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How To Charge Laptop Battery Without Laptop-Introduction, Methods, And Starting

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Wondering how to change laptop battery without laptop? Read on to find out today!!

Can You Charge Your Laptop With USB?

Yes, a laptop with a USB port will probably be charged. Many laptops have an integrated USB-C interface and can be linked to any USB-C cable. We have to make sure the cable is connected to the power outlet by the required adapter.

How Do You Force Your Laptop to Charge Your Battery?

First, there are several ways to recharge your laptop's battery, but using a USB Type-C port, a power bank, or a car battery is the most powerful and convenient way.

You might now wonder how a laptop can be charged the same way it does with its charger on Earth? Here, that's the matter. While it may not charge laptops at the same pace, these are lifesaving measures when you're in the center of a project, and your laptop battery is not charged.

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1. Charge Laptop with USB

You don't have to think more about charging your laptop if your laptop has a built-in USB-C port. The USB-C port can be perceived as a high-wattage connector. The regular Type-A USB ports will reload a mobile device with laptops, but they cannot charge the laptop.

While the Type-C connector can easily pass sufficient power to the laptop to recharge the battery efficiently.

However, you will need a charging cable with the appropriate plug adaptor to make this choice applicable. Because when the power source is incompatible, there is no point attaching a USB cable to the laptop!

To charge your laptop via USB cable:

?Plug one end in an outlet of the USB cable.

?Plug your laptop with the other end of the USB cable.

2. Charge a Laptop With a Power Bank

A power bank is one of the simplest methods for charging your laptop. The laptop's power bank is a portable battery. Just you need to attach your laptop from the power bank. The best thing about power banks is that they don't have to be plugged into a socket when charging your laptop.

Power banks are available in a number of different models, and not all of them have the same charge capacity. You can load a USB Type-A power bank for less powerful laptops. You have to obtain a power banking that is USB-C-based if you want to charge a more powerful laptop like a handheld workstation. USB-C power banks will power your smartphone or tablet, as well as other USB devices.

Your power bank would most probably only have sufficient charges to refill the battery for your laptop once or twice, mainly if you charge a more powerful laptop. It is essential to keep in mind to plug it into an outlet and refill its charge. You cannot charge your laptop when your power bank runs out of charge.

This is why it is easier only to save your power bank when you need it – as if your laptop charger is unintentionally misplaced. Hold the power bank in your laptop bag still.

3. How to Charge your Laptop in a Car

A car has power. And you can use the power it generates, whether you are on a road trip in your own car or renting a vehicle when you land in your airplane. It's very easy to use to charge your laptop.

To charge your laptop in a car:

  • Switch your car engine

  • Plug the charger into the charging port for your car (you might not even need a car charger since many newer vehicles have USB ports you can plug into)

  • Plug your laptop with a USB-C adapter

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How Can You Start Your Laptop with A Dead Battery?

If you have an old laptop that's just running well, but you need to pay a certain amount to replace the battery and restart the laptop, here we have the most tricky ways to restore life to the dead battery.

1. Battery - in freezer

  • Take your battery out and put it in the lock-bag with the sealed zip.

  • In the freezer, place the dead battery and leave 11 to 12 hours.

  • When the time is done, take it from the freezer and remove it.

  • Leave the battery out to allow the temperature to arrive. This is the most significant part.

  • If the battery is still wet, wipe it with a dry cloth correctly.

  • Restore it in the laptop and load it.

  • Leave the battery fully unloaded and charge it.

  • Repeat the above two steps 3 to 4 times, and you are done.

Note: Use this approach only for batteries NiCD or NiMH. Unfortunately, a dead lithium battery cannot be revived.

2. Cooling Pad

Only by keeping your laptop cool as possible can you save your battery life if you use a Lithium battery. Therefore, do use a battery style cooling pad.

3. Recalibrate The Battery

If your laptop has always plugged in or never let the entire way die, calibration is required in a laptop battery. Yet, when your laptop indicates it has a full charge, but it dies within 30 minutes or less, you can better find the calibration needed. Many producers have therefore built software for automated recalibration. Otherwise, it can also be performed by hand.

  • Charge or detach the power entirely on or up to the battery.

  • Hold the laptop on until it dies. Enable it to remain aside for almost 3-5 hours.

  • Charge it until 100 percent again. That should be it.

4. 100% Charging Trick

The final option is to charge 100 percent of your battery and unplug the device. Use it until the laptop displays a 3-5% battery and connect it again. It ought to be that! You can get a bump between 30-90% in the lifespan of your laptop and save a few bucks.

Summing Things Up:

Whether you are stuck in either of the unusual circumstances of not getting a laptop charger, or you are not sure how to reboot a dead battery, you need not freak out. Instead, learn these quick and fast alternate ways to charge a laptop battery and keep running without the initial charger!


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