How do you charge your new electric car for the first time?

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Electric vehicle batteries are generally lead-acid batteries, charging time is generally 8 to 10 hours, should not exceed 12 hours, it is recommended to charge for a limited time, more conducive to charging, charging time is too long will cause serious water loss and affect battery life.


It is generally recommended to charge the battery pack to the optimum period when using electricity to 30% to 40% of the remaining capacity. The specific charging time is as follows:


1,100% of the use of electricity, the general charging time will be 8 to 10 hours, not more than 12 hours (the battery life will have an impact), it is not recommended to use up the electricity every time, generally recommended The battery is charged at about 70%, and the charging time is usually 6~8 hours.


2, if it is recommended for short trips: When the daily electricity consumption is 10%, you can charge once a week. When the electricity consumption is 20% per day, it can be charged once every three days. When the electricity consumption is 30% per day, it can be charged once every two days. When the daily electricity consumption is above 40%, it can be charged once a day to control the charging time, usually around 6 hours.


The charger is marked with a 48V (10-14) ampere-hour battery. The charging current is 1.8 amps and the motor is equipped with 350W.


According to the landlord, the mileage of the continuation is 60 kilometers. The merchant said that it is somewhat exaggerated. The battery theory of 48V14 ampere has a mileage of 56 kilometers.


Battery charging:


First, charge the battery for 12 hours for the first time. The initial charging time of the battery is longer, and it takes a few times to be normal.


Second, use the car to charge, turn green light and then charge for 1-2 hours.


Third, a deep discharge every month, is to ride the light and recharge, charge 8 hours.


Fourth, the battery cannot discharge at a large current, which will affect the service life. The highest speed is 20-25 km / h.


Before the first charge, the electric vehicle runs out of electricity, but it cannot be used up. When the electric car is newly bought, the power will not be too full, but it will not be too small, unless it is an old battery or a poor quality battery. When you use it, you should estimate the distance that you can run according to the estimation of the merchant, so that you don't have electricity or run out of electricity. When the battery power display has reached the last grid, you should consider not to ride, you have to prepare for charging.


How to charge and pay attention to the newly purchased electric car for the first time




The first charge should be chosen to charge during the day. Everyone knows that the battery should be full when charging for the first time, but the full charge does not mean overcharging. It is easy to control the charging time during the daytime charging, so that the battery will not be overcharged and discharged for the first time, so it is easier to make the first chemical in the battery. The reaction was normal.


How to charge and pay attention to the newly purchased electric car for the first time




Regarding the charging time of the first charging, since the battery of the battery car is not used at the factory, it has not experienced charging and discharging, and the battery is required to work normally. Under normal circumstances, the charging time is about 5-6 hours, so that the battery can be fully charged, and the subsequent application can be charged a little longer. As mentioned above, charging during the day can be mastered.


How to charge and pay attention to the newly purchased electric car for the first time




After the first charge, although it is not the first charge, but the second time is considered a new car charge, this time you can let the battery car run out of power, and then a long time charge, this charge can maintain 8-9 Even 10 hours, in order to let the battery car chemical reaction for a complete cycle, this is what electric car dealers told me.


How to charge and pay attention to the newly purchased electric car for the first time




When the battery car is first charged, the charger may generate heat quickly and the heat is very high. Therefore, especially in summer charging, the charger should not be placed on an object that is prone to heat and burn, and it is best not to be placed in the seat of the battery car. On the child, to prevent fire, because many people will have spontaneous combustion of the battery car when charging, please be careful.


How to charge and pay attention to the newly purchased electric car for the first time






When charging, you should first plug the plug into the electric car and then turn on the power. This is a good way to ensure the battery voltage is stable. Thanks for reading. I hope I can help you.


Here is a misunderstanding for everyone, whether fast charging or damage to the battery is due to the battery, it is not easy to generalize, it depends on battery density, battery material, charging temperature, and the ability of the battery management system. Electric vehicle technology is still developing, battery density is rising, battery management is becoming more and more intelligent, and maybe one day there will be a battery and charging mode turned out to dominate the world. Now we can only have two modes in parallel. As for whether to choose fast charge or slow charge, it should be based on your own travel needs.


The battery of an electric car is one of the core components of the whole vehicle and plays a vital role. There are many factors that determine how fast a car battery is charging, and the battery capacity is one. In the case of the same output power of the charging pile, the larger the power battery capacity of the vehicle , the longer the charging time, just like pouring water into the swimming pool. The larger the swimming pool, the longer it takes. In addition, this also has a relationship with the battery material, such as the lithium iron phosphate battery and the ternary lithium battery used in electric vehicles, the charging time is different under different conditions. I hope everyone can enjoy the full content of how long electric cars are charged.

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