Dry Cell Car Battery-Introduction, Charging and Cycle Life

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Are you looking out for detailed information on dry cell car batteries? If yes, then you are at the right place because, in this article, you will get to know everything about what dry cell car batteries are, how long do they last, and many more things. Batteries are an essential component of every automobile, may it be a car, bike, etc. From getting your car started to charging your mobile phone on the go, car batteries offer the same zap that your vehicle actually needs to keep rolling.

Car batteries are portable energy supplies capable of producing electric current from a chemical substance known as an electrolyte or a slightly moist paste. If we talk about car batteries, there are generally 2 types of car batteries available in the market, wet cell and dry cell. So, in this article, we will discuss about the maintenance-free car battery, i.e., the dry cell car battery, because these batteries are most widely used these days. Let's start then.

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What Is A Dry Cell Car Battery?

Batteries are the energy supplying component of a car capable of producing an electric current from a chemical substance or a moist paste. The dry cell car batteries are the one that generates power from a slightly moist paste instead of an electrolyte. These batteries use a glass mesh to absorb the electrolyte and function much like the wet cell batteries. The dry cell batteries reduce spilling and enable the battery to be positioned in any orientation. This proves to be very useful when trying to fit a lot of power into a restricted or limited space.

The dry cell car batteries use a paste electrolyte with only ample or enough moisture that allows the current to flow. These kinds of batteries are considered environment-friendly because no acid fumes come out of them, and there are significantly fewer or no chances of leaking or spilled liquid. Such batteries are also referred to as maintenance-free as you need not to check and maintain the electrolyte level in these batteries regularly. Moreover, dry cell car batteries are much lighter in weight and are slightly expensive but will surely prove to be worth the cost because they last longer than wet cell batteries and have more power to crank the engine of the car in bad or cold weather. So, dry cell car batteries are the best option if you look for efficiency, safety, and a longer life span.


Can A Dry Cell Car Battery Be Recharged?

As you know that batteries have a limited life span, so now the question arises can a dry cell car battery be recharged? The answer to this question is undoubtedly– Yes! Sometimes what happens is that your car refuses to start, and this is the main indication that your car battery is dead, which calls for the need to recharge it. Moreover, if you are taking good care of your car, most of the dry cell batteries do not require a recharge for at least five years. Some of the batteries even have a charge indicator, which makes it easy for you to find out the state of the battery. If the indicator is yellow or clear, it indicates that the battery needs to be charged.

Have a look at an easy guide on how to recharge a car battery at home!

  • Use A Trickle Charger:?A trickle charger delivers the electric power to your car battery from a power outlet in a steady and slow stream. It is always recommended not to charge your car battery fast, and therefore a slow charge is much better because the battery tends to hold a charge for a more extended period with this method.

  • Clean The Terminals Of The Battery:?Always keep the terminals of the car battery clean and dry. Ensure that you should not touch the terminals of the battery with your bare hands if they are covered with whitish powder as it can burn your skin. To clean the terminals of the battery, use a manual sandpaper pad and wipe around the terminals. Rub the terminals down and make sure that they are ready to accept the wires.

  • Remove The Cell Caps:?Before using a battery charger, ensure to remove the cell caps first if available. These caps can be either on the very top of the battery or under a yellow strip that can be peeled on and off. So, if your battery has cell caps, they must be removed before charging; otherwise, the gases created by charging will not escape into the atmosphere.

  • Attach The Charging Cables:?The last step is to attach the charger cables to the battery terminals. Ensure that the car is turned off at the time of charging and ensure that the two wires don't touch each other otherwise, they will spark.

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How Long Does A Dry Car Battery Last?

Dry cell car batteries have a relatively long life span as compared to wet cell batteries. These batteries don't need to be replaced frequently because they have a design life of 8 to 12 years and 3 to 10 years of service life, which is quite impressive.?

Various factors have a great impact on the life span of the battery. One of the most crucial factors is the weather because warm weather can cause the fluid in the car battery to evaporate, thus damaging the internal structure of the battery. You can extend your car's battery life by taking appropriate care of it. Check out how you can do so!

  • Limit short rides

  • Keep the battery tightly fastened

  • Control the corrosion

  • Test the battery often

  • Don't use electronics while idling

The Bottom Line

Here you come down to the bottom line of this article. We hope that all your doubts and queries relating to dry cell car battery are cleared. As you know, batteries are an essential component of every automobile; therefore, you need to choose the best car battery that lasts for a long time and requires less maintenance. So, if you're looking out for a car battery with a longer life span and requires less maintenance, then dry cell car batteries will be an ideal solution for you.

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