51.2V 50Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack Design Solution of Intelligent Robotic Explorer

APR 10, 2020   Pageview:3441

Foreword: (key words: low temperature battery, power battery, lithium ion battery of intelligent robotic explorer) as intelligent robot technology develops quickly, it has more and more application areas. Large Electronics custom lithium ion battery of intelligent robotic explorer has capability of high energy, high density, long cycle life, wide operating ambient temperature, and it can work at -20~65℃, so the robot can operate as usual under severe environment.

The battery is widely used in different kinds of intelligent automatic logistics carrier, such as AGV, RGV, industrial robot, service robot, automatic system, intelligent logistics van, special robot, etc.

I. Battery design requirements of intelligent robotic explorer:

Based on the customers’ requirements and specification, low temperature battery pack is designed for checkout equipment, such as railway track, aircraft, etc. It works with protection circuit for temperature protection in order to realize the battery solution that both battery and corollary equipment can work under severe environment.

II. Concrete parameters are as follow:

1)Design requirements for battery: ternary materials 26650-14S12P/50Ah/51.2V

2)Design requirements of the structure: it needs to be smaller than 375x260x215mm with exquisite appearance, dustproofing, waterproofing, shock-resistant and applies the powder housing of cold-reduced sheet andspecial coupling device.

3)Design requirement of electric circuit: working temperature : -20~+60℃, motor power: 1200W, mileage of railway car: 30-40 kilometers, working hour: 2-4 hours, charging current: 58.8V/5A

III. Battery design scheme of intelligent robotic explorer

1) Sheet metal powder enclosure with plastic battery holder: design the dimension of sheet metal enclosure according to customers’ requirements. Spray the powder on the surface for matte black effect, so as to meet the requirement of attractive design, waterproofing, dustproofing and shock-resistant. Adopt one-piece nickel strap spot welding with plastic holder connected battery by copper bar bridging so as to assure the impedance and reliability of the whole battery pack.

2)Guard plate


3)Overcurrent protection (PTC): it is designed for secondary protective function. Restorable PTC fuse has dual functions of overcurrent protection and self-recovery. PTC of the product can prevent high-temperature discharging and unsafe large current.

4)Special vacuum waterproofspecial plug: the exterior of the battery connects by vacuum waterproof connector to meet the waterproof requirement of customer.

5)LA26650-14S12P/50Ah/51.2V lithium ion battery pack (low temperature battery)

6)Arrangement scheme of battery

The total dimension from customer: 375x260x215mm (maximum dimension)

Battery pack: 14S12P, divided into 7 modules

Arrangement scheme of the modules


7)Circuit diagram of the design scheme


IV. Product pictures of intelligent robotic explorer:



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