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Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Battery-Size, Jumpstarting And Cycle Life

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Nothing ruins a sunny day's pleasure like the wrong mower. Fortunately, the opposite is true, as well. The right mower can make it a pleasure to cut your lawn!!

If you think you need a new lawnmower, but you're not sure about the battery size you need, or you have one but unsure how to jumpstart. We've got you covered. Use this guide to know everything about Troy Bilt lawn mower battery and make your happy mowing.

What size battery does troy bilt lawnmower take?

For the most part, all of the riding Troy Bilt lawnmower batteries are of the same size and voltage. In almost all cases, you would need a 12-volt battery that is 7" to 8" long, 5" to 6" wide, and 6" to 7" high when you replace the battery — the battery does not have to be tight in the compartment.

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Can you jumpstart a troy bilt lawn mower battery?

With a battery in your vehicle or a portable jump-starter, you can jump the mower, but you could only use the car battery if your mower has a 12-volt battery. In addition, if it doesn't have a 6-volt setting, you can't jump a 6-volt battery with your portable jump-starter. If your mower is of a 6-volt battery and you do not have a 6-volt jump-starter, your choice is trickle-charging or purchasing a new battery trickle-charging.

Method 1. Using A Car Battery

Step 1 - Together, Drive Your Car And Mower

Push your riding lawn mower so that it's close enough to your car to hit your jumper cables. Of course, if it's more comfortable, you can drive your car back to your mower. Be careful, so your car doesn't get stuck. Make sure the car and mower are not touched at all. It's crucial here. You're not looking for a short circuit. That can affect either your vehicle or your mower, or both of them.

Step 2 - Clean Corrosion From Terminals

Using a battery terminal cleaner or some steel wool to wipe away any rust from the mower and vehicle's battery terminals.

Step 3 - Connect The Batteries

Now it is time for the batteries to be connected. This has to be done in a specific sequence, and the black jumper cable clamp is never attached to the dead battery.

Next, attach one of the red cable clamps to your car's battery's positive terminal. Then attach the red clamp on the other side of the cables to the positive terminal on your riding mower's battery.

Now mount the black jumper cable clamp on the car's side of the cable to the car battery's negative terminal.  On the other hand, secure the black clamp to a large, unpainted portion of the mower's motor, not the battery.

Start your car and give the battery of your mower a few minutes to charge. While the batteries are attached, don't mess with it.

Remove the red clamp from the car's battery if anything goes wrong, then detach the red clamp from the mower's battery. All is stable at this point, and you can disconnect the black clamps. Start over again; make sure to follow the proper order.

Step 4 - Start The Mower

After the mower's battery has charged for a few minutes, start the mower with the car's engine already running. Your mower needs to start upright. If not, permit an additional five minutes to be charged and try again.

Step 5 - Disconnect Jumper Cables

Detach the jumper cables in reverse order as soon as the lawnmower begins. That's the black one on the mower engine attached with the black one from your car's battery, the red one from your mower attach the red one on your car. Let the mower run for around 10 minutes to let the battery charge entirely if you're not going to go ahead and start moving right now.

Method 2. Using A Portable Jump-starter

Attach the red clip to the positive terminal on the mower battery when jumpstarting the mower with a portable power pack and the black clip to the negative terminal or the mower's metal frame. When creating the connections, make sure the power pack is turned off; then turn it on and start the mower. Turn off the power pack as soon as the mower begins, and detach the cables, starting with the black one.

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How long does a troy bilt lawn mower battery usually last?

Last fall, you failed to pull the battery, and now your lawn mower is out of commission. Whereas the batteries last so long, even though you winter carefully with your gardening equipment. A troy bilt lawn mower battery's average life is three years. With these four battery tips, you can prolong the useful life of your battery:

1. Charge

Troy Bilt lawn mower is flooded with lead-acid batteries. This means that they need a daily charging period or begin to crystallize and lose their ability to remain charged. The maintenance charger keeps your battery fresh when it's in storage.

2. Keep It Clean

Corroded terminals are a way to ensure irritation on the day of the mow. Heavy corrosion can be washed using a wire brush or a terminal cleaner. To avoid the build-up of corrosion, the terminals should be coated with anti-corrosion gel.

3. Fill ‘ER Up

Specific lawn & garden batteries need maintenance, i.e., constant monitoring and filling the water within the battery. If your battery has caps, then you need to check the water level and, if possible, fill it with distilled water.

4. Righty-Tighty

Loose terminal connections can mimic a defective battery. Not only that, but it also leads to low charging rates and corroded terminals and wires. Check the terminals regularly to make sure they're tight.

In A Nutshell

Well, now you have an idea about a Troy Bilt lawn mower battery. If you find a fault, apply these tips mentioned above and just enjoy gardening!!


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