Battery Smells Like Rotten Eggs – Charging, Safety and New Battery

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In this era, we are surrounded by batteries. Batteries are present all around us from our mobile phones and wristwatches to the power solutions installed in our homes. This has made our lives so much convenient and one of the battery types that is mostly used is the lead-acid battery. The value these batteries bring along is better than most of the batteries.

However, sometimes these batteries can make you face some issues and the batteries smelling like rotten eggs is one of them. So, here is all that you need to know if you come across this issue with your battery.

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Battery Smells Like Rotten Eggs When Charging

So, you are getting a smell of rotten eggs but there is nothing like rotten eggs present at your place. One thing you noted is that this smell comes whenever your battery starts charging. Well, then this can be the issue with the battery. There could be different reasons why you are facing this issue and here are some of them.

The battery is leaking.

One of the most common issues that your battery smells like rotten eggs is that it is leaking. When the battery is leaking its acid comes out. Another thing that comes out of the battery is the Hydrogen Sulfide gas.

This gas is the reason why your battery is smelling like rotten eggs or sewers. When you charge your battery, the process happens inside it that leads to the production of some gas. If your battery is leaking, then an excessive amount of this gas can come out of the battery which will create the problem of battery smelling.

The battery is being overcharged.

When the battery is charged in a normal way the gases inside are produced but those are produced in a normal way. There is no excess of those gases which leads to the normal functioning of the battery. However, when the battery has to go through overcharging, the process is producing more Hydrogen Sulfide gas than ever.

Now there could be no leakage in the battery, but the caps of battery cells have small holes for these gases to come out and the gas would be coming out from there. It would make you feel like your battery smells like rotten eggs whereas the real problem will be with the Hydrogen Sulfide gas.

Battery Smells Like Rotten Eggs Dangerous

When people come to know the reason for this bad smell of rotten eggs from the battery mostly, they ask about it being dangerous. While your battery may not be that dangerous if handled with care, the Hydrogen Sulfide gas can be very dangerous itself. It is dangerous in several ways and here we will be elaborating on what you must do when you face the issue.

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What are the dangers that you may face?

The Hydrogen Sulfide coming out of your battery can either be high in concentration or low in concentration. The thing to care about is that even if the Hydrogen Sulfide is in low concentration, it can be very dangerous for you. It can cause health-related issues to the following parts of the human body:




Respiratory system

In the small case, these issues can be simple irritation or itching on these body parts. If these parts of the body get good exposure to the Hydrogen Sulfide gas, then you may face bigger health issues.

What is the right practice to deal with satiation?

Having such a battery that smells like rotten eggs is never a safe thing for your health and your budget as well. So, when you feel like there is some issue with your battery you must disconnect it from the circuit as soon as possible.

There could be a case where there is only one cell bad in the battery. So, keeping using the battery can cause issues with other cells as well. Moreover, there is a constant danger of Hydrogen Sulfide gas so you must put that battery aside and call in for professional assistance

New Battery Smells Like Rotten Eggs

There is no surprise in having new batteries that smell like rotten eggs. This is a problem that can occur with any battery whether new or old. However, once you know that it is the issue with your battery what you do next matters the most.

The first thing that you must do in this case is to stop using the battery and get a replacement one or get it repaired according to the warranty policy of your new battery. However, it will not be enough so you must proceed with the following things.

Check the battery charging system for any issues.

The first thing that you need to get checked is your battery charging system. If that battery was used inside the car, then you need to get the alternator unit checked in your car. Otherwise, if the battery was used with the home power backup system, then it is the inverter that you need to get checked. In either case, it is the charging system that needs to be checked before installing the new battery.

Replace that battery as soon as possible.

So, you just installed a new battery and it started producing smells like rotten eggs. You got the charging system correct but you are thinking of using that new battery again. This is the worst thing that you can do. There could be a case that the issue was only with one cell of the battery, and it still lies there.

Using that battery gain means that you are putting additional stress on the other cells of the battery which may lead to issues with other cells. So, it would be the best practice to get that battery replaced or repaired. Otherwise, a professional inspection of the battery would be necessary.


Small issues with the battery can lead to bigger ones and it is the best practice that you get rid of any issue as soon as it occurs. Battery smelling like rotten eggs can be an issue that not only affects your system, but your property and heath can also be at a risk. So, here was all that you needed to know to deal with this situation with your battery.


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