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How to Check if Laptop Battery is Good- Introduction and Checking

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Imagine you are using your laptop for one minute, and the next minute, the laptop goes off - battery empty. You may not have considered such a situation because you knew the battery was fully charged.

This happens to so many people who use a laptop. Unfortunately, they don't know how to deal with the situation. Most are never ready for such and will immediately conclude that the computer is faulty.

The best way to ensure you never get inconvenienced is by doing a battery health analysis. This is the process of checking your battery's life. The idea is to make sure you always know the battery's condition and that you can handle it in good time.

This guide will teach why it's important to check life and how to do it.

Is It Important to Check Your Laptop Battery's Health?

Yes. It's very important to check your laptop battery's health. If you don't like staying in the dark, you will do everything to give your laptop all the care it needs.

Here are some reasons why checking battery life is important:

Avoid Inconveniences

We have mentioned above one of the biggest disadvantages of having batteries that you don't know very well. It can lead to huge inconveniences, especially if you are working on a very important project.

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Checking the battery's health shows the current capacity and the possible use time. With that in mind, you can use the battery cautiously. Once you know the battery has reached its peak performance, you can easily charge.

Know when to replace the battery.

You get better performance from your laptop if it has a strong battery. However, it's not easy to know exactly when the battery has lost its capacity and requires replacement.

Proper diagnostics reveal the true health of the battery. It tells how many lifecycles you still have and how long it will serve under full charge. Information is power, and there is no better way to explain that.

Set your laptop properly.

Does your laptop have power-draining applications? How do you ensure such apps don't affect your device's general performance? By checking the battery life.

The battery life report comes with everything you need to know about the current status of your battery. It will show which apps are consuming more power and which ones are performing well. Then you can set it to get optimal performance.

How Do I Know My Laptop Battery Needs Replacing?

There are several ways to tell when your laptop battery can no longer handle the job. Consider the following:

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It shows the "battery replacement" message.

Windows laptops are designed to detect any issues with the battery automatically. You will see a message popup when booting the device indicating that there is a problem with your battery and it needs replacement. This is the easiest way to determine its health.

This message comes up when the battery's capacity is beyond saving. You will realize that a fully charged battery will not last even 30 minutes, and perhaps you are in power-saving mode. Replace the battery, and you will have dealt with the issue.


Batteries operate via chemical reactions that may generate heat. New batteries don't usually have issues overheating because they have enough capacity to handle it. As the batteries grow older, they begin to lose such ability, which may affect how they handle heat.

If your battery starts overheating for no reason, it's a clear indication that you need a new one.

If the battery is still new and has that problem, contact the manufacturer – it might have some serious issues.

Failing to Charge

Your laptop will charge to 100% without any problem when the battery is still new. As time goes by, however, it starts losing its ability to hold a charge. It will not work unless you keep it connected to the charger.

Sometimes the battery will indicate very well when the charger is connected, but it will never reach 100%. Don't even waste time and money trying to fix it. Such a battery is calling for a replacement immediately.

Reduced Run Time

How long did your battery run when the laptop was still new? Is it the same period it takes now? Probably not. A new battery will give you enough charge to run the whole day, even at maximum performance. As time goes by, it will start taking half a day, then a few hours, then a few minutes.

That is another clear indication that the cells have lost their capacity, and you need to get a new battery. The laptop will only run for a short time and then shut down unless you keep it plugged into the charging port.

The battery is swollen.

Physical damage can affect your battery in significant ways. Swollen batteries mean the internal components have gotten in contact. Never use such a battery.

Dispose of it immediately and safely. Even if the battery is still new, do not risk your life because you are looking at a potential explosion.

How to Check Laptop Battery Health

You can check the health of your laptop battery by considering the factors we have discussed above. But to be sure, there are other more specific and detailed approaches. Every operating system is different. Today, we will show you how to check laptop battery health on windows.

For Windows 10, you will require Windows Powershell to perform this task. It's a built-in command tool many people never use, yet it's quite important.

Click on start and then select Windows PowerShell under Admin. Click yes to allow for changes. In the next window, enter the commands to automate specific functions. 

The report will come with the name of the battery and its life as an HTML file. The report may be saved in the C drive as included in the command. Close the PowerShell and open the file where it's stored. Double click it to open and check for what you need.

You can use the same method for Windows 11. The only difference is that you will choose Windows Terminal (Admin) instead of Powershell. The rest is the same, and you will have your report within a short time.


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