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Difference between 18650 Lithium Battery and 26650 Lithium Battery

Jul 29, 2019   Pageview:2163

The so-called 18650 lithium batteries and 26650 lithium batteries represent the size of lithium batteries. For example, 18650, 18 represents the diameter of the battery, 650 represents the height of the battery, and the unit of length is mm. Regarding the discharge performance, it is not related to the 18650, A123 has a 18650 core, and Lishen also has it. The former is a dynamic type, the latter is a volumetric type, and the discharge is naturally different. In principle, the larger the discharge, the greater the impact on the battery life, such as A123's maximum 30C, if you long-term 30C discharge, its life span is quickly over.

There must be a difference in the life of the 18650 lithium battery and the 26650 lithium battery, because the two models are named after the size, 18650, that is, the straight 18MM, the height of 65MM, so that the 26650 must be larger than the 18650 volume. Therefore, there is a larger space filling material to achieve a larger capacity. At present, the capacity of 18650 is 2200,2600, 3100MAH, etc., while the capacity of 26650 is generally 4000, 4200,4500 MAH, and the lead life will be longer.

Judging from the size of the lithium battery, the 18650 lithium battery and the 26650 lithium battery are also completely different, but they can be modified to each other, but they are also different. The thick cylinder is equipped with a fine battery, and there is a type of adapter that can be used to increase the 18650 battery. Put it in a flashlight with 26650.

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