Black and Decker Battery Charger Doesn’t Work

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While batteries prove to be very useful in our lives, there is one thing we need to care about those batteries and that is charging them. Most of the products with rechargeable batteries come with their chargers. Moreover, you can also buy a charger for those batteries that did not come with a charger. One very reputable brand that you can trust for buying a charger is Black and Decker.

Sometimes you can be in a case where the charger won't charge the battery. So, here we will be discussing all you need to know if you ever face such situations.

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How do you test a Black and Decker battery charger?

Black and Decker battery chargers often come with the power tools from Black and Decker and you can also get special Black and Decker chargers for charging other batteries. They can be very handy for car batteries and several other batteries.

However, it is important to test if your Black and Decker charger is working correctly or not. So, here are some of the ways by which you can easily test your battery chargers.

Monitor charger using a voltmeter.

The first and the most basic method we are going to elaborate on here is by using a voltmeter. The chargers come with specific voltage readings mentioned on them. You can look for that reading on the label of the charger. In the case where you have a charger that provides charging for different types of batteries, there will be some button or knob to set the charging voltage.

So, the first thing that you need to know here is the charging voltage. Once you know the charging voltage you can use the voltmeter to test the Black and Decker battery charger voltage output. Make sure that you connect the right terminals of the charger and voltmeter. Also, stay safe and do not get electrocuted. It is best to use protective gloves.

Charge a battery and monitor the charging process.

Another way of testing a Black and Decker battery charger is by charging a known good battery. All you need to do is to check the charging status before and after charging the battery and the result of this test will tell if the charger is working or not.

Why is your battery charger not working?

When we talk about the Black and Decker battery charger not working, there could be an issue with the charger or the battery. In some cases, the issue lies neither with the battery nor with the charger. So, here we will be discussing all of the possibilities why your Black and Decker battery charger is not working.

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Poor input

The first one and the biggest cause of the Black and Decker battery charger not working is the poor input. Poor input for the charger can mean the following things:

Low or inappropriate input voltage

Low or inappropriate input current

Lose connector

Faulty wire

Due to any of these issues, the charger may not work properly or may stop completely working for the time.

Charger in Protection Mode

Battery protection mode is a mode that comes in most of the latest technology battery chargers, and it is for the best health of your battery. There could be a case where your charger is in battery protection mode. In this case, the charger is fine, but you will not be getting results as you are expecting normal battery charging.

Battery Temperature Not Suitable for Charging

The battery temperature also matters a lot for charging the battery in the right way. If the battery is too hot or cold the charger may not be able to charge it. So, there could be a case where the battery temperature is not suitable, but the charger is fine. It is also the case that may lead you towards the charger not working.

How do you know if your battery charger isn’t working?

As explained in the above section, battery not charging always does not mean that the charger is faulty. Sometimes there could be an issue with the battery or some other issue as well. So, knowing whether the issue lies with the charger or not is very important. Here are some ways by which you can know if your battery charger is working or not.


Testing Things With a Known Good Battery

What you can do is to get another battery with the same specifications. The difference is that you know that this battery is well known. So, you can test that charger with a good battery, and if the good battery shows signs of charging, then you know that your charger is working. Otherwise, it will be obvious that the charger is not working, and the issue lies with the charger.

Check the charger for battery charging stats.

If you do not have a good battery lying around then you can test the charger for working by taking a look at the battery charging stats. Sometimes these stats are shown on the charger where you can easily not see them. Otherwise, you will need to manually monitor the charging stats.

So, if your battery is good and the charger is not charging the battery according to the stats then there is surely an issue with the charger.

Battery not being charged even after staying plugged in.

In some cases, you do not know where the issue lies. It is the scenario where you are uncertain about everything and here you need to leave the battery plugged in with the charger for a little longer than the average charging time your battery takes.

After that time, you can test the battery. If the battery shows any signs of charging, then the charger most probably is with the battery. Otherwise, the charger is not working.


Knowing about your charger means a lot as this little information can save a lot of time and trouble at your end. Black and Decker is a leading charger and power tools manufacturer and there still could be some issues with its chargers. So, here we were elaborating everything that you needed to know about its chargers for being good or not.


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