How to fix a swollen cell phone battery?

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The batteries of mobile devices and smartphones are one of the most delicate parts since it is exposed to possible damage. But in addition, it is considered one of the most delicate components of the mobile, since if we do not use it correctly, it ends up being damaged.

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One of the most common failures in cell phone models is that the battery over time begins to swell or inflate, where its change is very noticeable since if we look at it from one side placed on a flat surface, you will notice that it is deformed or fatter than usual.

This problem normally occurs due to a bad battery charge, since they must take extremely special care, due to the work they do is very demanding and if the mobile is used incorrectly, the battery is likely to be damaged. Let us find out more about it here and how to fix it.

Can a swollen battery be fixed?

To prevent the cell battery from being swollen, we must follow a series of important recommendations, in this way we can take care of the phone battery to prevent it from inflaming.

You should avoid charging the device overnight, since this is a common practice, however not all of us know the risk that this entails since in a short term we will begin to inflate the battery, which requires a change or repair.

You should always use the original phone charger, since this is designed from its battery, so if you use another cell phone, likely, they are not compatible, although in the same way charging the battery will end up damaging it in a short time. term.

Once the mobile is charged to 100% charge, you must disconnect the charger immediately, this will help to take care of the useful life of the battery and will make it last longer.

Can a swollen battery damage a phone?

Yes, the swollen battery can damage a phone. Then, if you are wondering how to deflate a cell phone battery, check out the following.

Usually, the symptoms of a damaged or swollen battery are:

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- A shorter duration in the time of use.

- The mobile restarts when using heavy applications or opening the camera.

- The battery does not charge to a certain% of battery.

- The battery percentage drops sharply.

To fix a battery that is swollen or inflamed, it is very simple, you just have to remove it from the phone and then put it in an airtight bag, and then place it on the refrigerator in the freezer or refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Once the time elapses, you must remove the battery and let it rest for an hour, so that it begins to deflate or reduce inflammation, which is very effective.

In case this procedure is unsuccessful, we recommend changing the battery since it is very dangerous to use the device in these conditions, the first reason is that it explodes or begins to leak acid that is harmful to human beings.

How do you reduce battery swelling?

If you notice that the chassis of your mobile is distorting or bending, or even worse if you feel a strong smell of burning coming from your mobile or smoke coming from it, your battery is likely swollen. What to do if it is so? Do you have a solution? How to avoid reaching this situation?

Despite the advantages that lithium-ion batteries offer, such as the lightness of their elements, the duration of the charge, etc., and unlike old batteries, lithium batteries are somewhat unstable. This is because lithium is more reactive than other compounds that have been used in the manufacture of batteries. In addition, batteries have narrow divisions between the cells and the case, and to that, we add the pressurization of the same.

When these types of batteries get too hot or have expired, the cells on the inside are probably separated from that combination of flammable electrolytes, causing the battery to swell, since these have been manufactured to prevent the elimination of gases that can generate fire.

If the phone inflates a little, you will surely notice changes in the physical structure of the mobile, in the frame of the case or on the back of the device.


However, repairing a battery will depend on the problem you are having and the type of device and operating system you are using. Here are some ways to deal with battery-related problems and how to fix them.

You cannot fix the battery of a mobile phone it is even dangerous to manipulate it. If you suspect or are certain that the battery of your device is swollen, proceed to remove it because otherwise, it could damage your device.

To remove the swollen battery you must take into account certain considerations:

- Find a dry place and preferably outdoors and implements to store the battery in case it catches fire, it can be a metal container with sand to put out the flames.

- Make sure the surface where you will handle the device is free from flammable material.

- Wear protective glasses and gloves in case the battery could explode or leak a chemical.

Steps to remove and replace the battery:

- Allow the battery to fully discharge.

- Open the device and remove the battery (Use tweezers for safety)

- Find a special recycling center for this type of materials (in Spain alone there are more than 35 thousand of these centers) and dispose of the battery.

- Replace the battery with a new one.

- Use a quality adapter, preferably the original one.

- Don't keep the phone plugged in longer than you need to.

In the worst situation, the safest thing we can do in these cases is to remove the battery from our device very carefully and leave them in a safe place, away from people, animals, or potentially fragile things or things with the risk of causing damage if it arrives. Or send them to a place where they can handle this potential hazard.


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