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Small Circle Battery – Size, Phone and Led Lights

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Several small devices such as watches, toys, calculators, and remote controls require small batteries because of their sizes. These batteries are designed to supply constant power for an extended period. We need this type of battery in our day-to-day activities.

However, there are different sizes of these batteries that are designed for different devices. The small circle batteries are also known as the button cell batteries because they resemble buttons. Most of the small circle batteries are lithium-ion batteries.

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Also, the small circle batteries are used in laptops, computers, and phones to keep the time running and support other minor programs. Therefore, we need to consider their functionality as well as their use in different types of gadgets.

In this writing, we will study the different sizes of the small circle batteries. We shall also look at the types used in iPhone and those small circle batteries used for led lights. Therefore, it is vital that you travel with me through this fantastic writing and get some knowledge on small cell batteries.

Small Flat Circle Button Battery Size

The small flat circle batteries, also known as button or watch batteries, are made of different sizes regarding the physical size and voltage size.  They serve different purposes in different devices that we use each day.

The sizes of flat button cell batteries range from 5mm to 25 mm in diameter. They are cylindrical. Thus, they feature a height of between 1mm and 6mm. This makes them resemble a button. However, the smallest lithium-ion button cell battery measure 3.5mm, and it is said to be pin-shaped. This is the industry's smallest flat circle battery, and it is used in small devices.

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Therefore, it is vital to look at the user's manual before purchasing a battery for your watch or calculator. You do not need to buy a battery that won’t fit your device's battery compartment. If you do not have the manual, you can check the battery on your device. You will need to get the diameter of the battery compartment as well as its height.

The voltage sizes of the small circle batteries are the same across all the manufacturers. The batteries are 1.5V, which makes them suitable for the tiny devices that they support. However, several manufacturers are making these batteries, which means different types of chemical composition. 

There are alkaline small circle batteries and Silver oxide batteries. However, silver oxide batteries are expensive and more durable. The two types of small circle batteries used to have the same name. The most common batteries that are used in the world now are lithium-ion batteries.

The most common lithium button cell is CR2032. Lithium-ion batteries are given names according to their sizes. For instance, CR2032=20mm x 3.2mm, and the numbers are standard in all the manufacturers except the different prefixes.

The small-button batteries can be pretty dangerous in our environments. They are tiny, and thus, children or even grown-ups can swallow them. Therefore, it is vital to consider keeping them away from children and disposing of them safely after use.

The Small Circle Next to the Battery on iPhone

Most iPhone users often wonder what the use of the small circle next to their batteries is. There are so many different symbols on iPhone, and it can be challenging to keep them straight even for the most proficient iPhone users.

There are two main reasons the circle might be present on your iPhone. The first reason is that the assistant touch feature is enabled. If the circle is large and enclosed in a grey box that looks overlay on your screen, your assistant touch feature is enabled.

This feature makes it simple for iPhone users to navigate the iPhone when they are facing problems using their fingers to touch down on the screen. You can remove it by visiting the Settings menu, general settings, then accessibility. Toggle the Assistant Touch Feature on and off.


The second reason you might be having the small circle next to your battery is for network status. The circle appears when the phone is out of reach of 3G, 4G, or EDGE network. However, it might still connect to the internet through the carrier's GPRS or IxRTT network. The two networks are made to provide internet access to customers.

Small Circle Battery for Led Lights

You might need to have led lights in a place with no power source. Therefore, you need to have small circle batteries. The batteries will serve your intended purpose for some time before you can replace them.

Lighting led lights with a battery can be a fun experience, especially if you have never tried it. You need to have a little concept on electric circuits and direct current electricity. However, to light led lights, you need to have small bulbs supported by small cell batteries.

Therefore, acquire a small low-voltage LED light of 3 volts or less. To light powerful led lights, you will need to combine several batteries, which can be pretty expensive and dangerous. 

You need to wire one terminal of a battery to the bulb's bottom with a copper wire. They should all be set on a flat surface without moisture. Ensure that you tape the copper wire on the battery terminal. Repeat the same to the other terminal of the small battery. 

The connection discussed above is for experimental purposes only. There are other led lights available on phones and computers that are supported by small circle batteries. Therefore, the small circle batteries play a vital role in all the devices that we use daily.


The small circle batteries are among some of the things that the world cannot run without. Therefore, we must use them in the right way and for the proper purpose. It is good to know the battery's size that your device needs before going to the shop.

As said earlier, the small circle batteries can be dangerous if carelessly used. Therefore, store the batteries in a safe environment away from foods and children. Also, do not dispose of these batteries carelessly.


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