Dead Battery Recharge-Time, Replacement, and Car Battery

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There is no worse nightmare than having to face a dead car battery. For many motorists, waking up one day and going to start their car with no reaction whatsoever is the start of a day filled with misfortunes. So, when you start your car and there are no sputter noises or engine noises, there's a good chance your car battery is dead. But what to do next?

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Such is a question most people face during such times. If you are a seasoned car owner, you’ll have your car battery charger on hand. After all, this is one of the remedies to solve such a situation. But the question that remains is, how long will it take you to charge your car battery? Or, what will it mean when you are unable to recharge your battery, will it be time for a battery replacement?

Dead Battery Recharge Time

As a motorist, you have decided to try recharging your dead car battery. But how long will it take to achieve a reasonable charge, more so when you are in a rush or an emergency? It is a question that most people get to ask themselves when in such a situation.

The length of time it takes to recharge a dead car battery usually depends on the amperage of the charger and the size of the battery. A battery charger can either be a standard one or a high-power boost charger. A standard charger is put out around 4 amperes when charging. A fast charger puts out high amperes and can charge your battery faster. To fully recharge your dead car battery, you may take anywhere from 4 hours to even 24 hours depending on the factors mentioned. The good news is that you do not need to fully charge your battery for your car to start. A recharge of about 15 to 30 minutes using a high-powered charger can power your battery enough for the car to start. Note that, while using such a charger, you should not use it for a longer time to avoid overheating your battery. When having a seriously depleted battery, the best option is to use a jump starter or a dedicated charger instead of the fast chargers.

Depending on the condition of your battery, some batteries will be able to pick up or take a charge faster than others. In case of an emergency. You do not need to charge your battery up. Yours will be a case of getting it charged enough to start the car and afterward letting the alternator fully recharge the battery. It will usually take about half an hour of driving at highway speeds to achieve this.

Dead Battery Recharge or Replace

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Having a dead car battery places most people in a difficult position. Most times you ask yourself whether it is time for a replacement or rather the same old technique of recharging the battery. But, before you give up and immediately decide to purchase a new car battery, it is good to use a voltmeter to check your battery’s current voltage. Even if there is no engine noise or stutter, it does not necessarily mean that there is zero juice left in the battery. According to studies by NAPA Auto Parts, a healthy car battery shows 12.4 to 12.7 volts when tested using a voltmeter. Having a battery that is slightly lower than that is easily salvageable as you can jump-start your battery and start driving it. The alternator will fully recharge your battery after you start driving. When your battery volt is at about 11, you can use a dedicated charger to recharge your battery and it will still work. Any lower volt than 10 places your battery condition in jeopardy as it means that even using a charger cannot bring it back to life.

 Apart from the voltage of a car battery, you can conclude what to do after experiencing a dead car battery by looking at the battery's age. A healthy battery has an average lifespan of about three to five years depending on the quality of the battery. If you have a dead car battery and are well aware that your battery is four or even five years old, you should consider replacing it with a new one. Overlooking such a factor and still recharging your battery will still place you in the same predicament. After some time, an old recharged battery has a reduced ability to hold a charge or even perform as needed.

Dead Battery Recharge Car

One of the best things to do after having a dead car battery is to figure out why and what shape your battery is actually in. we all know leaving the headlights or interiors lights on overnight can be a cause for a dead battery. When you attempt to recharge the battery, you will be able to know h\whether you need a new one or recharge will be enough. A battery that takes in recharge and remains active after a couple of days might not be dead totally. But a battery that dies after a couple of days from a recharge could either mean a failing battery or a faulty malfunction within your car system.

You can recharge a dead car battery using your car while driving or while your car is idling. First of all, you will need to use a car battery charger or a jump starter on your battery before leaving your car to handle the rest. After jump-starting your car, your engine charges your battery using the alternator. When using your car to charge your battery, the length of time this will take will depend on your car engine and the size of your car battery. Your car engines’ RPM matters a lot as the alternator will be charging your battery harder when it is spinning faster. Therefore, it may take longer when driving in slower moving traffic or lanes than when you are driving on a highway or freeway.

Remember, it is always recommended to charge your dead battery using a designated car battery instead of the engine. It is also good to seek the advice of a technician before jump-starting your car to make sure the battery is in perfect condition.


Now that you have a rough idea of how long it may take to recharge your dead car battery, you would not face problems the next time you encounter such a problem. Always get in the habit of double-checking that you have everything turned off before leaving your car. Also, take note of the factors that show you are experiencing a dead car battery.


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