How to Keep Battery Terminals From Corroding- Reasons and Materials

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Protecting the batteries from corroding is the biggest issue that people often have to deal with. Most people spend hundreds of dollars replacing old batteries with new ones because terminals are corroding. Some try to remove this corrosion, but it is a time taking and hectic task depending on the severity of damage done.

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Even if you take all the required precautions chances are that corrosion will appear after some time. However, if you can understand the reason behind this corrosion chances are you may be able to protect your batteries. Here we have a list of reasons why your battery terminals corrode and materials you can use to protect them.

Why does your battery terminal keep corroding?

Before you can know about ways of preventing your battery terminals from corroding it is essential to understand the causes of these corrosions. Here are some most common causes of corrosion that you need to know.

1.Leakage of Hydrogen Gas

The acid in batteries converts into electric current. This process produces hydrogen gas as a residual that often leaks. During the leakage, this gas reacts with various substances and becomes the cause of corrosion of battery terminals. However, if the corrosion is on a positive terminal, it is due to overcharging. Whereas undercharging will cause corrosions on negative terminals.

1.2. Electrolyte Leaks

Any damage can cause the electrolyte in the batteries to leak which can easily accumulate on the terminals and cause corrosions. Make sure to not overfill your batteries if you want to avoid this situation.

2.3. Chemical Reaction in Clamps

Commonly copper clamps are used in batteries because they will not corrode easily due to their good conducting properties. However, the production of copper sulfate in the terminals due to the passage of current causes corrosion in terminals. Copper sulfate is not a good conductor due to which you will notice changes in battery terminals.

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3.4. Overcharging

The most common cause of terminal corrosions is overcharging. It is better to check the voltage of the battery often to assure that it is not overcharging. It can happen because the alternator is overcharging your battery, or you are using a battery charger to frequently charge the battery.

Should you put grease on battery terminals?

When you are looking for information about cleaning the corrosion from the battery terminal you will most likely find at a lot of places that you should put grease on the battery terminals. This might be a little bit confusing for a lot of people as this is not something that comes from the factory and there is no movement required as well. So, why should you put grease on the battery terminals?

Well, there are several benefits of applying grease on the battery terminals. Here we will be elaborating on a few of those benefits of applying grease to the battery terminals.

Highly effective protection for the battery terminals.

The first one is the protection of battery terminals from humidity and corrosion-causing factors. Do you know that a battery is good in every manner and so are the cables? It can still corrode its terminals. The reason here is that some gases are escaping from the battery which reacts with the terminals and causes corrosion.

Applying grease on the battery terminals will be very helpful to protect the terminals from reacting with these gases. So, the corrosion will not happen again.

No issues for most of the batteries.

One amazing thing about applying grease on the battery terminals is that most batteries have no issues with it. The cable terminals and the battery terminals are both protected from external factors, so it only brings in benefits.

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Is it OK to put Vaseline on battery terminals?

If you are a DIY lover and you are short on grease, then you might have had a thought of using Vaseline instead. While grease and Vaseline are used for very different purposes their base is the same and that is petroleum jelly. So, can you use and is it OK to use Vaseline on battery terminals?

Well, yes, it is completely Ok to use Vaseline on battery terminals. It brings several benefits along with its usage. So, here we will be elaborating on some of those benefits of using Vaseline on battery terminals as well.

Why using Vaseline on battery terminals is a suitable option.

The following are some of the most efficient reasons why using Vaseline on battery terminals is a very suitable option.,

Very easy to find and use.

The first benefit is that it is very easy to find and use. If you do not have grease readily available, then you can use Vaseline but only for the battery terminals. It is always available in most households so finding it will not be an issue. Another benefit is that unlike grease you will not require any gloves or tools for applying Vaseline because it is easily washable.

It will not get off easily from the battery terminals.

While Vaseline is not intended for this use it can provide perfect functionality for this use on the battery terminals. So, if you will use it for the protection of battery terminals it will be a reliable thing and will not get off just like grease.

It will protect the battery from further oxidation and corrosion.

Removing the corrosion from the battery is not all about the removal process. Protection matters a lot in this case and Vaseline can be a perfect option for protecting your battery terminals from oxidation and corrosion. As using Vaseline will prevent any reactions from happening your battery terminals will stay protected.


Make sure that you understand the science behind the process because it will help you develop new ways of protecting your battery terminals from corrosion. Make sure to charge your battery properly and keep it away from moisture so that its durability will increase. As well as you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars on new batteries every year.


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