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Restore Lead Acid Battery-Epsom Salt,Baking Soda and Dead Battery

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As humans have progressed through time they have been able to create many solutions for their multiple problems. They have learned to fix things that were broken in a much more sophisticated manner now, the reason why people must grow and learn advanced techniques to fix things is very important. The main thing that you must be considerate of especially if you belong to a household that is not very wealthy, that fixing things is always cheaper than getting a new one, same is the case of batteries, sometimes there are problems that arise unexpectedly and one can only think of getting a new one. However that may not be the solution every time getting new things can be convenient but if you are willing to save a few bucks then the thing you must consider is restoration, recycling, and fixing or mending the thing. 

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Components of a Battery

Lead acid batteries are a special class of batteries that are widely used in so many appliances that it can hardly be imagined a world without them. Lead acid batteries are the type of batteries that have a lead oxide anode and a lead hydride cathode. The electrolyte that is used in between these two electrodes is a basic hydrochloric acid; some batteries even use sulphuric acid as an electrolyte. The basic principle is that when the battery is being discharged the electrons or the charges will move from the cathode to the anode. The reason why the electrons transfer from cathode to the anode is because they are negative in charge and as the electrolyte is becoming more distributed into its respective ions of hydrogen and sulphate ions the battery provides more charges through the appliance so that it can run and function properly. Similarly while the battery is being recharged the transport of ions he explains from cathode to the anode and the electrolyte solution which had become dissolute into its components Will now regenerate Back again into Hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid. 

How the Battery Works

This is how a battery works, however sometimes there are some causes in which the battery life degrades. The reason for that is the people who are operating the lead acid battery are not very careful about it. so when they are charging the battery they don’t give a damn about it, most of the time the battery when placed on charging is over charged, and when a battery is over charged the main problem that arises is that The cathode and the electrode lose their characteristic metal abilities. meaning that they are unable to store their charge because of the toxic materials that have accumulated on them these toxic materials mainly include several types of chloride’s and oxides including free radicals that not only cause corrosion of the material but also destroy the plastic coating of the entire battery, therefore as a result of which the essential components that are present within the battery leak outside and cause a big fuss. The components that are leaked outside the battery are not only toxic but they’re also very corrosive, they have a pungent smell and must be taken care that they do not come in contact with your skin, make sure that when you are nearing a battery you are always wearing protective gloves as well as goggles so as to protect your eyes and skin from any sort of dermatitis rich in simple terms means infection or allergy. if not taken care about these sort of things a person can go into anaphylactic shock that will result in an immediate death unless provided with a Corticosteroid injection such as epinephrine. the other thing that you must take care of while approaching a battery that has a risk of causing air disease or harming you in anyway is that you wear a mask or make sure that your nose is closed because if the toxic fumes reach your nose then you are at a risk of developing anosmia which is loss of sense of smell. 

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Restore Battery With Epsom Salt

If your battery condition is worsening day by day and you think that in a few months of time or in a few weeks of time your battery will not be in proper shape and health and will have a decreased life span or charge cycle then you must try to fix this thing on your own rather than getting a new battery all together. One of the ways of fixing a battery is by using Epsom salt. Epsom salt is a specific type of salt that is not commonly found in places but it is cheap and you can get it at any industrial store that sells lab equipment. it is an easy stepwise process to make sure that your battery is in the top notch condition, the first thing that you must do is that you must specifically heat a bowl of water and make sure that it is distilled to about 250ML and then make sure that the temperature that you are hitting two does not exceed more than 66 degrees centigrade. Once you have managed this the next thing that you can do is that you mix as much Epsom salt in the water as it can absorb. Make sure that the Epsom is completely dissolved in the water this will take about a few tablespoons and stir it continuously So that it can be dissolved completely. Make sure that the salt is being completely dissolved into the water so as to create a solution because if you do not make sure that the Epsom is completely dissolved in the water then there is a risk of corrosion. 

Restore Lead Acid Battery With baking Soda

You can also fix your battery with the help of her baking soda and for that you must need to mix half gallon of distilled water with a half pound baking soda, the next thing that you must do is that pour the baking soda solution into the battery and make sure that it does not overfill then the next thing that you must do is that shake the battery to a good 30 seconds to one minute. This will make sure that the baking soda solution is equally distributed throughout the battery and therefore will fix your battery time.

Restore Sealed Lead Acid Battery

To restore a dead sealed lead acid battery the same thing can be done there are two ways to do that one is by Epsom salt and the other is by baking soda. Both of these are excellent ways to make sure that your battery is in complete proper shape. 


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