Is Fast Charging Bad for Battery- Introduction, Advantage and Efficiency

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Fast charging is a technology to manage power delivery to either increase the voltage flowing to the battery or allow a higher level of currents to the battery to make it get charged quickly. In other words, fast charging is meant to enable efficient and fast charging of the batteries.

With the passage of time, fast charging is getting more and more popular among people all around the world. Previously, it was just the high-end vehicles who used to come with this type of charging. However, over time we can see this technology spreading all over the market.

However, if you are one of those who want to know whether fast charging is bad for your battery or not, then don’t get confused about this anymore. It is because here we are going to help you understand the things in a better way.

So, just stay with us and get to know more about fast charging, its efficiency and advantages in a more effective way.

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Does fast charging affect car battery life?

A fast charger usually has the potential to improve the output by up to 8x, normally which lets it charge your battery quickly and efficiently as compared to normal battery chargers.

Fast charging will not affect your car battery life, unless there is a technical flaw with your charger or battery. Otherwise, using a fast-charging method will not do any long-term damage to your battery.

However, still, it is highly recommended to fast charge your car battery when it is highly needed only. More often fast charging your car battery can impact its capacity. Even more, high resistance and temperature caused from fast charging at commercial stations can lead to leaks and cracks as per engineers from University of California.

Is it better to charge the battery quickly or slowly?

When it comes to charging your car battery, undoubtedly, fast charging can be the best solution to consider when you are in a hurry. However, otherwise it is always ideal to slow charge your car battery. As fast charging your car battery more often can make your battery less durable.

Even in some cases it can damage the battery as well. Normally, a good charge rate is 4 amps which can be considered for effective charging of any kind of car battery with ease.

Even though how long it will take to empty your car battery completely depends on the power and size of your car battery, but its durability depends on various factors including how you are going to charge your car battery as well.

So, make sure to charge it slowly whenever it is possible for you.

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What is the advantage of fast charging?

Undoubtedly, every new technology comes up with its ups and downs. And this is completely true in case of fast charging as well. When it comes to fast charge your car battery, then it can offer you many benefits as well.

So, here we go with some amazing advantages of fast charging that you must know:

?Less Charging Time:

With a standard charger and battery, it usually takes hours for a car battery to get charged. However, fast charging can make the process quicker and will let you charge your battery to fill its capacity within one hour or even half hour with ease. So, you can get it charged anywhere with ease.

?Temperature Sensitive Design:

The latest fast charging batteries usually come up with a thermistor to monitor the temperature of the battery. However, when the temperature is going to reach a certain level, charge rate can be reduced to keep the battery of your vehicle from overheating with ease.

?Improved Usability

Fast charging can make charging more convenient. This technology can make it easier to get your battery charged more effectively even when you are in a hurry. As this technology can help the battery to acquire a sustainable amount of charging which is enough to power your vehicle.

Even more, with the growing popularity of fast charging, detractors of this technology are growing as well. That is why you can hear various critical voices as well against fast charging technology.

However, at the same time many other people are thinking that fast charging is an amazing solution to charge their batteries in a more efficient and simple way.

How fast is fast charging?

As we have understood the introduction to fast charging and how it can benefit you. Now it is time to delve into how fast is fast charging actually. In a nutshell, fast charging usually increases the current charger is sending to the battery to make its capacity fill on a quick mode.

The basic charger sends way little current to the battery than fast charging which makes the battery charge slowly.

?However, the fast chargers are meant to send up to 8x more current to the battery to make its capacity fill instantly.

?The actual speed of fast charging depends on the amount of current the charger can send to the battery per second.

Different kinds of fast chargers are usually available in the market, therefore, how fast is fast charging may vary. This is just a basic overview of fast charging. Overall, the concept is pretty complicated. But the common theme that is being shared by all fast-charging services is “more power”.  So, this explains the speed of charging.

Final Thoughts

Overall, maintaining your car battery can make that last for a longer period of time. Many of the drivers used to drive their cars for short distances only which makes the car use more energy as compared to what the alternator is producing. And this can lead to ending up the battery at unexpected times. Fast charging can help in such kind of situation more effectively.

The good news is that you can charge your car battery quickly when you need that. However, overall, it is recommended to use normal charging to keep your battery at its best.

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