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Power Wheels 12v Battery, not Charging-Cycle Life, Test and Overcharge

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Power Wheels cars are some of the most popular rides for children of all ages. They are popular with boys and girls alike and there are a lot of them to choose from. These toy rides are tough enough to handle a variety of terrain and hours of riding time. One of the most important parts of these Power Wheels toy cars is the battery. There are various kinds of batteries and most of the Power Wheels come with a 12-volt battery. These rechargeable batteries power these toy vehicles and other additional features like the power lock brake and ensure that those features work well.

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One major complaint I often heard from many power wheel users is finding out that after some time the battery only lasts a few minutes and then dies off. This is the typical situation that parents describe when they call the store to confirm whether it is the Power Wheels battery that has gone bad or another component of the toy. Fortunately, there is an easy way to find out when you need to change your power wheel battery. In the following paragraph, we will take a look at how long a 12 volt Power Wheels battery will last.

How long do Power Wheels 12v batteries last?

Knowing how long your Power Wheels 12v batteries will last can be helpful to know how long it will sustain your child's playtime, as well as when you need to get a new one. The total time depends on many variables, from passenger weight and ground slope to speed modes. To get the most out of your power wheel, you will need to know how long the battery lasts. Knowing the exact time will also depend on the model of the Power Wheels and the speed modes your child uses.

Since these variables determine how long the battery lasts, it is difficult to give a proper estimate of how long it will sustain your child playtime. But when it comes to battery lifetime, it will depend on how much it is used, recharged, and how it is handled. Power wheel 12v battery life will vary depending on how you keep to the charging and battery care instructions. But on average the battery life will last from one to three years.

How do you test a 12 volt Power Wheels battery?

Your son took out his Power Wheels car, charged the battery, and prepared for another trip of exciting backyard driving adventures and notice that the battery only lasts for a few minutes and then dies. Fortunately, there is an easy way to test if a 12v Power Wheels battery is really the problem or whether the issue is from a faulty charger or another component of the toy.

If this is your case, then read on, because in this article we will show you how to test a 12 volt Power Wheels battery, whether the power wheel battery is dead or you will need a new charger to charge the battery. A digital voltmeter will be enough for this test; you can also make use of any other voltmeter. Also, you need a working battery charger for the preliminary test.

Before running the test, it is important that you first try charging the battery for about 8 hours. Use only the power wheels charger that came with your product. Or a replacement charger with the same specifications should efficiently charge the power wheel battery. A fully charged 12V power wheel battery should register at least 12.6 volts under normal conditions. This is the rate you should be hoping for if your toy car battery is good and healthy. But if the value is less, you can now run the test with a voltmeter by following these simple steps. As you probably know, the battery contains sulfuric acid and care must be taken when handling it.

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The first step is to make sure you have access to the positive and negative battery prongs.

The second step is to whip out your voltmeter.

The third step is to measure DC voltages, set the voltmeter dial to 20. This will allow you to pick up voltages between 0-20 more accurately.

The fourth step is to Place the positive probe (red) on the + prong and the negative probe (black) on the - prong.

Make sure the probes touch the prongs very well, re-read the voltmeter, and as discussed earlier, the voltages should preferably not be less than 12.6 V. Good luck if that is what you get, because it means the battery may not be dead after all and was probably not fully charged or you had let it completely discharge. If the battery doesn’t register 12.6 volts, but it’s more than 11.8 volts, this probably means that the battery has gotten old and has slowly lost its charge retaining powers. And lastly, anything below 11.8 means that the battery is hopeless, you should budget for a new battery.

What happens if you overcharge a Power Wheels battery?

It's easy to overcharge a Power Wheels battery when you forget to unplug the charger in time. These batteries do not come with a feature to prevent overcharging, and users should be watchful when plugging them into an outlet. This is because if you charge your Power Wheels battery too much, it will get damaged and start to worn-out quickly after a particular charge. You can overcharge a power wheel battery when you leave the charger on for longer than the recommended period.

Another popular way you can overcharge a Power Wheels battery is to leave the charger plugged in all-night. Each of the power wheel models has a recommended period for initial charging and recharging. Make sure you monitor your charging power wheel toy cars to ensure that the batteries remain plugged into the charger for only the recommended time. Following the producer's recommendations for charging your batteries will prevent you from buying a replacement battery immediately after buying a power wheel toy car.


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