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Series Battery Wiring- Charging, Effect and Connection

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With the newer types of devices being made, the need of different specifications from batteries is required. However, this does not mean that the new battery must be produced for each new device that requires different specifications for its working.

The thing that is done in this case is that the already made batteries are connected in series or parallel or mixed configurations to provide the desired results. Series battery connection is used in a lot of applications and here we will discuss its charging methods and significance.

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Charging Batteries in Series:

When we talk about charging the batteries in a series circuit, this means that the batteries are connected collectively making one single battery. Here the batteries are connected in such a way that one terminal of the first battery and one terminal of the last battery is connected with the charger.

The other terminals are connected with the opposite terminals of the other batteries to complete the circuit. Here is how the charging process is conducted when the batteries are connected in a series connection.

What are the effects of series battery charging on some specifications?

When the batteries are charged alone and when they are needed to be charged in a series connection, the specifications are usually different. In other words, the voltage and other things change because of the change in the batteries.

The Total Voltage of the System

Charging the batteries in a series connection means that the voltage of each battery adds when selecting the charger for charging the battery. This means that if we have 2 batteries of 12-volts each connected in a series circuit, the charger we will require will provide 24-volts.

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The Amp Hours or the Capacity of the System

Although the batteries are being charged in series with higher voltage, one thing that will not change is the amp-hour of the batteries. If we take an example, if both of our 12-volt batteries are of 100 amp hours, then the charger will be required to provide 100 amp-hour as well however the voltage will increase to 24-volts.

Batteries Connected in Series and Parallel Configurations at the Same Time:

As we mentioned above, the different types of devices are required to have different power specifications. This makes the need of connecting the batteries in different configurations to get the desired outputs.

The reason here is that making a new type of battery for each device will not be a very efficient method in many factors. So, here we will discuss all about the series and parallel connection of the battery at the same time.

The Benefits of Mixed Configuration Charging:

When the batteries are connected in series and then parallel or in parallel and then in series, the configuration is commonly called the mix configuration. It is specified according to the project. For example, if 3 batteries are connected in series and then two similar sets are made, then those sets, or 3 series batteries are connected in parallel.

Then the overall battery configuration will be known as 3S3P or 3-series-3-parallel connection. This type of battery configuration comes with many benefits that we have mentioned below.

Fulfill the requirements of different types of systems.

Better charging times can be achieved by using proper circuits.

Better battery performance can be achieved with batteries lasting longer and having a longer life as well.

How can you charge the batteries in the mixed configuration?

One may think that charging the batteries in a mixed configuration can be a tricky thing. Although this is somewhat tricky but with the help of advanced technology, things have become a lot easier. It is because there are battery management systems and charging circuits that help in charging the battery with a single input. The best part is that each cell of the battery gets the required power.

What gauge wire to connect to two 12-volt batteries in parallel?

The most common usage of the 12-volt batteries is either in automobiles or home power backup units. The interesting thing is that most of these applications require more than one battery and in most of the cases, the batteries are connected in a parallel connection.


However, a very important factor of this parallel connection is the wire that is used to connect the batteries. In the case of 12-volt batteries, the minimum wire gauge used is 6 that provides about 13.5 mm^2 cross-sectional area. Using this wire as the minimum standard has its significance and here, we will discuss all about that.

What is the significance of using this wire as a standard or the minimum?

Maintaining the gauge of wire for connecting the 12-volt batteries in a parallel configuration is a very important thing. Here we will discuss the importance of maintaining the gauge in terms of different factors.

The amount of electric current carried can damage the wire.

The gauge of wire tells about the amount of current that can travel through the wire. If the thinner wire is used, then more current passing through can damage the wires. The most common of the issues is the wires melting.

Heated wires can cause damage to the system.

If you select the thinner wire, the abundance of current can cause heat, and this will increase the resistance of the wire. This imbalance in power can cause damage to the system or its components like the fuse.

Damaged wires can be costly and time taking to replace.

Not only can the damaged wires cause damage to the system, but they can be very costly and time taking to replace. It is because professional services are required to do this.

Is using the wire with a larger gauge better or not?

One may think that using the higher gauge wire could be the better option, however this is not the efficient thing to do. Not only will the wire cost a lot, but it will also not fit in perfectly in the tight places causing cosmetic issues for the system.

Final Words:

The battery connection method opens a lot of doors for the newer applications with the same old batteries. Here we discussed the charging methods and the importance of using the right wire for connecting the batteries.


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