Best AGM Battery Charger –Definition, Types And Checking

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The initials AGM stand for absorbed glass mat which normally is a type of a lead-acid battery. This charger is best used in charging car batteries as well as cell phones and it can be found in three types which is maintainer, charger, and restorer.

The top-selling brands of AGM battery chargers include; NOCO brand which has the Genius 10 and the boost plus chargers, the Battery Tender brand which comes with the battery tender plus charger and the weatherproof battery charger, and lastly the Schumacher brand which has the rapid battery charger, maintainer and the ProSeries Charger. These types of chargers can be tested using an AGM Multimeter Test.

What is the best AGM battery charger?

An AGM battery charger is used to add power to one's cells if they are drained. These chargers are considered as one of the best car battery chargers as they absorb sulfuric acid making one's battery spill-proof. Besides these chargers can provide high currents when on-demand as they have a very low internal resistance.

The best AGM battery charger is the NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V 7.2A. It is considered to be the best simply because it can be used to charger both 12V and 24V batteries (lead-acid and lithium-ion). More is that it can also act as a battery maintainer where it ensures that the starter and the deep-cycle batteries are always charged.

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This charger is very fast which makes it efficient for charging AGM deep cycle batteries where it is proved to charge twice better and faster than other ordinary chargers. For any type of deep cycle, NOCO is the best charging charger that is most efficient. Many customers want a product that is portable and produces the best, well NoCo Genius charger is portable and has a lightweight.

Portability has been made possible with the technological advancements which have enabled this charger to convert energy faster and charge fast as well. It is considered as one of the safest to use as well as due to its technological advancement it becomes easy to charge.

A NoCo battery can be used for any type of vehicle including; boats, lawnmowers, motorcycles, and cars among others. It contains an internal thermal sensor that is inbuilt that detects any changes in temperatures and this helps it to prevent cases of overcharging when the climate is warm and during cold weather it avoids under-charging. Besides, it is also known to act as a battery desulfator and it automatically shuts off when a battery is fully charged.

How many types of battery chargers?

There are three common types of AGM battery chargers and they are; the maintainer, charger, and the restorer. The maintainer charger as its name reads is made in a way that maintains battery charge. It is important to note that this type of charger is not intended to charge your battery but rather it ensures that your battery does not lose charge

. The other type is the charger which is now responsible for powering up batteries as its name suggests. A charger is used to provide power to many types of batteries which may range from gel batteries to AGM batteries.

The least common type is the restorer which is a type of battery that cleans up the battery cells from contaminations that may have blocked them. A contaminated battery may not function properly and therefore the use of a restorer charger is efficient since it cleans up the contaminants and ensures that the battery gets power as it should. This type of charger can be found in mechanic shops, heavy-duty garages as well as any workshop. A buyer however should understand that this type of charger is one of the very expensive battery chargers.

Generally, two types of battery chargers are the timer control battery charger and the smart chargers. The timer control charger is made in a way that it automatically shuts off at a given time. Different chargers may have different times of shut off that is 4 hours or any other specific time. These types of chargers are cheap hence they can be attained easily.

The other type of battery charger is a smart or intelligent charger. This type of a charger is very smart since it can charge different batteries and ensure each of them is charged to their fill that is if one needs a top-up it gets and if one needs to charge half that is exactly what happens.

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How do you check the AGM battery charger?

To check an AGM battery charger one should consider doing the following; To begin with, a buyer should research and get to know the use of the charger that is if he or she needs a charger to a boat or a car. Secondly, the quality of the charger matters since it determines its efficiency, and therefore a buyer should always check the reviews made from other users. Lastly one should be price cautious, this means that one should look at the various prices and the types of chargers on the market.

Most AGM batteries are durable, safe, and tailor-made. Durability is made possible due to the incorporation of very tiny mats between plates inside the battery which ensures that a battery does not undergo vibration and hence the longer the battery life.

Safety is the first thing buyers look for as they purchase battery chargers and for that, AGM chargers encounter little or no vibration at all which means that the risk of explosion is very minimal. People opt to buy this charger for its other uses and most of all for its safe character.

AGM batteries are designed specifically for specific types of batteries most of them being the AGM batteries. This ensures that AGM battery users have specific chargers suited for their use. When acquiring an AGM battery charger then ensure you check the kinds of batteries it can be used for, its safety, and its durability.


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