Which company is the biggest seller of electric car batteries in 2018?

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Recently, in April 2018, the list of new energy vehicle sales was released. In April, the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles reached 73,000 units, an increase of 31% from March and a year-on-year growth rate of 150%. Among them, the sales volume of A00 electric vehicles was 29,579 units. 87% increase, accounting for 52% of pure electric passenger cars.


It can be seen that the A00-class electric car occupies half of the country, of which the Beiqi EC series sold 7,471 units, which is the best model sold in the new energy passenger car in April. Zhidou D2, Chery eQ, and Jiangling E200 also performed brilliantly. In April, the sales volume was 4,152, 3,799 and 3,000. Among the plug-in hybrid models, BYD Qin, SAIC Roewe ei6 and BYD Song DM achieved good sales, which were 4134, 3176 and 3137 respectively.


So which battery is used in these hot models? The following are the top battery models for the top ten sales in April 2018:


Beiqi New Energy EC Series: Ningde Times, Guoxuan Hi-Tech


Since its listing, BAIC EC series has been ranked first in pure electric vehicles. In 2017, its sales ranked the world's new energy passenger bicycle sales champion. It also ranked first in the first quarter of 2018, and still ranked first in April 2018. It was 7471 units, an increase of 72% year-on-year and a 4% decrease from the previous month.


The BAIC EC series includes EC180, EC200, EC280 and other models. The EC200 is an upgraded version of the EC180. It was launched in August 2017, and the new upgraded product EC280 has been greatly improved in battery life, with a working life of 270km.


The battery supplier of BAIC EC280 is Ningde era, the energy density is 144wh/kg, and the battery life is 261-270km. The battery supplier of EC200 is Guoxuan Hi-Tech, the energy density is 121wh/kg, and the battery life is 206km. The battery supplier of EC180 is also Ningde. In the era, the battery life is 156km.


BYD e5, Qin, Song DM: BYD


The BYD e5 ranked second with 4,294 units, an increase of 71% year-on-year and a 13% quarter-on-quarter increase. The Qin and Song DM models also achieved good sales, 4134 and 3137 respectively. In the power battery type, BYD, which has been focusing on lithium iron phosphate, also announced that all passenger cars in 2018 will use ternary batteries.


The BYD e5 was launched on March 31, and the newly launched models will inevitably boost its sales. After BYD e5450 subsidy, the price is 12.99-13.99 million Yuan, the working condition is 400km, the speed of 60km/h is 480km, and the battery is upgraded from 40kWh lithium iron phosphate battery to 60kWh ternary lithium battery. At the same time, e5450 The power battery pack will increase the maximum charging power from 40kW to 60kW to ensure higher charging efficiency, and the current of the electric drive control assembly is increased from 270A to 300A.


Zhidou D2: Huaying Power and Suzhou Keyi New Power


Zhidou D2 is the runner-up model in 2017. In the first quarter of 2018, the sales volume of Zhidou D2 was 4022, ranking the 9th in the national new energy passenger car sales list. In April 2018, Zhidou D2 won the third place with a sales volume of 4,152 units. The sales volume increased by 12% year-on-year and 38% quarter-on-quarter.


Zhidou D2 is a three-door miniature electric vehicle. It is the core heavyweight product that Zhidou Company has been brewing for many years. It is positioned as “fashionable and intelligent city micro-purity electric vehicle”, with zero pollution and zero emission. At the same time of low cost of use, micro-space occupation and other basic performance, it also took the lead in achieving the integration of new energy technology, interconnected technology, and intelligent technology. It is the most advanced model of the Zhidou brand. Zhidou D2 uses the ternary battery provided by Huating Power and Suzhou Keyi New Power.


Chery eQ: Jiewei Power Three-Dimensional Battery


In 2017, Chery eQ sales ranked in the top ten bicycle sales, while in the first quarter of 2018, its sales ranked 10th, while in April 2018 sales reached the fifth, sales increased by 262% year-on-year and 16% quarter-on-quarter. The Chery eQ2018 has a battery life of 301km and an energy density of 141.94wh/kg. Its battery supplier is Gateway Power.


Baojun E100: Penghui, Carne, Huating Power


The Baojun E100 is an A00-class electric vehicle launched by SAIC-GM-Wuling. It started sales in the second half of 2017. In 2017, it sold 12,000 units in Liuzhou alone. In April 2018, it sold 3,760 units, an increase of 317%.


Baojun E100 adopts three kinds of battery configurations. One is the ternary battery provided by Henan Penghui, the energy density is 141wh/kg, and the battery life is 230km. The second is the ternary battery provided by Guangxi Kanai, the energy density is 100wh/kg, and the battery life is 100km. The third is the ternary battery provided by Huasheng Power, with an energy density of 142.5wh/kg and a battery life of 250 km.


SAIC Roewe ei6: Wanxiang provides ternary battery


The SAIC Roewe ei6 is a plug-in hybrid model, and its battery is a three-way battery provided by Wanxiang. In April 2018, the sales volume was 3,176 units, an increase of 70% from the previous month.


Jiangling E200: Guoneng, Chaowei Chuangyuan, Zhuoneng


In April 2018, the sales of Jiangling E200 were 3,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 398% and a 32% increase from the previous month.


The Jiangling E200 has three battery configurations. One is the lithium iron phosphate battery provided by Beijing Guoneng. The energy density is 125wh/kg and the battery life is 202 km. The second is the ternary battery provided by Chaowei Chuangyuan. The energy density is 141wh/kg and the battery life is 202 km. The third is the ternary battery provided by Guangxi Zhuoneng, with an energy density of 150wh/kg and a cruising 255 km.


Geely Dorsett: Ningde era


Geely Dorsett sold 2,726 units in April 2018, up 5% year-on-year and 79% quarter-on-quarter.


Among them, the price of the EV450 subsidized after the EV450 subsidy was 135,800 to 158,800 Yuan, and the price of the EV350 model was 1.25,800 to 135,800 Yuan. The EV450 has a total operating range of 400 kilometers and a maximum speed of more than 450km at 80km/h. In addition, its power battery capacity has been upgraded from 41kWh to 52kWh of EV300, and the battery pack has a capacity of 153Ah. The battery core comes from the Ningde era. The weight is 380 kg and the energy density is 142.07Wh/kg.


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