Can your fridge get your lithium battery back to work?

Dec 19, 2018   Pageview:860

Recently, there has been a rumor that the lithium battery that is about to be scrapped is put into the refrigerator for three days, and then it can be brought back to life and resumed use. Is there such a god?


From the start of the next paragraph said battery refer laptop with lithium battery, lithium battery cell phone use might be a grain of truth (I'm not sure), but the camera is not an ordinary common nickel metal hydride batteries, or what else battery. In fact, there is evidence that the deep charge and discharge method is effective for nickel-metal hydride batteries, and freezing is equivalent to deep charging and discharging of the battery in disguise, so it should be effective (of course, few people will save money for a few dry batteries). There is a huge risk that the battery may explode). However, the aging of lithium batteries is generally caused by the disintegration of the battery material and is irreversible.


The time given by the shell net is too short. I can't find a scrapped battery to do the experiment myself. And because I have more than 50% of the suspicion that doing so will cause permanent damage to the battery, so I really can't bear to take the battery to try, I have to collect and sort out the information on the network.


First of all, I noticed that this incident is said to have been tested in the "Life Survey" section of Beijing TV Station. The result is: useless! But now that the experts are flooding, the TV station is looking for an expert to explain it casually and then say it is useless, is it really useless? So why are there so many people on the Internet?


I want to find more people who are useful. Skip those plagiarism reposts and no evidence of embarrassment, the earliest experimental text I can find on the domestic Internet is a 2005 post titled "Zombie Resurrection of the Notebook lithium battery Rebirth". (See, yes, I know this is not the original post. The post was clearly written from the special network (, but I dont know what it is. The reason, the original post on the special online has disappeared. @小园听风同学, your entry point and I really coincide!)


What deserves our attention is that the author of the article clearly pointed out that this is the way he recovered the mobile phone battery from a mobile phone forum in Hong Kong. He used it on a laptop battery. And after a preliminary search, I did not find a webpage about the computer lithium battery freezing method before the date of the article, so I strongly suspect that this article is the starting point for all notebook lithium battery frozen legend.


The other most important detail is not in the text, but in the comments below the text. Responsible reposting people also copied this important comment: After the freezing process, the battery was tested seven times in total. The first five times of battery power supply were more than one hour, significantly higher than the level before freezing. The sixth power supply began to fully recover to the state before freezing. Therefore, recovery after freezing can only be maintained for a short period of time.


Careful search on the Internet will reveal that there are many posts that announce the failure of the experiment (including a lot of laymen who are refrigerated rather than frozen). Posts that announce the success of the experiment and provide experimental data all have a common phenomenon, that is, it is only useful in a short period of time after freezing, and then it will not work, not only the lithium battery of a laptop, but also the lithium battery of a mobile phone. For example, in 2007, another article called "Mobile phone old battery can be repaired with a refrigerator?" The original article from Hangzhou's "Urban Express", see (I have to go here for me to be harmonious?) 9/n2481359 (because I broke the proposition of the old man), note that there is no, the map of the frozen battery call is from this article. This article was copied by netizens 1600 times, it took me a lot of effort to find the original, no Do you know that it is the minimum morality to mark the original author when reprinting?)


In addition to the battery core, a notebook lithium battery has other components, that is, some control circuits and chips, used to determine the battery's charging status, such as protecting the battery, not allowing you to overcharge and explode it, for example. Do not let you completely discharge the battery. This is because completely illuminating all of the electricity will permanently damage the battery compartment. Therefore, the protection circuit will automatically cut off all contact with the outside world before the battery is below the warning line. The newly purchased lithium battery requires deep charge and discharge when it is used for the first time, in order to allow the protection system to calibrate the parameters. (Of course, don't charge and discharge frequently in the future, it will be a long life.)


It has been said that long-term freezing is actually a process of forced deep discharge, and can be put to the extent that those protection lines are also ineffective. I strongly suspect that freezing actually disturbs these parameters, allowing the battery to save the last force for several times in violation of safety regulations, at the cost of permanent damage inside the battery. Of course, your battery is almost gone, and you don't care about suffering more.


I just posted a guess on the Internet yesterday, and some people questioned my guess. Ok, I don't know the principle. It is entirely possible that it is wrong. I also went online to search for the principle. The results of the search were even more confusing. With my years of experience in learning science and reading science fiction, those explanations sound more like science fiction than science, and I will not repeat them.


But the principle is unknown and does not prevent us from summarizing the data to draw conclusions. I know that many readers who are impatient have the habit of skipping large paragraphs and directly looking at the conclusions. So what is the result of this article, is the freezing method really effective? For the effect of the freezing method, I think of four words: returning light.


All in all, there is no practical value. One side is to spend a thousand or two dollars to buy a new one, one side is frozen for three days and then can only be used five times, you will not really be so tricky? Of course, I will finally need to emphasize it again. Here is the lithium battery that will be scrapped from the resurrection notebook (which may also include mobile phones). What we are saying is that the resurrection is not a collection, nor is it a battery of another variety. If it is a nickel-metal hydride battery or a nickel-cadmium battery, it will work in some cases because of the different principles. I am not talking about the button battery on your watch. Well, the data is not enough to judge.

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