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How To Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger-Checking And Effect

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There are many methods for charging a power wheel battery without a charger. If you don't have a charger, you can charge it with a car battery. For this process you have to rig up a connector and charge it with your car battery. But before doing this you should check the voltage if the battery has the wanted voltage and it will depend on your car, the older ones have 6 volt batteries while the modern versions have a pack of single 12 volt batteries.

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Nowadays, a 12 volt battery is designed in such a way that it can be charged with a maximum voltage of 15 volts and topping this by anything beyond 2 amps could explode your battery. The advantage of car batteries is that they come within this range. They can output a 10-15A charge (most of them can not exceed 14.6 volts even when the engine is working). If you are charging a power wheel battery with a car battery you should identify the positive and negative connections and also make sure that you can tell the positive and negative on either the 12 volt or 6 volt power wheel battery. After this, you just have to hook the improvised connectors up to the battery terminals and see how it goes.

Another method for charging the power wheel battery is by using a direct power supply and If you don't have an approach with any of these methods you can make a home-made charger to charge your power wheel battery. To construct your own charger you need to have some tools like a screwdriver, a multimeter and a wire cutting tool and the components required for this process are a laptop charger, a step down converter (AC or DC) and two alligator chips. 

You have to modify the laptop adapter. As the adapter can not match the power battery in its current configuration so cut down the adapter jack of the laptop with a cutting tool and remove the outer shield of the wire but don't touch the two wires that are enclosed by the cover. Now, connect the step down converter module. First, connect the step down module to the wires of the adapter and make sure that the red represents the positive and the black negative. In order to do this, pick the module and first connect the red wire to the module’s positive which is marked as IN+ and then insert the black wire to the negative which is marked as IN- . Don't forget to tight the respective screw terminals. Now, connect the alligator clip. Same technique is followed, connecting the red alligator wire to the module’s positive and the black to the negative. 

After this, plug in the adapter to the power and connect the two alligator clips to the multimeter. For this, the black goes to the multimeter negative lead and red to the positive. Then , set the required voltage reading on the multi-meter then turn on the voltage Potentiometer with the help of your screwdriver until the reading of the multimeter is 14 volts. In the last, set the desired reading of the current on the multimeter and likewise turn the remaining on Potentiometer until the reading of the multimeter is 2 amps. You can also opt to go higher if the capacity of your battery allows

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Power Wheels 12v battery Charger

There are different useful chargers for charging power wheel batteries like Power wheel charger 12V, 00801-1778. This charger is perfect for charging a power wheel battery with a voltage of 12 V. It works very efficiently and is one of the top choices for those who have gifted their kids’ cars that use a 12-volt power wheel battery such as a 12 volt Harley Davidson power wheel. It is very simple to use and you just need to connect it to the power wheel battery connector and wait the allotted time for charging. It fits very well to the battery terminals. For charge time, follow the instructions but 12-18 hours should be suitable. The most important fact to know about this is that the charge of the battery stays quite a while once charged completely and it depends on as long as your battery is healthy. Another well known charger to charge your power wheel battery is?SafeAMP charger for 12 volt battery power wheel. This is the best charger for your toddler and preschool boy/girl power wheel batteries’ toys.

How to tell if a power wheel battery is charging?

For this purpose, first charge your battery for at least 8 hours. Then, you need to locate the positive and negative prongs of the Power Wheels battery from which you would be able to check the voltage reading. Once you have located your positive and negative, then use your digital volt meter and turn the dial to the voltage dc portion which should have a symbol to see if the battery is charging. This will allow the meter to show the most accurate reading for any 12 volt application.

What happens if you don't charge the power wheel battery for 18 hours?

If you are using a new power wheel battery make sure that you charge the battery for at least 18 hours with a 12 volt charger before using it for the first time. If you don't do this, it will reduce its usage time and can also cause damage to it. You should charge the battery for at least 14 hours after each use but never charge the battery more than 30 hours otherwise it may explode.


Charging the power wheel batteries is easy with other methods and without a charger but do not try to short circuit to the terminals of your battery because it can cause an explosion. Before charging the power wheels battery, check the case if it is cracked or damaged. If you ignore this fact, and the case is cracked, it will cause the sulfuric acid to leak which is dangerous.


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