DIY Rechargeable Battery-Introduction,Charger and Speaker

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In the modern era the technology has advanced to a great deal and there are many inventions being created with every second that passes by. The question arises that how or why this happens, as to the question of how that is something that’s best left to the geniuses that are working hard all over the world, the other question of why is something that is much more philosophical. The reason why people are creating and inventing all of these great inventions is because of the fact that it makes human lives much easier. Humans create such inventions to make sure that they have the ease of living their lives in a much more comfortable manner, therefore the question to why these inventions are being created is simple because human lives cannot live in that Same old stone age. in the new era people must live their lives in a much more convenient manner. therefore, they create such inventions to accomplish this task, one such invention is the invention of the batteries. these are simple devices if you look them from outside, you might think this is nothing more than just a box of plastic and liquid however if you look in a much closer manner you will observe that it is something much more than that. a battery is a type of device that converts chemical energy in to electrical energy with the help of several oxidation and reduction reactions. these batteries compose of an electrode and an electrolyte that flows freely in between the electrodes within the cell. an electrode can be of any material that produces ions and releases them into the fluid this can be known as a cathode function whereas the electrode to which the ions flow and go attached to or get absorbed in is the anode. 

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DIY Rechargeable Battery Pack

So, this is how the batteries work and how they power our electrical appliances such as our mobile phones or any other electrical device. in the new era batteries are not just supposed to produce energy and then die off, nowadays batteries are able to recharge themselves in a matter of short periods, such that increasing the convenience of humanity. The best example of rechargeable batteries nowadays is that of the lithium oxide battery that is being used in mobile phones and several other devices are rechargeable and can provide energy for a quite long period of time. To understand how these lithium-ion oxide batteries are rechargeable you must first understand how these batteries work themselves. For that we must understand the composition and the body of the battery, for starters the electrodes in the battery are made from two types of charges. a positive charge plate which is made up of carbon and in negative charge blade otherwise known as an anode is made up from a metal oxide which in the case of lithium-ion batteries is a lithium oxide metal. As for the electrolyte it is made up of lithium salt in an organic solvent so that the ions are able to freely pass through the barrier and therefore conduct electricity in the process. therefore, the general mechanism of a working lithium-ion battery is that an oxidation reduction reaction occurs within the cell therefore producing iron charges which are then acting as electrons and therefore producing electricity. The recharging process of these batteries are also very simple in which case the charge provide it to the battery through connectors is greater in potential as compared to that of the battery therefore as a result instead of the charges that are being flown out of the battery through the oxidation reduction reaction or being able to stay in because the potential difference across the points of the battery and the power supply which is recharging the battery has a much greater difference, that is it is higher in its potential difference as compared to the battery. therefore, instead of the current moving out of the battery the current is moving into the battery therefore recharging the ions that had been initially moved from the cathode to the anode, but since current is being applied to the battery the voltage causes the ions to move back from the anode to the cathode therefore recharging it. lithium-ion batteries in this record are very ideal for this situation because these batteries have a highly dense energy as compared to the other types of batteries such as nickel cadmium battery or sodium hydroxide battery.

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DIY Rechargeable Battery Charger

Rechargeable battery can be easily created with a few objects that you may need, when you have these objects, you can simply just piece them together and then you are all done. The first thing that you might need to do is to get yourselves a specific type of adaptor, the reason for that is that this adapter will cause the current that is flowing inside the battery has a greater voltage, the minimum requirement to completely charge the battery and making sure that the health of the battery stays healthy. The reason for that is if the battery rechargers is not of the right specifications, then it can cause the battery to explode or swell up because of the variable number of voltages that are being applied to the battery. This can cause severe problems and therefore can reduce the number of cycles a battery can undergo and even as resilient the lithium-ion battery might be it can still cause problems such as the inability to work for longer durations.  so always make sure that you get the right kind of battery charger because it may cause problems for you in the future. 

DIY Rechargeable Battery Speaker

The Bluetooth speakers are all the rage now a days, you don’t have to worry about anything at all, all you got to do is that connect that speaker to your mobile device or some other device and then you are good to go. The best thing about this sort of speaker is that it is able to be recharged, there can be many ways a speaker can be recharged, the first thing is connecting the cable that came in with the speaker and if you don’t have it, you can go buy it from the supermarket and then just connect it yourself to the power source and you are good to go that how you will be able to recharge the speaker. 


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