Battery Restore – Liquid and Charger

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Lead-acid batteries come with a lot of practicality for our lives. From powering ordinary to motor homes, they do a great job, and they are also a necessary part for every automobile for starting and powering the electronics.

While they provide great service, they have a specific life after which they start losing their performance capabilities. However, if these batteries are restored at that time, they can become good again and perform for some years again.

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Battery Restore Liquid

When you are going to start the battery restore process the first thing you need is the battery restore liquid. It is the liquid that will be responsible for restoring the life in your dead battery again. There are two ways of having it. One is that you can buy the restore liquid from any store or you can make it by yourself. So, here is how you can make it yourself.

How to Create Battery Restore Liquid

Creating the battery to restore liquid is not a problem. All you need are the right ingredients, and you are good to go. For this process, there are only 2 main ingredients one of which is distilled water while the other one is Epsom salt. Once you have them you can mix that with the water to create the battery restore liquid.

Now the quantity of both matters the most as you are looking to get the best life of your battery back. The right and the best quantity to mix these is by taking 1 ounce of Epsom salt with every cup of water and you can mix as much as your battery needs. Once you start mixing these and the water becomes clear again you are done with creating the battery restore liquid.

What are some of the battery restore liquid’s benefits?

The liquid itself is not only beneficial but the process that makes you need the battery to restore liquid is also beneficial in itself. Some of the benefits of the battery restore liquid are mentioned below:

A new life for your battery

The internals of the battery get cleaned and good as new

You know if your battery needs replacement any time sooner or not.

Battery Restorer

Going through the battery restorer process can mean a lot when you are having a battery that is not providing the best of the needed performance. It comes with several ways which bring the best value for you and here are some of those benefits.

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Better Battery Timing

When you are using a battery for a home power solution the battery timing matters the most. What happens with the batteries over time is that they lose their timing. The reasons are many but one of them is that the internals of the battery are not that strong anymore. When you go through the battery restorer process the battery timing becomes better again.

Healthy Battery Life

The life of your battery is important as you cannot afford to change your battery after some time regularly. When your battery gets bad you can use the battery restorer process to make the battery have a healthy life again. It means that the longevity of your battery will increase, making the whole thing very affordable for you as well.

Standard Electrolyte Level

Maintaining the electrolyte inside a battery is not very simple. The most that you can do is to add more distilled water when the electrolyte level is lower. However, this does not improve the electrolyte and its performance inside the battery.

When you use the battery restorer liquid and follow the whole process the electrolyte along with all the internals of your battery become better making the battery internally better. It means that the battery restorer can benefit your battery by several means and all of those add to your experience of using the battery

Battery Restore Charger

One important part of the battery restorer process is the battery restorer charger. There are different types of chargers made for the batteries and this is the one that is specifically made to restore the batteries after the restorer process.

What does the battery restore charger?

When you are doing the battery restore process you mustn't start the charging process with a very powerful and high-potential charger. This is the time when the battery needs to be charged low and slow and the battery restore charger is specially made to charge the batteries in this condition where they have a new battery restorer liquid inside them.

Speaking about the specifications of this charger the voltage is the same, but the current is different as it is the more important component of the charging process.

Is it necessary to have a battery restore charger?

Well, having the battery restore charging being necessary or not depends on the charger that you have. There are newer and more intelligent chargers being made these days. These chargers have several modes integrated inside them which makes them good for several charging ways.

So, if your charger has some battery restore current settings available then there is no need to get the battery restore charger. All you need to do is to switch between modes and you will be good to go.

Can you use the battery restore charger as your regular charger?

If you have the charger with several modes in it and comes with an intelligent controller as well then you can use it as your regular charger. However, if you have a battery restore charger that only comes with one mode then you cannot use that as your regular charger.

The charging speed will be so slow that the thing will never be efficient for the cause. So, it is important that you either have intelligent chargers or have separate chargers for separate needs.


The lead-acid batteries can last longer than their rated lives if you know the right thing to do. Battery restoring is the process that you need to perform on these batteries. Here we were discussing everything that you need to know about the battery restore process.


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