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Replacing Cell Phone Battery-Samsung,Cost and Samsung

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Getting a new Android phone is very exciting and nowadays the humans have made such advanced technology that it is even hard to comprehend a world without androids. the mobile phone technology has grown a lot over the past 30 or 40 years, and in the past three four decades the mobile phone technology from being a giant box in your hand that was used for very expensive calls has upgraded 2 being slim smart and easy to use mobile technology. The battery times of such phones are much greater as compared to those early once and not just that these phones are also not just providing you a means for communication over long distances these are the phones that provide you with multiple sorts of entertainment such as the Internet connectivity, use of social media apps such as Facebook and many other. You can even play games on such phones so the possibilities are endless you can do almost anything on your mobile phone.  

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As great as these mobile phones may be they do also have a drawback sometimes the mobile phone battery is not working perfectly like it used to, the most common type of battery that are used in such mobile phones is the lithium ion battery. The great thing about lithium ion battery is that it is compact and size and has a great energy density therefore creating it to be the ideal sort of battery to be put in a smartphone that has a smaller size. No batteries have a charge cycle of 500 to 1000 times in 3-4 years. After this duration the mobile batteries that you are using will not be off top notch conditions it is guess that after three or four years the battery quality degrades to roughly 20% of its original. this decrease in battery capacity of 20% can be something that can mean a lot for people who have to do work all the day and if at the end of the day they have this sort of problem it would not only be very infuriating for them but it will also cause problem. 

How do you know if your mobile battery is not working optimally?

So how do you know that your mobile phones battery is not in its best condition well there are several ways of noticing that? the first thing is that if you notice that your mobile phone battery is being depleted in just a few hours then most notably its not in its best condition. This is because the battery has been over charged and discharged quite sometimes and is no longer of that amazing capacity it had. The other think about noticing that your battery has gone bad is that if you notice that your mobile phone battery is overheating. This can be something that is very alarming because it is an indication that your mobile phone battery is at its upper limit. Meaning that the chemical reactions that are being underwent in the battery to create your electrical energy or charge is basically producing more heat then actual electrical energy that are required to maintain your battery functionality. Another sign that will tell you that your battery is not working perfectly are that your battery swells up, if that is happened to your battery then it is time to get a new one. a swelled up battery can mean many things one of which is that your battery condition has being degraded to such a low level that it is not even holding up its own integrity therefore in that case you must most definitely use a means to stop your battery from that poor condition. 

Risks of Having a Bad Battery

So these are the things that you must consider if your battery condition is not in the best shape, all of these are important signs however there are other signs as well beside these that will give you an indication that your battery is not working in the best shape. If you are not careful sometimes the battery can even explode this can cause much problem and can even be fatal, so before that happens the first thing that you must do is that make sure nothing like this happens again and for that you will have to replace your battery.

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Replacing Samsung Cell Phone Battery

Replacing a smartphone battery can be something that is very easy especially in the case of Samsung, if you have an older version of your Samsung phone then you will be able to replace your battery in a much easier way because all you have to do now is just take off the back cover replace your old battery with the new one and re seal the cover simply just like that. this is how you will change your battery if you have a removable battery phone, however most of the most recent androids that are more advanced than their previous counterparts do not have a option to remove your battery at will and for that purpose you will have to go to a do it yourself root. It is best recommended that you allow a professional to do this however if you are willing then you can do it yourself.

Cost of Replacing Cell Phone Battery

Replacing your cell phone battery can cost quite a lot because it is something that requires a lot of expertise the best way that you must do it is that take it to a professional. Now a professional is a person who has been doing this job for quite some while and is quite adept at it, so he will charge you 100 bucks for it. And that seems to be quite a lot of money for just replacing a battery. 

Battery for Samsung S4 Replacement

A battery for your Samsung S4 can be replaced quite easily all you have to do is that basically just remove the back cover and remove the old battery that you had put in the newer one and you are all done that is how you can replace your newer battery. 


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