What Causes Lithium-Ion Batteries To Swell-Dangers And Solution

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Lithium-ion batteries are used in many places due to their quick electron release from the surface. Making the top choice of many batteries seeks devices. Most of these gadgets that require lithium-ion batteries are highly technical, and our lives depend on them. Remote car locks, hearing aids, calculator batteries. Many gadgets that use lithium-ion batteries may be of less importance although they create convenient usage; remote-controlled toys, MP3 players, laser pointers and many more. Considering the widespread use of these batteries in our daily life, we may have come across a swallow pair of batteries in our devices. You may be wondering if it imposes any problems or even fears their explosive nature. This article is presented to you to provide an answer to all these questions. Here are some of these major questions and their answers;

Is a lithium battery dangerous?

Lithium batteries, likewise to many other substances and tools, are safe until used correctly. Mal treating these energy cells can result in devastating outcomes at times.


A good charging of the phone or laptop battery is not a long time charge. It is the perfect amount of time until the battery is fully recharged; it must be removed from the charge immediately. When we charge lithium-ion batteries, electrons are pushed towards the positive metal poles named as cathodes. Taking good care of the batteries can prevent occurrences such as swelling up. Although if the batteries are put into any condition that is not suitable, it may swell up, spill acid or even explode. Here is a list of reasons that a battery may swell up;

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  • Over charging the batteries

The importance of charging lithium-ion batteries is highly underestimated. The reason is the battery safety measure itself. Many times we live the batteries undercharge for consecutive hours and nothing happens. Although it just can happen about any time; it can also threaten the overall safety of your home and or work area.

Overcharging the batteries can increase the tension between the electrons (electric generic entities) and electrolytes (the ion liquid present in lithium-ion batteries).  This is a chemical reaction and releases heat and gas due to its dynamic nature.

  • Quality of lithium-ion batteries

If a cell quality is high, there is a preventive technology of such occurrences. Although a poor quality lithium-ion battery has incorporated the use of cheap and nonresistant material. It results in a low anode to cathode ratio, which results in swelling of the battery consequently.

  • Contamination of the cell

Exposure of the lithium-ion batteries to humidity and dust can create an external problem that causes battery swelling.

  • Mechanical and ohysical damages

If the battery falls or is pressurized otherwise, it can cause damage to the electrodes. Malfunctioning of the electrodes results in swelling.

  • Extreme temperatures exposures

These batteries create accessible electricity to your device by inter-mediating a chemical reaction. All the chemical reactions are highly affected by extreme temperature changes. Lower temperatures can cause disability or discharge of your battery. Higher templates, on the other hand, can result in overrunning the chemical reactions and cause swelling of your device.

Preventing the mentioned reasons can help you to avoid the welling of your lithium battery.


What do you do when your lithium battery is swollen?

Although in case your batteries are swollen. You must take the following measures. Despite the reason for your battery swelling up, you must take immediate action to avoid any complications.

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  • Stop charging of your device

If you see your batteries are swollen, immediately stop the charging process. Leaving them in charge can be extremely dangerous. This process can help the battery to continue to load their internal tension and results are explosion and even catching on fire.

  • Remove the battery from your gadget

If you discover the batteries in the device, remove them to avoid creating any damage to your gadget. This is to avoid harming your device circuit and battery placement area.

  • Keeping them in a cool area

Depending on the amount of swelling your batteries may be revivable or not. If the swelling is only a small bulge, you can keep the battery in the fridge. Make sure you keep them in a ziplock to avoid any possible spillages.

  • Correct disposal of the batteries

In the worse cases, if the swelling in great. You are required to dispose of your batteries correctly. Do not through the batteries in a normal dust bin. These batteries are hazardous and contain amounts of acid. There are designated government authorized disposals for such materials.

Will a swollen battery explode?

In case of having a swollen battery, do not ignore it. These batteries may catch fire and even create an explosion. The reason is when the battery is swollen, and  it is a sign of an over-reactive battery. If this condition is let gone further, increases the tension inside the cell. While this tension is being withheld in a closed area of the phone walls; this condition helps to increase the interior tension. After the tension inside the cell equals or becomes greater than the amount of pressure, the walls are withholding; it finds a way to its release. The release of cell battery tension is sudden and explosive. It is also possible that catches fire at the time due to high amounts of existing energy levels.


A lithium battery can be considered a revolutionary technology. You can make your batteries last longer by taking the right percussions. Also, this is vital to the general health of the gadgets you are using along with these batteries. Taking great care of these chemical batteries can help you to prevent any unfortunate electronic related accidents.

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