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Swelling Battery Introduction-Introduction,Safety and Disposal

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In the present world there are several gadgets and devices that have the most latest of their technology however the batteries they use are not so advanced yet. Sometimes when you are using an electronic gadget or a device a malfunction may happen in the lithium ion battery. These lithium ion batteries are a special type of battery because they have is small size earn they have greater energy density as compared to other lithium ion batteries. This is why their compact size and high energy density is used for a device or a gadget. Sometimes they malfunction so that the gases are built up in these batteries do too which their sizes swell up as a result of which the cover of the gadget or the phone is distorted. if a small amount of gas is produced within the cycling of the lithium ion batteries and it accumulates overtime to cause a massive explosion the batteries will not only swell up but will also catch fire. Not only is it unsafe for the user of that device it will also be something that can go horrendously wrong. Normally the adapters that are used to charge these sort of devices and gadgets have a safety mechanism that is installed in them to make sure that the battery is not over charged or discharged below a certain limit however if the adapter is not working properly or if the battery is not giving signals properly to the adapter off its overcharge or discharge this will cause a continuous cycle of complete discharge and complete overcharge which may result in a build-up of gases. Hence as a result there is battery failure and the voltage is not controlled therefore causing a risk to both the user and the device.

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If there is a problem and there has been enough gas has been produced then in that case the plastic cover that was covering and protecting the battery from inside out will distort and will be pushed outwards. This has been seen in the devices of Apple companies such as the MacBook Air, Apple claims that its devices and gadgets are completely safe and any sort of swelling will not be a much problem however another person named Abraham says that this is not true at all. If you want to be safe then you must take precautions and know that as soon as possible you can unplug the laptop or the gadget isolating it from flammable material and stay away from it. The Apple Company is providing a replacement programme for their devices that have these sorts of batteries to make sure that their consumers stay satisfied. 

Swelling battery MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro has been known to show these sort of signs that their battery is swelling up when the charger is connected to them and for some reason they do not cut off the power supply when it is completely charged this results in them being over charged therefore causing the battery to swell up. MacBook Air uses lithium ion batteries that have a small and compact size and the energy density of these batteries is much larger, which makes them the ideal product to be used in any electronic device or gadget however this comes with a price, these batteries are much more prone to becoming swelled up and even exploring putting the user and the device both at risk.

Swollen battery dangerous?

Swollen batteries are very dangerous because of several reasons the main reason being that they have the risk of exploding they can even cause fires, there have been many examples of people complaining that their batteries started a fire which burned their laptop and destroyed their screen, Several consumers even complained that their batteries even burned their mouse pad and keyboard. People who bought these products Advise the ones who are going to that they should be mindful and careful of the batteries of these products. The people advised that as soon as you notice these batteries to start to swell up you must make sure that these batteries are unplugged from their devices such as your laptop an unplugged from the Chargers that is connected to your socket cause if you don’t do this your battery is at a very high risk off exploding if not burning itself out. not only will it destroy your MacBook it can also damage the surrounding area if any nearby flammable object is present, some people even complained that their whole apartments got burned now because of this careless mistake.

Swollen battery disposal

Removal of this swollen type of battery is very dangerous and risky and there are some safety steps that you must follow before you can actually remove these batteries from the device otherwise you are putting yourself at risk and anything bad can happen it might even be fatal. 

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Lower the battery power

The first thing that you need to make sure is that when you are going to unplug this device from its battery you have to make sure that the battery percentage is as lower as possible because if so the battery has a charge and a percentage higher then it will most likely have a greater risk of exploding or Catching Fire. 

Wear protective gloves

The next thing that you should make sure is that you must always protect yourself at all Times. You must wear safety goggles and safety gloves to make sure that any sort of bad experience may not run your way. this is all to make sure that toxic fumes do not reach your eye and the toxic chemicals that are pouring out of this swelling battery do not reach your skin because in some cases it is so severe because the toxins can cause allergies that can then lead to an anaphylactic shock. 

Set a place to dispose the battery

Last thing that you must do is that you must prepare your environment and then remove the battery. Preparing good environment means that you have a specific place to put the battery in if in case it starts combustion or it leaks acid. After all these steps have been taken make sure that you remove the battery carefully and slowly. 


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