Has the graphene lithium battery been eliminated by the lithium titanate battery?

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Gree wants to acquire the news of Zhuhai Yinlong, the financial media of Zhuhai Yinlong, the lithium titanate battery of Zhuhai is fast charging in 6 minutes, the number of cycles is 30,000 times, and the life span is 30 years.


Do not think that Zhuhai Yinlong's lithium titanate battery technology is the best, how can the best technology be easily acquired by Gree?


There are three major lithium titanate battery manufacturers in China: Zhuhai Yinlong, Sichuan Xingneng, and Weihong Power. Among them, Zhuhai Yinlong's lithium titanate battery has the lowest energy density. Look at the comparison of the three.


Sichuan Xingneng lithium titanate battery energy density 200Wh / kg, bulk density 800Wh / L (data from its official website)


Yinlong lithium titanate battery has an energy density of 91Wh/kg and a bulk density of 182Wh/L (data from its official website)


The micro-power lithium titanate battery energy density is 85-110wh / kg (data from the article lithium titanate battery market heating?? Yinlong, micro-macro, etc. can counterattack?)


Why is Gree buying the worst lithium titanate battery factory? Because it is difficult to buy, it is difficult to buy, and then the investment will be greatly increased, and the technology can be pursued to improve the technical level. Gree spent 13 billion to buy a poor lithium titanate battery manufacturer. The lithium titanate battery is the development direction of the battery. The application of graphene in the battery has not been favored by experts. In fact, the lithium titanate battery and Graphene batteries can be quickly charged, but the cycle number of lithium titanate battery is 30,000 times, while the graphene battery is only 3,500 times, the energy density lithium titanate battery reaches 200Wh/kg, and the energy density of the graphene lithium battery and ordinary lithium Like batteries, graphene does not increase the energy density of lithium batteries. Dongxu Optoelectronics itself has admitted that the highest energy density of lithium batteries is only 150wh / kg.


The perspective of graphene lithium titanate battery cycles is much lower than lithium-ion batteries. The energy density is lower than that of titanate lithium-ion batteries basically have no continue to research and development value.


Sichuan Xingneng new material innovation "Jiange" speed officially entered the Chinese lithium battery industry


Sichuan News Network Chengdu October 1st (Reporter Zhang Jianfang) On September 30th, 2013, Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd. produced 3,000 tons of negative electrode material lithium titanate production line and Sichuan Jianxing Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 50 million amps. The completion ceremony of the lithium-ion battery production line was held in the Jiange County Economic Development Zone in Sichuan Province. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known experts and scholars in lithium battery industry, China Battery Industry Association, China Physical and Chemical Energy Association, China Industrial Energy Conservation and Cleaner Production Association, Hangzhou Wanxiang, AVIC Lithium, Chery Automobile, Hong Kong Jianyin International, Hong Kong ICBC International, More than 200 people from Southwest Jiaotong University, Southwest Petroleum University, Electronic Science and Technology University, CCTV, Sichuan Daily, Sichuan News Network, China Western Channel, China Battery Network and many other professional media and industry insiders attended the event.


At the commissioning ceremony, Wang Weili, President of Chengdu Xingneng New Materials (Group) Co., Ltd., Yu Yi, General Manager of Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd., and Yu Chengyu, General Manager of Sichuan Jianxing Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., simultaneously pressed the electronic light ball to start the production line. The operation of the equipment indicates that the production line project has been officially put into production, which has opened the curtain for Xingneng New Materials to enter the Chinese lithium battery industry.


Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in high-tech industry in Guangyuan City. Since the project was launched at the end of February 2012, the project has built the world's first positive electrode material nickel in the standardized factory of Jiange County Industrial Park in just 5 months. Lithium manganate (5V) large-scale production line, anode material lithium titanate scale production line and manganese-titanium lithium-ion battery production line, followed by the completion of large-scale production line construction in less than one year. From project contract to infrastructure, from equipment installation to completion, overcome the manufacturing difficulty of non-standard equipment in the industry, in just 18 months, built with annual capacity of 3000 tons of cathode materials for lithium titanate production lines and annual output of 50 million ampere hour manganese tyrone lithium-ion battery production line. In the first phase of the project, a total of 71,000 square meters of factory buildings and ancillary works were built, with an accumulated investment of 740 million Yuan. A modern factory was built in Guangyuan Jiange.


At the subsequent Lithium Battery Technology and Industry Development Forum, Professor Jiqiang Wang, a well-known expert in the lithium battery industry, introduced to the guests the application advantages of the lithium-nickel lithium manganese oxide cathode material and the lithium niobate anode material in the lithium battery industry. Development status and future application prospects, followed by famous domestic academicians, experts, and senior executives of Xingneng Company, taking Xingneng's lithium industry chain and Xingneng two new materials as the entry point, aiming at the development direction of lithium battery industry and lithium battery materials in China. The application has been effectively explored and communicated. Important guests such as domestic famous experts, scholars, domestic and foreign investment institutions, and corporate representatives also attended the forum.


Xing Neng Company relies on the batch production technology of cathode material lithium nickel manganese oxide (5V) and lithium anode lithium titanate, which are independently developed by the Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the new lithium ion battery series of Mangan Tailong, committed to the development and production of products for the future general power supply.


It is understood that lithium nickel manganate (5V) and lithium titanate are the new positive and negative materials for lithium-ion batteries that have appeared in lithium-ion technology in recent years, while the manganese-terminated lithium-ion battery series are used separately. The new lithium-ion battery with new materials can meet the needs of different fields in terms of energy density, safety, service life, fast charge, and ultra-low temperature. At present, the technical team of Xingneng Company has completely solved the problem of continuous production of gas in lithium titanate battery at high temperature, which was once the biggest technical obstacle that once plagued the practical application of lithium titanate battery, which means that lithium titanate will enter the substantive application phase. Xingneng's other leading cathode material, lithium nickel manganate (5V), has high voltage, high specific performance, high safety and fast charging performance. It is the only one in the world that has achieved mass production. The excellent performance of this material will be leading the new trend of lithium battery development.


Relying on the group company is rich in mineral resources, and to establish the company from the upper reaches of the mineral resources exploitation to the downstream products production for the integration of a complete industrial chain, make the company in the field of lithium electricity new materials with unique industrial advantages, for investment in Jiange li-ion battery anode materials are, and the long-term development of the lithium ion battery project provides a powerful resource security.


Xingneng Company said that the new lithium-ion battery materials developed by the company and the new lithium-ion battery products of Manganese long series meet the energy storage battery, power battery and related in terms of energy density, safety, service life, fast charge and ultra-low temperature performance. We believe that the need for 3C electronic products, with the improvement of related materials for manganese-based lithium battery materials, manganese-based lithium battery materials will bring a revolution to the lithium battery industry. The company is guided by scientific and technological innovation, military technology as a guarantee, industrial development as a support, leveraging the advantages of cooperation with scientific research institutions, continuously upgrading its core technology of lithium battery, and launching more new products to create valuable international new energy enterprises.


With the advent of the new energy era, Xingneng will open a new chapter in the lithium battery industry with its own leading technology, and is committed to building a global leading green power solution production base, a benchmark for circular economy, and a lithium battery industry in China.


Relying on the fast charging and discharging technology of Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd., which is a strong development in Guangyuan, the city will also catch up with the fast-speed development of electric vehicles. According to reports, the “Guangyuan Electric Traffic Fast Charge Station Network Project Promotion Plan” planned by Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd. has been approved by the municipal government. According to the plan, by 2020, the city plans to promote the application of 26,000 electric vehicles, install 357 distributed high-speed chargers in large communities and public parking lots, and towns and towns to ensure that electric vehicles are fully charged within 10 minutes. Charging is as convenient as fueling a fuel car.


According to reports, Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd. launched the Manganese Dragon series lithium battery, which has higher safety. It can withstand the harsh safety performance tests such as high-speed impact, gunshot, flame burning, water immersion, etc. The fast charging and fast release features ensure full power in 10 minutes.


Product advantage > > >


Two kinds of li-ion battery material service life of the world's first production is greater than thirty thousand times


By continuous research and development, we have become the world's first lithium battery material manufacturer to produce lithium titanate anode materials and lithium nickel manganese oxide cathode materials. It has a unique patented lithium titanate technology in China.” Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd. Dong Jinping, the company's quality director and assistant to the president, said that Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd. in Jianmen Industrial Park, Jiange County is mainly engaged in the production and sales of lithium battery positive and negative materials. The high voltage 5V cathode material lithium nickel manganate is currently The only high-voltage, high-energy, high-potential cathode material that does not contain cobalt on the market, can quickly charge and discharge; high-safety, long-life anode material lithium titanate is the only non-carbon anode on the market, not burning, safety High, life is more than 30,000 times, it can be quickly charged and discharged, and its high and low temperature performance is excellent.


Market prospects > > >


Complete industrial chain make global minimum price orders has been full this year


Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Chengdu Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd. In addition, Chengdu Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd. has three subsidiaries. It has the core resources of the Mika lithium mine in Asia's largest spodumene mine, and is engaged in the production of lithium ore and the production of lithium oxide fine powder. It is the production of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide products. Ganzi Huxing Lithium Industry Co., Ltd.; together with Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd., located in Jianmen Industrial Park, using the high-quality, high-performance electrode materials produced by Sichuan Xingneng New Materials to produce a series of manganese with international advanced level. Sichuan Jianxing Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. of Tailong lithium-ion battery has formed the only complete lithium battery industry chain in China. "Relying on the high-quality lithium resources and the advantages of the whole industry chain, the lithium titanate materials we produce are currently at the lowest price in the world." Dong Jinping said that the current international market price of lithium titanate materials is 25-40 million Yuan per ton. Since 2014, the price of lithium titanate materials they produced has been reduced to 100,000 Yuan per ton, which is more conducive to downstream businesses and has strong market competitiveness.


"In the first half of this year will be the company's sales of mutation, undertake orders already have the company's production line running at full capacity all year, at present we have not receive orders for this year again."Jin-ping dong said that the company takes orders this year are mainly composed of power battery, storage battery is complementary. Power battery is mainly used in electric buses, electric taxis, official and private electric vehicle charging operation, energy storage battery is mainly used for single-family villas, independent power supply used abroad.


The electric car industry development


357 high-speed charging machine service 26000 electric vehicles


According to the plan, the project total investment of 2.5 billion Yuan of above (including the part of the electric vehicle). Among them, the charging network construction investment is 1.416 billion Yuan, one-time planning, since the 2014-2020 three implementation. In 2014-2020, the city's overall application electric car about 26000 vehicles.


To build network > > >


2.5 billion built electric traffic charging station Guangyuan early adopting new energy vehicle application


In order to promote the development of new energy vehicles in Guangyuan City, the company invited state-level professional organizations to investigate and demonstrate, and submitted the “Guangyuan Electric Vehicle Fast Charge Station Network Project Promotion Plan” to the municipal government, which was approved by the municipal government at the end of last year. Liao Bingyu, director of the company's administrative logistics department, said that according to the plan, a fast-charging operation network for energy storage electric vehicles will be built in four districts and three districts to carry out electric vehicle charging and replacing services, and also to finance electric vehicles and power batteries. Leasing, time-of-day leasing and vehicle leasing business, battery car and power battery sales business and electric vehicle maintenance and network operation management business.


It is understood that in 2014-2020, the city will promote the application of about 26,000 electric vehicles. Among them, 500 electric buses, 1,500 electric taxis and more than 20,000 electric passenger cars will lead the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry in our city, and provide examples of successful promotion and application of electric vehicles for other cities and regions in the province. .


Convenient and quick > > >


357 high-speed charging machines throughout the city's electric vehicle charging and refueling as convenient


According to the plan, 2014-2020, in the city will build with national grid power supply is given priority to, and equipped with trigeneration, solar energy and other green energy electric super fast charging stations in Guangyuan city network. In the crucial to build a super charging network operations center, other counties to build 1 level of charging station, build secondary charging stations a total of eight counties, at the same time, the city will also be installed in large communities and public parking lots, each distributed high-speed charging machine 357 units.


"Later, before we all over the city's fast charger, electric vehicle just stay for ten minutes can fully charged, the real realization of electric vehicle charging as convenient as fuel refueling."Liao Bing Song said, at the same time, compared with the fuel vehicle, manganese tyrone battery has low cycle life for up to 20 years of operating cost advantage.


The electric transportation fast charging station network project promotion project "in Guangyuan city


Zhuhai electric cars next year to super charging stations


The network construction project of Guangyuan Electric Traffic Charging Station will be undertaken by Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd., and will be implemented in three batches from 2014 to 2020.


Phase 1 of the project (2015-2016):


Invested 350 million yuan, mainly investing in the construction of urban backbone network: building a super operation center in Lizhou District, building a level 1 charging station in Jiange County, and building 4 levels in Lizhou District, Zhaohua District and Jiange County The charging station realizes the charging operation of the Jiange-Guangyuan-Yuanba electric bus, electric taxi, some government departments, official vehicles, municipal vehicles and private electric vehicles.


Phase 2 of the project (2017-2018):


The company invested 742 million Yuan to expand the charging network backbone network on the basis of the first-phase project backbone network, and built 5 first-class charging stations and 4 second-level charging stations in Zhaohua District, Chaotian District, Cangxi, Wangcang and Qingchuan. 153 sets of energy storage chargers distributed. It satisfies the charging operation of urban and county-level electric buses, municipal vehicles, electric car rental cars, most government official vehicles and private electric vehicles.


Phase 3 of the project (2019-2020):


On the basis of the trunk network constructed in the second phase of the first phase, through the planned increase of 194 sets of distributed energy storage fast chargers, the charging network will penetrate into the towns and communities, and finally form a charging station/charging covering the three districts of Guangyuan four counties. The operation network and supervision and service system will meet the demand for vehicle charging and related services for electric vehicles in Guangyuan City including townships and towns.


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