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How Many Years Does a Cellphone Battery Last – Introduction and Lifespan

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We all enjoy using cell phones because they keep us connected to the world. These portable devices have become very crucial in the developing world. However, cell phones use batteries that require recharging from time to time and replacing them when they get old.

Even the strongest, modern lithium-ion battery will not last forever. How to use the battery, its age, and the device affects how long it will last. Understanding this will help you get the best from your batteries.

In this guide, we will be discussing how long a battery should last in a cell phone and how to get more life from your batteries. Keep reading.

How Long Should a Cellphone Battery Last Between Charges?

The pain of dealing with a dead cellphone battery is quite real. You could be in the middle of an important call or exercise, only to be cut short with a dead battery.

How you use the cellphone determines how long the battery should last. This includes how often you keep it operating and the number of applications.

Generally, here are the factors that affect battery performance on a single charge:

The Cell Phone Power

Lithium batteries have become the best technology for cellphone users today. These rechargeable batteries must be plugged into a power outlet to keep the phone operating when they run out of juice. The batteries come with a shelf-life and can only work for a certain number of charges.

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Most phones will work perfectly for about 18 months to 3 years. This also depends on the use.

Typically, a new battery in a new cellphone takes longer between charges. Some batteries can take up to several days before battery dies. Under maximum use and performance, you can get at least 12 hours from the battery.

Older and weak batteries can barely work for an hour. You should know it's time to get some new batteries when it gets below that. Luckily, replacements are in plenty.

The Standby Mode

Another way to determine your battery's strength is by checking the standby charge. A good battery can go up to 3 days on standby, where background operations are disabled.

Standby means you are not actively using your cell phone. It's on, but it's not running actively. Newer batteries have longer standby time while older batteries are weaker, hence, less time. A good battery can go up to even a week on standby before it calls for a recharge.

Official Talk Time

Another factor that determines how long your battery will last between charges is the official charge time. This means the time the phone can be used for talking before the battery dies. Newer phones promise longer hours of talk time. Most can give your more than 7 hours.

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This time also includes the use of other applications like browsing, taking pictures, messaging, and much more. The more you use your phone, the lesser this average time becomes.

Phone Applications

The number of applications on your cellphone will also determine how long it will take before the next charge. Some apps are power intensive, which means they consume a lot of power and will quickly drain your battery. Connecting to the internet, playing videos, games, music, and other power-hungry usages will drain the battery much faster.

In summary:

The type of phone you have plays the biggest role in the battery strength. For instance, let's say you have devices, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy 8, LG G6, and so on, which have similar battery sizes. However, the screen resolution of these phones is different.

If the batteries are healthy, you are looking at about 6 hours of continuous use. And this is only possible if you are not playing video games or filming in 4K. Newer models can give you more hours but can't go beyond 12 hours of continuous use.

How Long Will My Cell Phone Battery Last Calculator?

After buying a new battery, or a brand new cellphone, you may want to know the approximate run time on a full charge. This could help you understand how long it would take before you have to charge again, in case you will be working in the field with no power source.

One of discovering this information is through manual measuring. You could decide to open all applications on your device and use them the whole day. This will tell you how long the battery will last that day.

Another option is to use a battery calculator. This online and free tool can help you calculate your battery's run time using capacity and voltage.

The calculator calculates the average runtime based on a simple formula. The method could vary from application to application, but the general approach use capacity/ consumption x (1 – discharge safety) to give the battery life.

Capacity is measured in mAh and will be printed on the battery. Consumption is the average current draw of the phone, measured in amperes. The discharge safety is the percentage of your battery's capacity that is never used. A lipo battery, for instance, should never be discharged below 20%.

How to Preserve Phone Battery Lifespan

It would be amazing if you get a strong battery that never runs out of power. But because this is not possible for rechargeable batteries, you can only try to preserve their lifespan. Here are some ideas that can help you:

Don't charge from 0% to 100%. This could have been good for older batteries that had a memory effect. For a modern battery, it's better to keep the charge between 15 and 85%.

Avoid overcharging or over-discharging. Taking your phone below 0% or beyond 100% can affect chemical reactions, destroying it or reducing its lifespan.

Charge slowly. Slow charging is much better than fast charging, especially if the battery is below 0%.

Turn off the apps you don't need. Leaving Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on when you don't need them is not advisable. It affects your battery's lifespan and performance.

Take care of your battery. Abusive use of your battery will affect its performance. Avoid dropping it, using it under extreme temperatures, using it while charging, biting the battery, and similar actions.

Your cellphone battery will eventually run out of capacity and require replacement. But before that happens, use the tips we have shared here to preserve its lifespan for maximum use.


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