How To Remove Corrosion From Battery Terminal, Methods And Effects

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The battery is one of the most important and essential parts of your vehicle for good performance as your vehicle gets started by it. A car battery is a hot bed for corrosion and this corrosion in battery terminals of your car can cause the breakdown of the engine and affects the overall performance of the car. Like other parts, it also needs to be maintained carefully otherwise the battery terminal will corrode and the power of the battery will not deliver properly to the tools.

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Some batteries are maintenance free and you don't have to check the water level again and again. These batteries are fairly accessible, regularly inspecting and dealing with corrosion is not a difficult automotive maintenance task but there are a few batteries that require a lot of check and balance on daily base to avoid any kind of inconvenience in future.

The  Corrosion process happens on the battery terminals as a result of emission of hydrogen gas that is released from the acid in the battery. This acid mixes readily with all other things in the air under the hood of your vehicle and  causes corrosion in your battery terminal.

All batteries of your vehicle consist of a mixture of sulfuric acid and water that generates electricity. This mixture reacts with electric plates (made up of lead alloy) inside the battery casing. If the sulfuric acid is leaked and comes in contact directly with the battery terminals, it will cause them to corrode. If you overcharge your battery then it will increase the temperature of the electrolyte. The leakage of sulfuric acid can occur by the warmth created due to over charge of your battery. If the battery is overcharged, corrosion will occur on the positive terminal of the battery. If your battery is nearing the end of its useful life, it will slowly lose its ability to hold a charge for a long time. At this stage there are chances for the battery terminals to corrode. 

One inexpensive and convenient  method to remove your battery from corrosion is by using only a tablespoon of dielectric grease, you can find it at some auto part shops, hardware and home improvement stores also. The process of applying is very simple and you just have to disconnect the battery cables (for safety) and apply the dielectric grease to each and every terminal of your vehicle's battery. Anti-corrosion washers are another way for removing corrosion. These washers contain a very special chemical that helps in preventing corrosion. This process is done by removing the cables of the battery, sliding the washers, and the most important of all, reconnecting the positive cable first and then the negative.

You can also prevent corrosion by applying petroleum jelly to both positive and negative cables. But before following all these methods first you have to clean corrosion from the battery terminals. This can be done by applying a mixture of baking soda and water on your corroded battery terminals. The baking soda in this mixture will neutralize the acidic deposits. In case the corrosion doesn't break away, wear gloves and use a stiff brush to rub off the remaining corrosion. By installing battery terminal protectors, you can reduce the chances of future corrosion.

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How to Remove Green Corrosion From Battery Terminals

All types of corrosion are very harmful for the battery terminals of your car. The corrosion reduces the efficiency of your car's battery to function properly. Green corrosion occurs when the copper comes in direct contact with water, carbon dioxide and oxygen. It forms a coating on the surface level and changes its colour to green. Natural products are a very good source of green corrosion inhibitors as most of their extracts contain the necessary elements such as O, B, N, and S, which are found active in organic compounds. They help to soak these compounds on metals or alloys for forming a coating that protects the surface and hinders the chances of corrosion. The green corrosion can be prevented by cleaning and scrubbing the terminals of the battery with vinegar or acetic acid with the help of a brush. To avoid any inconvenience to your skin, use gloves for the cleaning process.

How do you safely clean corrosion off a battery terminal?

To safely remove corrosion from the terminals of your battery, you should use gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes respectively from any kind of acid. The human body conducts electricity very well so use a wrench to disconnect the cables from their posts to avoid short circuiting or electricity sparks. The most easy and safe way to remove corrosion is by using a wire brush to scrub away corrosive acids from the posts and casing. Clean the dirt stains also. Although dirt will not damage your battery's casing but it can cause your battery to discharge rapidly. Many batteries are composed of sulfuric acid that is very harmful and you can not dip your hands in it even if you are wearing safety gloves so you should bring your car to any expert technician in your town.

What if you don't clean corrosion from the battery terminal?

Once the corrosion in your battery terminals begins, the battery itself becoms weaker with the passage of time as the rate of corrosion accelerates very fast. Your battery can be burned partially from inside and this may stop the ability of the battery to maintain the charge or to start your car at all. The emission of potassium hydroxide from batteries is very dangerous and this material is highly toxic. It can also cause skin problems, infection to your eyes and respiratory problems. Breathing in any type of battery acid fumes so if you don't remove corrosion from battery terminals the leakage of toxic gases and elements will carry on that can be very harmful and cause dizziness or nausea.


The corrosion on the battery terminals is very harmful for your vehicle and sometimes for yourself also.?If left unchecked, it can be very damaging and costly. The corrosion destroys the battery, clamps and cables, and the spillover can actually eat through the case. To prevent your battery from corroding, you should maintain the correct water level, avoid over charge of the battery .


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