How to Make Batteries Last Longer – Hearing Aid and Golf Cart

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It is everyone’s dream that their battery-powered devices last for an extended period. At times your battery goes off and you are so frustrated with it. However, the battery’s design and chemistry doesn’t allow them to last for eternity.

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There are devices that are meant to serve us for at least an entire day but at times they misbehave. A good example is a hearing aid, which must be used by the person with the hearing impairment for at least 12 hours. Such devices need powerful batteries but also good battery management to avoid unnecessary battery drain.

Wheelchair batteries should also work for the longest time possible because they are needed to serve us the entire day. Therefore, we need to find ways that we can make such batteries last for an extended period. 

Several measures can be taken to ensure that this batteries serve the intended purpose in the required time. The current ,market has so many battery types and a few of them can serve the purpose that we intend for them.

Therefore, this article will focus on the various ways that with can increase battery usage in hearing aids and golf carts. It is good that you know these things so that you can help someone or you can help yourself in future.

How to Make Disposable Batteries Last Longer

Disposable batteries are designed to serve their intended purpose for a particular period of time after which they are deemed useless. However, such batteries supply the intended amount of energy constantly until they all its jelly is depleted.

However, the disposable batteries serve a great purpose in the world and they are cheaper than the rechargeable batteries. The things that we need to learn is the possible ways of maximizing disposable batteries usage. When it comes to a household with devices that need many disposable batteries, it can be tricky to replace them frequently. The best way is to find other ways that we can use to maximize usage.

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You will find people doing awkward things in the name of using their batteries effectively. However, you need to ask yourself if the method you are using is giving you positive results or not. Are their working tricks that can make your battery last longer? The answer is Yes, there are a number of ways that include:

Turning off your devices when not in use: The easiest and the most efficient way that you can save your battery is switching off the device when you are not using it. devices such as flashlights tend to drain batteries faster than you can think of. If your devices have an habit of turning on unexpectedly, you can opt to remove the batteries when not in use.

Removing the batteries from the device after use: this method is less convenient and uncomfortable for most people. Also, it saves a small percentage of energy unless your device can power itself on. Removing batteries prevents the little battery drain that some devices can undergo. 

Store batteries in a freezer when the temperatures are extremely high: High temperatures speeds reaction inside the batteries and makes the battery drain at least a quarter of its charge. Therefore, many people have opted to keeping their batteries in cold conditions whenever possible to reduce battery drainage. Anything under 100 degrees Celsius is good for your batteries.

Buy powerful Voniko High-powered alkaline batteries: there are batteries that are made with components that can supply power for an extended period. One of these batteries is Voniko High-powered alkaline batteries. This battery type is known to provide six to nine times the power of an ordinary disposable battery. This battery will last for the period that you need unlike the other batteries.

Buy batteries in bulk: When it comes to disposable batteries, it is often wise to buy them in bulk so that you can save some money. Buying them in small quantities is costly; thus, you will want them to last for eternity. When you have great battery options, it will be hard to think that your batteries are draining power so fast.


How to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

Hearing aids are needed by users to serve them for at least 12 hours. Therefore, you must devise some ways that we can make them serve their intend purpose for the required time. The batteries used in hearing aids need to be replaced frequently in most cases. However, there are ways that we can maximize their performance and prolong life expectancy. Some of the ways include:

Do not buy hearing aid batteries in bulk: hearing aid battery can last for an extended period when they are kept in unopened packaging. They drain power when they are kept in open packages. Thus, it is good batteries when you need them rather than keeping stock of unopened batteries.

Remove the tab once you are ready to use the batteries: most hearing aid batteries have tabs that protect the tiny holes on the top of the battery. This tab shields the battery from direct air entry that activates the zinc batteries. Removing the tab will drain the battery immediately.

Leave the battery compartment open when not using the hearing aid. It is good to switch off the device when not in use and keep the battery compartment open to drain moisture that can corrode the battery.

Buy hearing aid dehumidifier: Dehumidifier is a device that is used to drain moisture and protect the hearing aid batteries from corrosion.

Wash your hands well before changing your hearing aid battery. This prevents debris and dirt from getting into the battery compartment; hence, optimizing battery performance.

How to Make Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer

The best ways that you can use to make your golf cart batteries last longer are:

Always to up the electrolyte with distilled water. Never use tap or rain water to top up the electrolyte levels. Also, always ensure that the battery plates are dipped into the electrolyte.

Use the recommended battery charger every time you are charging your battery. Ensure that the charger’s positive lead is connected to the battery’s red terminal and likewise to the negative terminal.

Trickle charge the battery. If you intend to keep the battery, it is good to use a trickle charger to keep it charging while in storage.

Use all the possible ways to prevent corrosion.


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