How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last-Introduction, Cycle Life And Cost

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Hybrid battery is a kind of rechargeable battery specially used for hybrid vehicle. It is usually used in the form of battery pack. Different from the battery pack used in traditional vehicles, the hybrid battery pack can provide continuous and sufficient power, which can support the normal driving of hybrid vehicles. However, like other rechargeable batteries, hybrid battery has an upper limit on its cycle life. When the battery reaches the upper limit of its cycle life, it will gradually lose its charging capacity, and users should consider replacing it with a new one.

How do you know if your hybrid battery is dying

Hybrid vehicle is a vehicle driven by both thermal energy and electric energy. The hybrid battery pack is the power source of the vehicle. As a rechargeable battery, the hybrid battery will gradually aging after repeated cycles, and eventually it will die, which will significantly increase the power burden of the vehicle when driving. Next, the article will introduce some signs of hybrid battery’s failure:

·Fuel consumption of hybrid vehicles increases. Since the energy used in the operation of hybrid vehicles is mainly fuel and power supply, once you find that the fuel consumption of the vehicle has increased, it is likely that the hybrid battery pack has failed. When the battery aging is not enough to provide sufficient electric energy, the vehicle operation will rely more on the internal combustion engine. So if you find that your hybrid car stops at a gas station more often, you may need to check some of your hybrid battery packs.

·The charging efficiency of hybrid battery decreases. If you find that your hybrid car still shows low charge after a long period of charging, it's necessary to confirm whether you should replace the battery with a new one. When the battery has parasitic effect and aging, its capacitance will be significantly reduced, and the charging function of the battery will also slowly decline until it is lost.

·The charge state of hybrid battery is unstable. If you find that your hybrid battery suddenly becomes extremely low after a charge, it means that its state of charge is unstable. The main causes of this situation are incorrect charging method and overcharge, which will accelerate the process of battery death.

·The engine noise frequency of hybrid vehicle is high. If you find that the engine of your hybrid vehicle is making noises all the time, you need to be vigilant, which means that the internal combustion engine is often started or the cooling system is running continuously, both of these indicate that your hybrid battery may be in trouble. Your hybrid battery may be malfunctioning or aging, it can't provide enough power, or it will generate more heat when it discharges (you need to know that high temperature is very harmful to the battery).


When your hybrid battery has the above conditions, you need to findprofessional staff (preferably the battery manufacturer) to repair your battery. If thebattery is confirmed dead, you will have to replace your hybrid vehicle with a newbattery.

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How long do your hybrid batteries lastThe cycle life of hybrid battery is relatively long. It can support about 160000 miles of hybrid vehicle, which will take five to ten years. In contrast, the life of

traditional car batteries is much shorter, because most hybrid electric vehicles use NiMH batteries, which have a much longer cycle life than the NiCad batteries used in conventional vehicles. Most manufacturers of hybrid vehicles offer a vehicle warranty of about eight years and about 80000 miles. If your battery is damaged within this warranty period, the cost of replacing the battery will also be included in the warranty.

However, the hybrid battery life is not certain. Some different types of hybrid electric vehicles have different battery life. The life span of a hybrid battery is also related to its strength. If you drive a hybrid car more than 1000 miles a week, your hybrid battery will age faster. In addition, the battery balance in the battery pack willalso affect the aging speed of hybrid battery, and the more unbalanced the battery pack, the faster the aging speed. The power supply of hybrid electric vehicle is usually composed of multiple hybrid batteries. If the capacity of some batteries in the battery pack decreases greatly, the degradation rate of the whole battery pack will be accelerated. On the contrary, if the capacitance of all batteries in the battery pack decreases at a similar rate, the aging process of batteries can be delayed.The quality of fuel engine of hybrid electric vehicle can also affect the cycle life of hybrid battery, because the driving of hybrid electric vehicle is the balance between electric drive and gasoline engine drive. If the performance of the engine is poor, the battery pack will have to bear more pressure to drive the vehicle. Therefore, the selection of a high-quality gasoline engine is conducive to ensure the sustainability of hybridbattery.

How much do hybrid batteries cost to replace

The cost of replacing a hybrid battery is extremely expensive, and it will cost you about $3000 to replace the entire battery pack. In contrast, although the battery life of a traditional car is shorter, it costs only about $120 to replace it (but don't try to use a traditional car battery for a hybrid vehicle, which will cause your hybrid vehicle to fail to work properly). The hybrid battery pack usually consists of several modules (generally 28 modules). When the battery fails, you can save money by identifying and replacing the faulty module.

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Due to the high price of hybrid battery, how to extend the cycle life of hybrid battery is an urgent problem we need to consider. To achieve this, you need to regularly maintain your hybrid (every six months or every 10000 km). For the maintenance of hybrid cars, first you need to test your hybrid battery pack and repair weak or faulty modules. The other is to overhaul your gasoline engine to ensure that the engine will not be too heavy on the battery pack due to poor performance. Finally, you should clean the auxiliary fan regularly, because the high temperature is the biggest harm to the battery life, cleaning the dirt on the fan is conducive to the cooling of the battery pack.

Hope you can find this article helpful.

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