Motorola Walkie-Talkie Battery - Introduction, Charger and Life

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Motorola is one of the only companies that produce their own dedicated batteries for every radio model they manufacture. With its top-of-the-line radio tech, Motorola is the leading player in the walkie-talkie industry. However, if you would take a close look at other manufacturers, you would realize that they use third-party batteries in their walkie-talkie models. Not as committed as Motorola, right? 

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Moreover, if you consider many third-party batteries, you would witness that they are not nearly as well built or efficient as Motorola’s sincerely manufactured walkie-talkie battery pack. Sooner or later, the users tend to purchase a new battery to replace the original battery pack that came with the walkie-talkie. Meanwhile, the original Motorola battery is devoid of such drawbacks and will continue to function at its peak performance even when the rest of the battalion had died out. 

Motorola Walkie-Talkie Battery Pack 

With the modern walkie-talkie batteries, there are primarily four things to consider. 

●Run Time 

●Life cycle 

●Amp-hour rating 


However, most people are exclusively interested in knowing about the battery’s run time out of these four aspects. Run time refers to the duration during which the battery lasts from being fully charged until it goes flat and requires a charge. The longer the run time, the better is the battery’s performance in the consumer market, as more people are likely to purchase the product. 

Apart from this, a battery’s life cycle is an equally crucial factor to gauge while evaluating a battery. A battery’s life cycle will tell you how many times you can expect to recharge it before it can no longer hold any subsequent charges. At that point, a battery ends its usability life cycle and needs to be replaced. 

Moreover, the amp-hour rating is associated with the run time. The higher the amp-hour rating, the longer a user can expect the battery to last before it needs a recharge. The final factor, however, is the volts and provides you with a yardstick to measure power. A high volts rating indicates higher power, which means the battery’s capacity is likely to grow with a higher voltage. Although the amount of volts is never a concern with a walkie-talkie but having decent power never hurts. The volts rating can undoubtedly make an impact with items where higher power can influence performance, such as a portable power drill or power saw. 

And, if you are considering buying a Motorola walkie-talkie, you would see the battery pack outdoing itself on all four fronts. The Motorola battery pack will offer you maximum utility and comes in various types, including the NiMH nickel-metal hydride battery, the Li-ion Lithium-ion battery, and the NiCad nickel-cadmium batteries. 

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Motorola Walkie-Talkie Battery Charger

Motorola’s walkie-talkie charger is as superior in quality as are its batteries. The charger is manufactured at its base with the best quality materials, and it entails modern technology and equipment, making it highly functional and usable. Users value Motorola walkie-talkie battery chargers for their compact design, quick charging, low power consumption, profitability, durable performance, extended life cycle, and low failure rate. 

With its sturdy construction and innovative design, the Motorola walkie-talkie charger is a low-maintenance device and will not require replacement until long. The output voltage dispensed by the product is 230V, and the body material is plastic. The device comes with a cable length of one meter which is long enough to put it anywhere near or far away from the switchboard. 

Motorola is a pioneer in the industry of walkie-talkie chargers offering a wide range of premium quality electronic products. The product’s unique signaling allows the transfer of data communications at a very high speed of 1200 bits per second. Apart from this, the forward error correction technology enables radio to receive messages, including receiving call alerts and sending out the PTT-ID even though the signal is weak enough to hear. 

The Motorola walkie-talkie charger is expandable and easy to install. You can simply add on options boards like voice storage whenever the need arises. The option board also allows the users to engage in 2 minutes of recording. 

The GP328 has received a certification from the US Factory Mutual standard that has accredited the product to be intrinsically safe to operate in a hazardous atmosphere. 

The product also entails a built-in Voice-Activated Feature (VOX) that enables users to transmit messages hands-free without even pressing the push-to-talk button. 

If you examine the product closely, you will also be able to notice a plug-in man-down option board feature that will trigger an emergency procedure in circumstances where your walkie-talkie is horizontal or static for longer than the pre-programmed duration. As a result, the feature is revolutionary for radio users who work alone or in isolated environments. 

Moreover, tone tagging allows eight different kinds of ringing tones to be assigned to related users or talk groups, making audio caller identification relatively easier. The device also entails switchable RF power levels, allowing individuals to switch between high and low power with one button. 

Motorola Walkie-Talkie Battery Life 

On average, the Motorola walkie-talkie battery life lasts anywhere between 18 and 24 months. However, there can be other factors at play that can impact the device’s battery and its associated life cycle. For instance, the temperature is one aspect that can affect the life of a battery pack. It has been observed that if batteries get charged in a relatively hot environment, their run time may be reduced by 25 percent. 

In Conclusion 

The Motorola walkie-talkie battery and charger are among the most comprehensive products in the market that are convenient to use. The lightweight Lithium-ion battery option makes the radio one of the lightest in the range, with a tri-color LED battery gauge that indicates the battery status with an early warning upon low battery strength. 


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