using The 9.6v Battery Charger To Charge A Battery

It is always advisable to recharge your batteries to maximum using the 9.6v battery charger before first-time use. It is not advisable to over-discharge the battery as this way you might notice a lag in performance.

Every time you put the batteries to recharge using the 9.6v battery charger it is best to disconnect them once the charging has been fully done.

Use the battery charger only to connect to batteries when they are cool. you might take them out of the device and put them to charging on the 9.6v battery charger straight away. But heat will reduce the efficiency of the battery. You should let the battery cool down to normal room temperature before setting them for recharge.

Always keep the battery charger away from direct sunlight and heat. It is better to recharge your batteries if they have not been used for a long time. Always recharge your batteries using the 9.6v battery charger in case the batteries have been left unused for a long time.

Warning For Using The 9.6v Battery Charger

The 9.6v battery charger is best for recharging the nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium batteries. It is not compatible with the LiPO, Li-polymer, Li-ion batteries. If any battery which is not compatible with the 9.6v battery charger is put to charge then this may result in a short circuit and fire.

Should you use the 7.2-volt battery with a 9.6v battery charger?

It is not safe to use a lower volt battery with a higher voltage battery charger. You can notice a significant reduction in battery life and the efficiency of the work after recharging. And this not only damages your batteries but also the battery charger.

The 9.6v battery charger should only be used with compatible devices.

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