How Long Do Solar Batteries Last-Life Expectancy, Extension And Need

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A solar battery is a type of battery that gets its energy from solar panels. Solar batteries for homes last for 5 to 15 years, so in case you buy a solar battery now, you should expect a service of 5 years and up to 15 years if you take good care of the battery. The extension of the life expectancy of a solar battery is mainly determined by three things, which are the depth of discharge, cyclic life, and lastly, the temperature of the batteries. Users feel the need to use solar batteries for they are; renewable, save money, clean, require low maintenance, and they are very efficient.

What is the life expectancy of a solar battery?

As mentioned earlier, the life expectancy of solar batteries ranges from 5 t0 15 years, while the solar power system may last for around 20 to 30 years. Life expectancy, however, depends on certain factors such as the maintenance of the batteries, among others.

There are two different types of solar batteries, which are lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, and each of them has different cycle life, which entirely determines how long one may last than the other. For example, a gel battery has 500-5000 cycles while a lithium battery has 2000 cycles; the difference in cycles clearly shows a different timeline for the battery's lifespan.

Temperature determines how long a solar battery can last; for example, in cold temperatures, the capacity of a battery is decreased; however, when it's stored in higher temperatures, then the battery capacity will increase. For a longer lifespan, therefore, ensure that you ensure that your battery does not freeze or be exposed to extremely high temperatures.

The other factor is the depth of discharge (DOD), which refers to the amount of the batteries capacity that has been used. The higher the depth of charge, the more the battery capacity is used; however, the more one changes his or her battery on a daily basis, then the capacity to store energy is lost slowly.

Taking care of the battery and ensuring that the above factors don't interfere with the battery, then the lifespan of the battery will be 5 to 15 years; however, if the batteries are not well maintained, then that alters with the expected lifespan.

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How can you increase your solar battery life?

Maintenance is the key thing to increasing the solar battery lifespan, and each battery owner should be conversant with the various ways of maintaining their battery for a longer service. Good maintenance of the solar battery ensures that the capacity of the batteries is not lost. There are basically three ways in which one may increase their solar battery life, and these are; minimizing the number of batteries, battery equalization, and lastly, charging the batteries at certain levels.

Control the number of batteries. One may increase his or her solar battery life by ensuring that the number of batteries in his solar bank is around four or less. He was having a lot of batteries on once banks may cause uneven charging as well as increased resistance and connection, which is bad for your batteries.

Battery equalization is another way of increasing the lifespan of a solar battery. This simply means that your solar batteries need to be charged in a controlled manner, and therefore uneven charging is avoided. Normally, uneven charging always causes the buildup of sulfates on the plates of the batteries.

Charge your batteries at certain intervals. Solar batteries need to be charged consistently because if they are left uncharged for certain times, then they are likely to get damaged. It is therefore advisable that solar batteries be charged continuously, and that is done by keeping the charging source always open.

In addition to the three mentioned ways of increasing solar battery life, one may also consider using the right type of solar batteries. We mentioned earlier that there are different types of solar batteries used for a solar panel and the best one is lithium batteries. They are highly recommended since they last up to 8 years before they may be replaced, and their replacement is easy as well.

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How many solar batteries are needed for the powerhouse?

To get this correctly, one has to understand first the factors that one may need in order to know the number of batteries that may be required to power a house—for example, power usage, the period of time specifications of battery, and number of batteries among others. In short, one may never understand the number of batteries they need for their house unless they know the amount of energy that is used in their household.

One may need more than one battery if he or she is using a battery that has low capacity and higher power in order to fully power a house. On the other hand, if one may choose to use a battery that has a higher capacity and low power, then it means that they will use the power for less thing, but it will last longer in a household with many members that means that the energy used will be more.

The type of battery also matters since there are batteries with higher capacity and low power and vice versa. For example, a house that needs to use a lot of power then requires a battery with less capacity, which also leads to many batteries. The enphase battery, for example, has a capacity of 1.2kWh and a power of 270 kW, which requires a total number of seven batteries to power a house.

In conclusion, we have learned the life expectancy of a solar battery, which is 5 to 15 years, and the things that should be done to increase its lifespan that is controlling the number of batteries, charging batteries at different intervals, and battery equalization. In addition, it is also evident that the number of batteries required to power a house varies according to the power usage of a certain household. Lastly, we understand that solar energy is needed for its safety, its money-saving, and its efficiency, among others.

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