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How Many Years Do Rechargeable Batteries Last -Introduction and Charging?

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Batteries play a considerable role in the development of the modern world. It's hard to imagine where we would be without battery power.

There are two many types of batteries: primary and secondary. Primary cells, or non-rechargeable batteries, are single-use. You buy them from the shop, use and then dispose of them immediately.

Secondary or rechargeable can be used repeatedly over hundreds or thousands of charge-discharge cycles. They are the most popular batteries in the world today.

With such characteristics, it's pretty easy for one to assume that rechargeable batteries can last forever. Well, that is not true.

In this guide, we will be looking at how long secondary batteries last. We will also share a few tips on how to improve their longevity.

How Long Do Rechargeable AAA Batteries Last?

AAA batteries are much smaller batteries compared to AA batteries. One cell has a dimension of about 44.5mm long and 10.5mm wide. The weight, voltage, and battery designation vary based on different chemistry and technology in the specific batteries.

There are disposable and reusable AAA batteries. They can be used as a single piece or a combination of several batteries, depending on the requirements of your device.

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How long do rechargeable AAA batteries last? This is one of the most common questions we have met, considering AAA is among the most common batteries out there. Understandably, you may want to know how long they last before you can recharge or change them.

We can answer this question using two factors.

Run Time

Run time is the amount of time a battery takes before the next recharge. In other words, how long will the battery take to discharge from 100% to 0% when in full use?

This depends on the device's specific power needs and the battery's quality. There are batteries that can last for a whole day when used in a wireless microphone, while others will only run for a few hours.

If you are using batteries in RCs and toys, the runtime depends on the power consumption of the gadget. While some can run for up to five hours or more under the most strenuous conditions, others can power the device for a few hours.

Therefore, consider these batteries' capacity and other features that make a battery great. Most people will buy more expensive batteries because they tend to perform better.


Lifespan means how many charge cycles you will get before the battery runs out of capacity. Just like with run time, different AAA batteries promise different strengths and durability.

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Generally, these batteries can last about three to four months of use before requiring a replacement. They can be recharged many times and are slightly different in physical appearance from AAA primary cells.

AAA batteries are sold with suitable chargers. But others can be sold without. Luckily, you can easily find a good charger on the market and use it for your needs.

Longest Lasting AAA Rechargeable Battery

The quality of batteries you buy determines how long they will last. One of the best brands today is the Eneloop batteries, which combine the best rechargeable and alkaline batteries. These cells are rechargeable, reusable, and recyclable. And the best part is that you can start using them immediately.

Unlike most non-rechargeable batteries that lose their capacity when not in use, these products retain 90% of their capacity after 1 year, 80% after 3 years, and will still have up to 60 years even after 10 years.

Rechargeable batteries offer the same performance. They have a longer lifespan compared to other brands because they can hold their voltage much longer.

Also, these batteries keep their voltage level even when used in power-hungry applications. Investing in such batteries could be a great idea since you will avoid overspending on new batteries after a short time.

Do Rechargeable Batteries Ever Need to Be Replaced?

Yes. Even though rechargeable batteries can be used repeatedly, they do not last forever. It comes at a time when they can no longer hold a charge because of reduced capacity.

When you buy new rechargeable batteries, you will realize it can even take a whole day on a full charge. But as time goes by, this running time begins to reduce until it can only hold a charge for a few minutes. Such a battery will require replacement.

Here are some of the symptoms to check:

?The battery has been used for a long time. Have you been using the battery for the past few years? Its operating time should have decreased largely after charging. If this time is cut in half, it is best to replace the battery.

?If charging seems difficult. When the charging time of the battery becomes increasingly longer, consider replacing it. This happens mostly with laptop batteries, as your device will start sending warnings of damaged or unreliable batteries.

?Battery charge never completes. If the battery never gets to 100% when charging, you don't need to keep using it. That battery has simply given up, and you will have to get another one.

?Damaged batteries. Signs of swelling and physical damage are a clear indication that you need a new battery. Continued use of such batteries is discouraged because it might lead to more serious issues, including explosions.

So, yes. Rechargeable batteries do require replacement. The only good news is that you won't have to replace them immediately.

Do Rechargeable Batteries Lose Their Charge When Not in Use?

Yes. Rechargeable batteries have what is called shelf life. You will hear that a battery has 3 years shelf life. That means whether the battery is in use or not, it loses its capacity and will no longer be usable after three years.

Self-discharge is another factor. This means the chemical reactions keep going even when the battery is not in use. So, your battery will be discharged by a certain percentage even when stored.

This is one of the reasons you are advised to store batteries at about 50% and in cold temperatures. This reduces the chemical reaction, giving your batteries a longer lifespan.


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