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How to Charge a Tablet Battery Directly-Introduction and Fixing

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The chances are that one of us has been in a situation where our Tablet is dying, and we don't have a tablet charger in hand, but we urgently need to remain connected at the same time to respond to an urgent call, get a text message, or email, whatever.

Here’s a complete guide to help you charge a tablet battery directly.

Can you charge a tablet with a phone charger?

Yes, you can use it, but make sure you have the right phone charger that fits the Tablet's requirements.

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How do you charge a tablet battery without a charger?

Whether you've lost, misplaced, or don't have a charger, you don't need to worry. When people travel and fail to take the charger along with them, this probably happens. You can still recharge your Tablet. What you need to do is require either a phone-compatible charging cord or a power bank. Let us understand how a tablet without a battery can be charged.

1. USB Ports

You can find USB ports mostly in places like airports, hotels, and some coffee shops that have ample power for a standard tablet to charge. There are USB ports built into lamps and bedside tables in several hotel rooms. Usually, they are of the USB-A type that is appropriate for all devices.

  • Plug the USB end of a charging cord into an accessible USB port.

  • The other end is wired into your phone.

2.A Power Pack

There are such situations when you are not able to find a USB jack. An alternate way to charge a tablet in certain conditions is to purchase a battery pack. The power in the power banks gets transferred to your Tablet and begins to charge.

  • The power bank can be kept charged at home.

  • When your tablet battery is switched off, You will need a USB cable to connect your Tablet to the power bank.

3. Use an Eco-Friendly Solar-Powered Charger

The solar-powered charger is a perfect alternative for outdoor activities. The solar-powered charger only needs sunlight to operate. You may have a question about how the solar battery functions. Sunlight charges the battery in the device that is then used to charge the phone directly. This is the other way to charge your Tablet.

  • To capture sunlight, set up the battery, or put it on your backpack to charge it when hiking.

  • Plugin the charger and your Tablet with your charging cord.

4. With a Car Charger

Modern vehicles nowadays have USB ports where mobile devices can be charged. Otherwise, you can buy and charge your phone with an adapter.

  • Start the car or switch it into an accessory mode.

  • Attach the one end of your charging cable to the USB port or adapter in your car and the other end to the Tablet.

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How do you fix the charging on any tablet?

If your Tablet stops charging, even if it's plugged in, it doesn't mean it's time to shop for a new one. Below are eight ways to fix it when your Tablet doesn't charge!

1. Check to charge ports of your Tablet.

Often the issue is with the Tablet or mobile charging pin itself. Observe; it sees whether it is bent or twisted. The connector on the charging cable must be able to fit well to ensure that all the pins on the charger are correctly connected to the pins on the port.

If your port is broken, it may need to be patched, or the whole device may need to be replaced. You can also check the connector on the charging cable to ensure that the port is correctly shaped and not harmed.

2. Is your battery connection safe?

Make sure there are no holes, and the battery is flat with the mount. If this appears to be the case, remove the battery again and check that the connection to the connectors may be obscured by debris, a portion of the link may be bent, or the connector may have sustained corrosion.

Remove the debris from the soft fabric, re-position any bent metal with a small pair of tweezers, and remove the rust with a small amount of suitable cleaner. Make sure that the connector is dry until you use the battery again.

3. Check/replace charging cable.

Charging cables challenge or become out-dated after continued use. Therefore, it is always said that you use the original charging cable of your system or buy a good quality charging string that does not harm your Tablet or adapter.

4. Give the battery time to recover.

A battery that appears dead may have been deeply discharged. This indicates that the amount of charge taken out of the battery was more generous than intended to accommodate, and as a result, there was so little charge left that it appeared dead.

Refreshing a deep discharge battery, if it can be revived, allows you to switch off the unit entirely and allow it to charge for an extended period (at least two or three hours).

5. Check/replace charging adapter.

Check whether the charging adapter works well, as the adapter is often blamed for the fee. To ensure that you do not use a faulty adapter, connect your USB/Cable to another adapter.

If your device charges normally, this means that there is a problem with your connector, and you must replace it with the most rudimentary device to fix the problem.

6. Stop using the Tablet while it charges.

If your tablet says it's charging, but the battery indicator doesn't seem to move, it might be because you're using your tablet too much while you're charging.

If you play games, use turn-by-turn browsing, or run some other power-hungry app while plugged in, your Tablet can discharge as quickly as it charges.

7. Restart Tablet

The restart is easy and can be accomplished by taking the following steps:

  • Press your Tablet or smartphone's power rocker button for a long time.

  • Click on reboot or restart from the options displayed in the display.

  • You can press the Power button to reboot the smartphone/tablet for approximately 10 - 15 seconds to restart your Tablet.

8. Replace Your Battery

You should only be attempting to replace your battery if none of the other strategies works to address the tablet charge issue.

Before buying and installing a battery in your device, please consult a technician because different phones and tablets require another battery type.

The Final Verdict

We hope that you have learned about how to charge your Tablet and fix the charging problems. Applying the skills, you gained here allows you to use your Tablet longer!


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