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Lithium-Ion Battery First Charge Myth-Charging Method

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Today many gadgets use lithium-ion batteries. As different technologies have come up, the battery manufacturers have brought so many new changes into the battery system. Using these batteries, consumers have developed myths regarding lithium-ion batteries.

Some of the common myths in the consumer's mind include charging the batteries to 100% before using it every time, or some other charging issues. However, most of these things are just myths that developed for batteries with old system. The changes in battery chemistry have overcome the old myths and issues, allowing consumers to use better performing batteries.

To solve this myth and charge your lithium-ion battery in correct way, you can read: Lithium Ion Battery Voltage vs Charge-Nominal Voltage,Charging Method And Relationship.

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Do Lithium-ion batteries need to be fully charged before first use?

This is one of the most common myths which is going till now. The fact of the batteries is that it is not necessary to immediately run to the outlet and charge the battery to its maximum limit.

The manufacturers have recommended in their manuals, and generally, they do, that is, to charge the device after the first start to the creation of electronic equipment can determine the actual capacity of the battery or, in other words, it can calibrate the battery performance.

  • In most cases, during the purchase, the battery is calibrated and ready for use, and there is no requirement of charging it.


Is it bad to charge a lithium-ion battery on the charger?

No, it is not wrong to charge a lithium-ion battery on a charger. Still, charging has particular properties to undergo where there is gentle charging for maximum endurance and capacity.

Lithium-ion batteries don't care for extraordinary charge conditions. This is the most significant suggestion, and it's the reason for all that is to follow.

Practically all cutting edge batteries will accompany a charge controller whose activity it is to keep away from these boundaries, which implies that if your tablet is indicating a full battery, it will genuinely just associate with 90 to 95 % charged.

The charge controller, here alluded to as charge controller will likewise kill the gadget sometime before the battery is unfilled to maintain a strategic distance from deep discharge.

  • If the battery has been wholly energized, it ought to be unplugged from the charger as fast as conceivable to evade stream charging, which will keep the battery at a high charge level and subsequently at elevated levels of pressure.

  • If the charge level is at 80 % or more, you ought to abstain from energizing the battery before utilizing it.

  • A drained battery ought to be charged to 30 % or far superior 70 % as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

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  • If the battery is vacant, you ought to abstain from charging it to just 20 % and afterward utilizing it.

  • While getting another gadget, it's not essential to charge the battery before utilizing it or to experience various charge/discharge cycles, which is frequently alluded to as "molding." Lithium-ion batteries are as of now at the top limit out of the case.

  • Charge the batteries at a moderate temperature to increase its lifespan. The general guideline: the lower the temperatures while charging the gentler the procedure. Nonetheless, if you don't anticipate utilizing your battery for over two years, you don't need to focus on this.

  • It tends to be advantageous to experience a full discharge/charge cycle each couple of months. While this doesn't influence the battery necessarily, it causes the gadget to recalibrate its battery limit meter.

  • The closer the battery finds a good pace charge, the slower it charges: the charger is effectively lessening the current to back off of the battery cells. Since these last percent put a great deal of weight on the cells, batteries likewise will, in general, get a lot hotter toward the finish of the charge cycle.

  • The quantity of charge cycles doesn't influence battery life; just burden cycles do. In this way, remote energizing to top generally during the day won't have any unfavorable impact on your battery.


How do you charge your new lithium-ion battery for the first time?

Early batteries were held for businesses utilize, for example, broadcast communications, signaling, lighting, and war activities.

Today, batteries have become a consistent travel buddy of the general population everywhere to arrive at a companion, they permit working outside the limits of four walls, give amusement when time allows and empowers personal transportation. The best part is that batteries help in missions when people are in need.

People are anxious to get familiar with this superb portable energy device, and one of the most widely recognized inquiries posed is, "The thing that you would be able to do to increase the life of the battery?

  • Keep a battery at a moderate temperature- As nourishment remains fresher when refrigerated, so additionally cools temperature to ensure the battery by diminishing personal consumption, otherwise called parasitic responses on the electrolyte and anodes.

  • Keep away from profound cycling-Each cycle wears the battery out just barely, and a halfway discharge is superior to full discharge. Whenever the situation allows, only apply a full discharge to adjust a savvy battery and to forestall "memory" on nickel-based batteries. Li-ion is sans support, and the battery keeps going longest while working somewhere in the range of 30 and 80 percent state of charge.


  • Keep away from misuse-Like a machine that wears out speedier under strenuous work, so likewise is a battery worried by cruel discharges and fast charges. Use cells that are streamlined for the power and energy requirements according to application and increment that pack size to limit load-related stresses.

  • Stay away from ultra-quick charge-Charge Li-ion energy Cells at under 1C (beneath appraised Ah); Power Cells are progressively severe and can be charged and discharge at a higher rate. NiCd is the main battery that can be quickly energized to 70 percent State of charge without unfavorable symptoms.

Knowing about the myths of the batteries and the charging capabilities will help to handle the batteries safely.


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