26650 25.6V 6600mAh Low Temperature Battery for Photovoltaic Tracking Controller

Product Detail

Product number: 40AQ017-01

Cell model: IFR26650G2X/3300mAh/3.2V

Battery specification: 26650-8S2P/6600mAh/25.6V

Nominal voltage: 25.6V

Nominal capacity: 6600mAh

Charging voltage: 29.2V

Charging current: 1320mA

Discharge current: 1320mA

Instant discharge current: 18A

Discharge cut-off voltage: 16V

Finished product internal resistance: ≤300mΩ

Battery weight: 6000g

Product dimension: 195*95*90mm

Charging temperature: -20 ~ 45℃

Discharge temperature: -40 ~ +55℃

Storage temperature: -20 ~ +45℃

Battery case: sheet metal parts

Lithium battery protection: conventional protection + hardware board

Product features

1.It supports low temperature charging and discharging with low temperature solution;

2.Sheet metal shell has firm structure;

3.It has ultra-low temperature charging and heating scheme.


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