Laptop Battery Replacement-Need, Cost, And Cycle Life

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In the modern information era, computers have become very common. At least everyone has, or can access a laptop. Because of their portability, users prefer them over desktop.

But one thing that defines a laptop’s portability and usefulness is their battery energy. A good laptop should give you at least several hours of use under maximum performance. If possible, most of us would wish to use a laptop once fully charged for at least a week – but it is not possible.

In this article, we are going to share a few tips on battery replacement for your laptop. Continue reading.

Can the laptop battery be replaced

When you buy a new laptop, you will notice it takes several hours of use before it runs out. This is mostly because the battery is still new, too, and has all the energy needed to run your laptop.

But as time goes by, power time begins to get less and less. And no matter how well you treat your battery, it will eventually dies. And if you are lucky, it will be the same time to replace your laptop too.

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So, the answer, yes.

Laptop batteries are very much replaceable. The best part is you will always know when it is time for a new battery.

Some laptops come with built-in batteries, which may be hard for the user to tell whether they can be replaced or not.

Most devices that use batteries can be installed with new ones – tablets, cell phones, and any other device. And the good news is, there are always battery manufacturers creating new battery energies.

But there are two important things to know concerning this issue:

When to replace and

Who to replace

Knowing when to replace is the easiest part. There are several signs that will tell you when it is time. They include:


Less use-time. If your battery used to take five hours when fully charged and under maximum use, you expect this to be normal. But when it begins to die out sooner than this, then you need another one. You can still use it if it takes a couple of hours. But once it gets worse and does not even take an hour, that is an extreme replacement case,

Unexpected power issues. It is normal to have occasion power glitches, like your laptop powering down. But when it powers off unexpected even after a recent charge, there is likely an issue with your battery. This is true, especially where the issue persists after you try charging it again.

Slow charge. A slow charge is not always an issue with the battery, and it could be your charger. But if you are sure the charging adapter is good, and yet, the laptop charges extremely slow, you have a battery problem. A healthy laptop charges quickly, and it will retain its power for a while when disconnected from the charge.

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Overheating. Heat is one of the biggest threats to battery life-time. This is why you are encouraged to always make sure you are using the laptop at an optimum temperature. Laptops are designed with internal cooling systems that keep things under check. When a laptop gets too hot, the battery is like straining. It will also get noisy because the internal fans are under too much pressure. Unplug it and stop use for a while until it cools.

Age. No battery lasts forever. There is something called discharged rate and lifecycle that defines a battery. Generally, a Mac or PC battery has 400 charge cycles, which is about one to two years of use. You just need to replace it if it has lived that long.

It is equally important to know who is replacing the battery for you. Note that all batteries have a specific life cycle, whether in use of on the shelf. Therefore, you want someone genuine, who will not sell you an old battery. When your system begins reporting performance issues, it is time to source for a reliable battery dealer.

How much does it cost to replace the battery on a laptop

Ass stated above; you will need to replace your laptop battery after two years or less. And when you do, you are expecting something that will serve you for long. It is an investment that only you understand its impacts.

Hence, you need to know how much it will cost you.

Many factors affect battery costs. One of them is the battery type – where you can get more than five types.

Older laptops use NiCad and NiMH batteries. They don’t last long and have a lesser capacity. These types are much cheaper. With just a few dollars, you get a new battery.

Modern laptops use higher technology batteries, which include lithium-ion chemistry. They are more powerful and are characterized by higher capacity. They are, therefore, more expensive.

Generally, typical laptop batteries cost between $50 and $120. Premium batteries are more expensive and can demand more than $90.

There is also an additional cost to install. This is why you need to get a reliable laptop expert to get you a good battery and replace it at an affordable price. Expect to pay anything between $5 and $50 according to the laptop and battery types.

How long should a laptop battery last before it needs to be replaced

All batteries have a specific lifecycle. The best battery can last for three years, whether in use or on the shelf. This can translate to about 500 charge cycles.

If you have been using the machine for more than two years and are still performing well, you are just living in borrowed time. It is advisable that you start looking for another battery because it has attained its age limit.

As long as Mac and PC fans are on the market, manufacturers will never design batteries that last forever. They need to make a profit, too; hence, your battery must die.


Knowing when you need a new battery is one of the best ways to get your laptop's best service. Luckily, there are many battery replacements on the market. Now that you know you need one, it should be easier to get it.

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