Nickel Iron Battery Price-Reason,Cycle Life and Usage

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Nickel iron batteries, also refers to as Edison batteries, are rechargeable batteries with high depth of discharge, long life span, and a name for durability. This Battery can survive to short-circuit, overcharging, over-discharging, and still last for many years. This battery is frequently used in backup situations where it can be constantly charged and could last for many years. Nickel iron battery price, its poor charge retention, and high manufacturing cost are some of the reasons other types of rechargeable batteries have replaced the battery in most applications.

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This is a very strong battery that can withstand abuse and can last for a long period of time. This is why it is used so frequently in backup situations as it can be charged continuously and can last for more than 25 years. It can remain discharged for a long time without damage, while other batteries, such as lead batteries, must be stored in a charged state. The ability of this battery to survive repeated cycling is because of the low solubility of the reactants in the electrolyte.

Why are nickel-iron batteries so expensive?

If you are wondering, why nickel-iron batteries are so expensive? Read on, because in this article we will take a look at some of the reasons behind the high cost of nickel-iron batteries. One of the obvious reasons is that economies of scale play a very important role in nickel-iron battery price. Nickel iron batteries are only produced in few countries like China and Australia. Some countries ban the use of nickel which makes these batteries very expensive in comparison to others. There are very few manufacturers of these batteries. Exide bought Nickel Iron Battery Company in 1972 and discontinued battery production in 1975 due to a lack of repeated business activity. 

After the company shut down the manufacturing of Nickel Iron batteries, the understanding that a simple electrolyte replacement can revitalize the rechargeable battery was lost, and thus nickel-iron battery was phased out once it was unable to store energy. I think the major reason manufacturers hesitate to develop this battery is largely due to its long lifespan, which reduced replacement cycles, thereby reduce profit. Once you purchase the battery, you will have it for life. The limited production is one of the reasons nickel-iron batteries are expensive.

Nickel iron batteries are expensive because manufacturing production quantities play a very important role in the unit cost of making each piece, which makes the battery likely to have a much higher manufacturing cost and therefore a higher selling price. The initial cost required to manufacture these batteries is very high because the materials used are very expensive. Another reason for nickel-iron battery price is because the use of these batteries is restricted in some areas. They are used mainly in areas that require high mechanical resistance, lightness, and the absence of acid fumes.

How long do nickel-iron batteries last?

No one can say exactly how long this battery will last because several of the original batteries made by Thomas Edison's company are still in use nowadays. The new waves of nickel-iron batteries have been in the making for more than 30 years and are still in use now, still producing 100% of their rated capacity. Nickel iron batteries are rechargeable batteries with a long lifespan and can withstand abuse and still last for many years.

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If your battery shows signs of not properly working, such as the voltage dropping off faster than normal, there may be a number of reasons for this. It could be that they are not been properly charged, maybe be a lack of daylight hours, constant cloudy days, or something is not working in the system as it should. Also, you may have set your charge setting too low, or it could be that you are not using the battery enough and its rated capacity has decreased. 

These batteries like to be worked and they do well on hard work and cycling. One thing about nickel-iron batteries is that you either use them or lose them. This does not mean that you have lost it forever; all you have to do is recycle them again. And for the battery to last long, it is important to ensure that the batteries do not fall below the low-level mark on the battery casing.

What are nickel-iron batteries used for?

Nickel iron batteries are very robust batteries. This battery can work very well even if you don't charge it for a long time. Because of their heavyweight, nickel iron batteries are used in applications where the battery weight does not matter. The durability and the lifespan of the battery cell are higher than lead-acid battery. Though, the battery has lost its popularity due to its high manufacturing cost and high selling price.

From the preceding discussions, it is obvious that nickel-iron batteries are mainly used in extreme conditions. These batteries are primarily used in industrial trucks for momentum purposes. It is also used in railways, mine locomotives, air conditioning, and automobile lighting because the battery has very high mechanical strength.

The main operation of the nickel iron battery is the chemical reaction within the battery which is known as electrolysis. This is the chemical reaction that occurs when there is an influx of current. The chemistry of nickel iron cells is very complex because the exact formula of the positive active material has not yet well established.


Today, there are many competing ideas in the world of energy storage, each with its own advantages, disadvantages, and backgrounds. But so far, keep in mind that nickel iron battery price is high because of the battery quality and the limited production of the battery. I highly advise you to look into these technologies. Today, nickel iron batteries are stronger and the weight is lower than other types of batteries. The service life of these batteries is longer and they have a durable construction due to their steel frame. That is why they are not affected by strong jolts, shocks, vibrations, and heavy currents and do not suffer from short circuits.


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