12.8V 60Ah Battery Design Scheme of Industrial Portable Emergency Power Supply

APR 19, 2019   Pageview:572

Foreword: industrial portable emergency power supply is mainly used to charge for outdoor emergency communication equipment and also charge for mobile radio wave exploration system and emergency power supply for other outdoor devices. This system can adopt automobile power generation and battery power supply to output AC/220V current. The whole system contains lithium ion battery, BMS (battery management system), display screen of battery status, inverter system and charger. The outer box is military case with shock-resistant and drop-resistant performance.

Lithium ion battery design scheme adopts high quality lithium iron phosphate battery, industrial inverter and BMS. BMS is designed by imported chip. Its battery has advantages of wonderful multiple protective design, precise voltage measurement of single battery, efficient active equalization management scheme and intelligent management of several lithium ion batteries, which can expand cycle life of the battery and has characteristics of reliability and intelligence.

Design requirement

I. Design requirement

Based on product specification and customers’ requirements, design intelligent lithium ion battery to match the host machine and integrate the functions of advanced safety performance, efficient active equalization management, intelligent battery pack management and outstanding cycle life into the solution.

II. Industrial portable emergency power supply design scheme

1)Guard plate (PCM): design the protective circuit based on lithium iron phosphate battery pack. According to the chemical characteristics of lithium iron phosphate battery, design proactive functions of overcharging, over-discharging, overcurrent, short circuit and over temperature, and also provide battery capacity measurement and active equalization of the whole battery.

2)Protective circuit: it adopts imported IC and MOS, and has on line monitoring for battery functions of overcharging, over-discharging, overcurrent, short circuit, etc. Intelligent management scheme can maximize battery capacity and cycle life.

3)Overcurrent fuse: it is designed for invalidation protection of BMS. The scheme applies large power cell with large capacity. Although PMC has protection of overcurrent and short circuit, it still leads in protection failure when abnormal circumstance occurs. Large current is produced under output short circuit and results in danger. Therefore, there is overcurrent fuse in the scheme, so that the fuse will cut off the circuit irretrievably for abnormity protection when short circuit occurs.

4)Battery: adopt LARGE26650/3.2V/3000mAh lithium iron phosphate battery. Single battery has features of high consistency, good safety performance and cycle life of 2000 times. The parameter of the whole battery pack is 12.8V/60Ah.

5)Design on current: normal working current of the whole battery is 20A, maximum working current is 30A, and instant starting current is 60A.

6)Active equalization with high efficiency: 60mA equalizing current with low power consumption is equal to 1.5A portfolio effect

7)Special display screen of battery design can monitor the running status of the battery at any time.


8)The battery pack adopts plastic holder to isolate and fix the battery, which does good to heat dissipation and safety application of the battery.


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